Tunes From the BCCT on Podcasters and Youtubers

Tunes From the BCCT on Podcasters and Youtubers July 6, 2022

There are a lot of members of the Broad Chorus of Catholic Thinkers posting articles, videos and podcasts online. So much in fact that one really doesn’t have the time, energy or computer bandwidth to read all the good things being written up and slapped on a web page. And so I decided to bring examples of a 132 of them together in one post. It consists of bits of Orthodox Catholic thoughts from the Catholic Rigorous Vortex and the Liberal Hippie Catholics and everyone else in-between.

WRN # 18 Cool Tunes From the Broad Chorus of Catholic Thinkers
Easy Access to Tunes and Tweets from the BCCT JULY 29, 2022

The diversity of thought within Catholic teaching, like variety within the strictures of sonnets, is one of its most beautiful features. It is nevertheless important to listen, as much as we can, to a broad chorus of Catholic thinkers. I have found great consolation in the fact that someone holier and smarter than myself has likely asked my questions already; my job is to find them and to listen, and then to make as many people as possible read block quotations about it.
Sharon Kabel , OSB vs. UFO: Stanley Jaki and the Theology of Aliens (June 16, 2021)- OnePeterFive

But of course with so many samples of things to look at in one semi-long post, several nifty, pithy and unique writings and more can get lost in the shuffle. So I decided to take what I gathered and break it up into smaller posts based on themes instead of particular individual Catholic websites. I even added a few other things not found in the larger collage of writings.

In this issue I present to you tunes from the BCCT on…

Podcasters and Youtubers

The Essential Guide to the Best Catholic Podcasts (

Ascension Presents

The Leader In Catholic Faith Formation | Top-quality Catholic media, books, and study programs

In response to countless requests, Ascension is launching The Catechism in a Year (with Fr. Mike Schmitz) on January 1, 2023!

With this podcast, Catholics will:

  • Read the entire Catechism of the Catholic Church in 365 days
  • Understand the essentials of the Catholic Faith and why they matter
  • See how Church teaching is rooted in Sacred Scripture
  • Absorb over 2,000 years of Sacred Tradition
  • Encounter God’s plan of sheer goodness
  • Transform their relationship with the Church that Christ founded.

If you have ever wanted to understand what it means to be Catholic and allow those truths to shape your life—this podcast is for you!

We can’t wait to start this incredible journey with you!

Keep up-to-date on all things Catechism in a Year (CIY) by joining our Facebook group here.

The Catechism in a Year – Ascension (

NEW BOOK: On Earth as It Is in Heaven: Restoring God’s Vision of Race and Discipleship by Fr. Josh Johnson

This book follows Fr. Josh’s journey of serving as the only Black priest in the diocese of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Fr. Josh draws from the riches of Scripturepersonal experience as a Catholic of color, his priestly ministry, and the wisdom of the Church to encourage Catholics to understand more deeply the call of Christ to make disciples of “all peoples and nations (Matt. 28:19).”

Catholic Answers Focus Podcast

Catholic Guy Show

Updates from Lino Rulli’s The Catholic Guy.
Show airs M-F from 4-6 pm ET and replays 8-10pm ET
on The Catholic Channel, Sirius XM 129

Catholic Guy Show@catholicguyshow: (, 2022) Some people listen to@linorulliand enjoy it. Other wonder why he has a show. As one anonymous emailer wrote “Why he is on the air, I do not understand. Perhaps being Italian he’s blackmailed (Cardinal Dolan) or has dirt on Church leaders that he will reveal if let go.”

Lino Rulli@linorulli (Jun 14, 2022): Its not Christmas, but this is why our producer Tyler is a true gift:
He actually thought the song was called Round Young Virgin.

Bears Are Fast@bearsarefast (Jun 14, 2022) This Day in BearsAreFast History: [2/6] Round Young Virgin – a description of the pregnant, youthful, and motherly Virgin Mary in the classic Christmas song “Silent Night”.

Example: “Of course the song says, ‘Round, young virgin, mother and child.” Who says “yon?”” (6/14/19)

Catholic Guy Episode 100: Pope Resigns, Colonoscopies, Biblical Resumes, and Praying For The Dead!

Catholic Central

Sharing the wisdom & tradition of the #CatholicChurch w/ wit, thoughtfulness and a bit of wackiness.
Hosts Kai + Libby want to be central to your faith! ✝️

Catholic Central@CatholicC_TV (, 2022) Get our EPISODE GUIDE! Our downloadable, printable CATHOLIC CENTRAL episode guide is available for free for anyone interested in teaching or learning about the Catholic faith. Just click on the Menu at

The Catholic Channel

Talk about it on The Catholic Channel as we address what’s on your mind
and in the news, all from a Catholic point of view!

Talk For Saints and Sinners Channel 129

Combining a modern talk format and open dialogue, The Catholic Channel focuses on Catholicism in the 21st century, especially as it is lived in today’s world. The Catholic Channel addresses issues in the news and on the mind of the listeners: everything from what’s happening in the Church today, to the headline stories of current events and politics, to the latest in the world of entertainment, the arts and sports.

Catholic Stuff You Should Know

Catholic Talk Show

The Catholic Talk Show features Ryan DellaCrosse, Ryan Scheel, and Fr. Rich Pagano. The show is hilarious, entertaining, and informative!

Episode 191:
In this episode, we will discuss:
• The most important sites in The Holy Land
• The site of the Annunciation
• The site where Christ was born
• The site where the Angels visited the shepherds
• Where was St. Joseph’s workshop?
• The birthplace of The Virgin Mary
• and much more

Clerically Speaking

The Cordial Catholic

In this episode of The Cordial Catholic, I’m joined by Dr. Steven Christine, a medical doctor, lawyer, a lecturer and speaker on Catholic social issues, and the author of Speaking for the Unborn: 30-Second Pro-Life Rebuttals to Pro-Choice Rebuttals.

To listen to this episode click here, or listen below.

163: How to Talk to Anyone About Abortion (w/ Dr. Steven Christie, MD) | K. Albert Little (

Coming Home Network

The CHNetwork was established to help non-Catholic Christians, clergy and laity,
discover the truth and beauty of Catholicism and to make the journey home.
Melissa Zelniker-Presser shares what led her to convert from Judaism to Catholicism. Hosted by Marcus Grodi.

Discerning Hearts

“Discerning Hearts is a trusted resource for Catholic spirituality and teaching.”
Most Reverend George J. Lucas, Archbishop of Omah @KrisMcGregor director

Divine Mercy

Since 1941, the Divine Mercy message and devotion has been spread by
the Marian Fathers of the Immaculate Conception and our Association of Marian Helpers.

Dr. Larry Chapp

Field Hospital

Forte Catholic

Catholic Non-Profit focused on evangelization and new media.
Weekly podcasts, YouTube channel and Church events.

Gloria Purvis Podcast

(A) Good Story is Hard to Find

Julie and Scott infuriate the local Bishop, who suggests they go on a road trip. They decide to attend a theological discussion where each person of the Trinity is represented by a bottle of wine. Episode 283: Monsignor Quixote by Graham Greene.

I Might Believe in Faeries

Aaron Irber@AaronIrber: Catholic Entomologist. Story respecter. Married w/ 3 kids.

Jimmy Akin’s Mysterious World

Council of Trent Podcast

CB: What is the Mysterious History of Mysterious World? Where did it begin?

JA: About 15 years ago, I was taking a road trip around the desert Southwest, and I visited Roswell, New Mexico. I started thinking about writing a book called Jimmy Akin’s Book of the Weird, which would look at things like UFOs, Bigfoot, and the Kennedy Assassination and evaluate them from the perspectives of faith and reason. Because of various factors at the time, that didn’t come together, but it was the core concept of what became Mysterious World.

By 2018, I had gotten into podcasting and been invited to join the board of the StarQuest network. The network was at a turning point at the time, and we had some big decisions to make if we were going to continue podcasting. Among other things, we needed ideas for new podcasts that would be popular and that would allow us to fulfill our mission of evangelizing the culture. I mentioned the idea of doing one that looked at mysteries from the faith and reason perspectives. The board was very enthusiastic, and so we set to work.
Mark Wilson Jimmy Akin’s Mysterious Interview (JULY 10, 2020) Mark Wilson (

Lizzies Answers

Hello! � I’m LizziesAnswers on YouTube & Tiktok!���
I talk about Catholicism, bipolar disorder, being vegan & so much more!!

Pints With Aquinas

Long form discussions, debates, and teachings on the Catholic faith.

Pope Francis Generation

Real Life Catholic

Husband, Dad, Speaker, TV Host, Author, & President of Real Life Catholic. Sharing the love of Jesus. Helping you do the same.

Chris Stefanick@ChrisStefanick :The greatest honor is that I’ve now brought all of my children to the Holy Land as pilgrims. To lead my children to Jesus is my primary goal Lord, may I embrace my role as spiritual leader of my family even more deeply. It’s the greatest honor of all. #holyland #reallifecatholic

Reason and Theology

Michael Lofton@michaelloftonRT: I’m the host of Reason & Theology.
I have a M.A. in Theology, working on a Th.D, and am an affiliate apologist with Catholic Answers.

Society of Gilbert Keith Chesterton


Home of American Catholic History, Jimmy Akin’s Mysterious World, and more.

They That Hope

In this episode, Fr. Dave and Dcn. Bob went to the movies!  Literally.
They began the podcast, left to see Top Gun: Maverick,
then came back to finish the recording. They had a need for speed.

Upon Friar Review

Word on Fire


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