March 1, 2024

YOUR INVITATION  “Crone” first arrived as a noun and verb during the Middle English period, 1150 – 1500. The writing of Margaret Paston includes ‘crone’ in 1462. The view of women at the time was divided, after all. Consider that Mary, mother of God, was revered, but women who were not aligned with the church were dangerous. What meaning does crone hold today? What defines a crone, and who sets the definition? What stories are waiting to emerge from collective... Read more

February 15, 2024

If there’s anything that annoys me in current witch culture, it’s this: baby witch. That said, if you want to name yourself that, carry on. I just don’t like it in the assumption it sounds like it could be making about skills, wisdom, or ability. But that’s not the point of this blog. The point (I’m getting there) is that I want to let you know I’m co-teaching an Elements of Magick class, the foundational class in Reclaiming Witchcraft. My... Read more

February 1, 2024

Each point of the Pearl Pentacle radiates through us and into the world, offering the powerful and visionary qualities of Love, Law, Knowledge, Liberation and Wisdom. By working with the balance and flow of the pentacle as a tool, we move through any places these energies might be stuck or suppressed within us, and as witches become the conduit through which the Pearl can flow into the world, as we honor and celebrate the sacredness of life and the Earth.... Read more

January 19, 2024

Gaia: Saving Her, Saving Ourselves “Next appeared Earth, so the gods would have some place to stand,” The Coming of All Things, The Greek Creators – from In the Beginning, Virginia Hamilton At the beginning of creation, there are stories of Gaia giving birth to all beings, the first to emerge from Chaos, according to translations of Greek mythology. A female being, one who could give birth, and one who may have given birth to wondrous and monstrous beings. She... Read more

December 29, 2023

Magick doesn’t have to be complicated. (You probably know that already.) When the first of the calendar year, I forget a little. I want to do something HUGE because I want big changes and big steps in new directions. I want the things I don’t already have, and I seem to think my magick needs to be huge-er than huge to do it ‘right’ this time. Not this year. (Fingers crossed.) What I Will (Not) Do I want fewer details... Read more

December 15, 2023

My seventh (!) book recently came out — Gaia: Saving Her, Saving Ourselves — and I wanted to share a small part of it with you as a sort of holiday treat. 🙂 Exercise: Deeply Listening with the Senses (This is a portion of the exercise found in the book.) I encourage you to travel to nature in some way. This might be stepping outside in your backyard, or it could be traveling to a local park. If you cannot... Read more

December 2, 2023

let yourself feel break out of the cocoon that protects but also holds you back from flight   the soup of all that came before has nourished the parts of you still finding form even now   —you too, butterfly       The next few weeks of the year might be a little sparse and reflective. I like to do a little introspection in this time, and I’ll share some things I have done and am doing to look... Read more

November 17, 2023

I’ve shared this quote a lot of times, but I’m going to share it again because it feels like the focus of my life right now: “Attention is the beginning of devotion” – Mary Oliver I shared this quote in a class description, a ritual working, and in the path I co-facilitated as part of WorldWide WitchCamp last weekend. Last November during a poetry reading / spell working I did for a public event, I walked onto the stage and offered this... Read more

November 11, 2023

​Let’s talk about what you want, what you really really want. After all, the new moon is in Scorpio and that’s where it gets real. Photo by Tim Marshall on Unsplash I know my body and heart tend to feel things intensely, as though there is a sound within me that needs to be released. As though there is a deep want knocking from the inside of my ribcage and from the depths of my heart. Monday November 13, 2023... Read more

October 19, 2023

Sticking to a daily practice has always been challenging, but I know why now: neurodivergence. It wasn’t JUST that I was lazy or inept or unwilling. (Though I claim those too.) Once I figured out my diagnosis, it made everything easier, right? Not really. I still struggle with daily practice, but I have learned a few things that have helped. I’m much more consistent, which works for me. What to Do So You’ll Do It Before anything else, you don’t... Read more

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