January 27, 2020

At Brigid’s well, I make a holy vow, a sacred spell, an honest offering. With the power of her inspiration, her healing, and her forge, I will offer a pledge to guide the coming year. Read more

January 5, 2020

We are not separate from the horrors or the pain or the destruction of the Earth. The world is hurting and aching and calling out for us. Our own hearts are burning with anger and grief, the beats and songs of action. Read more

December 29, 2019

The spell of your life, the spell of your bones resides in the places where you listen closely to who you are and give up knowing for being present. No matter where you are, what you’ve done, and what you’ve ignored, you can begin again. Read more

December 22, 2019

It’s the end of a decade and what magick have you done? That’s the message that keeps getting pounded into our minds and email boxes. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE? HAVE YOU LIVED YOUR BEST MAGICKAL LIFE? In all of these questions lies another question: how have you contributed to the world? How have you done something to justify your existence? It’s no wonder this new year has felt more overwhelming than celebratory for some/many. As I was driving to the… Read more

December 16, 2019

When the nights are long as the wheel turns to Winter Solstice, you can light all the candles in the house of your heart. You can remember the spark, the fuel, and the flame, knowing that no one can hold back your dawn. Read more

December 12, 2019

As the calendar year comes to a close, I step in front of a mirror to reflect and to see what I have learned. The work of the Witch is not always loud. Sometimes it is the small moments no one else will ever see that unfold magick. Read more

December 5, 2019

Writing can be a trance and a magickal journey. While it offers challenges, when I open to the landscape of creativity, it also offers gifts in the swirls of moving into unknown places. Read more

November 14, 2019

We fall away from love. We sink ourselves into the quicksand by flailing and falling into where we know we shouldn’t step. If only we could relax. If only we could slow down enough to hear the heart that believes in us. And beats beyond the broken. There is magick there and you are the spell that heals. Read more

November 7, 2019

The future is not guaranteed. The past is not changeable. The now is here. And it’s waiting for me to stay present. To notice. To name. To breathe it in. Under the full moon. Read more

November 1, 2019

While Mercury retrograde gets blamed for miscommunication and misunderstanding, it might also be a time for deliberate introspection. After all, while Mercury might appear to be moving backwards, you can choose to push aside illusion and see what’s truly yours. Read more

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