Barna Group: Everyone Who’s Not a Theonomist Hates God’s Law

Barna Group: Everyone Who’s Not a Theonomist Hates God’s Law March 18, 2016
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Image Credit: Pen and Chart by Charles Rondeau; CC0 1.0

In a recent survey done by the Barna Group, the study’s results show that anyone who is not a Theonomist hates God’s Law and is a raging Antinomian. The survey found that at 99% of those claiming to be Christians do not conclude that the Law is “holy, righteous, and good” nor that is it to be adhered to today because of religious preference, even if they explicitly state that they don’t hate the Law and quote Romans 7:12.

According to Barna’s data – those identifying as evangelical, non-evangelical born again Christian, Lutheran, Catholic, Baptist, Methodist, some Presbyterian and Reformed adherents, and virtually every other registered denomination – hate God’s Law. The only people surveyed to have any love for God’s Law were those who regarded themselves as Theonomists under the tutelage of Bahnsen and Rushdoony.

Favorability Scores*

Using a double-blind survey of adults from the ages of 22-47, Barna’s data compiled and displayed an alarming trend among the various faith groups (with exception to one notable group):

Stats reflect genuine survey taken. Stats reflect genuine survey taken.

  • Evangelical Christians: Hate God’s Law
  • Non-Denominational: Hate God’s Law
  • Presbyterians: Hate God’s Law
  • Reformed: Hate God’s Law
  • Lutherans: Hate God’s Law
  • Catholics: Hate God’s Law
  • Anglicans: Hate God’s Law
  • Baptists: Hate God’s Law
  • Methodists: Hate God’s Law
  • Other: Hate God’s Law
  • Self-Identifying as Theonomist Before Aware of Survey’s Intent: Love God’s Law

*3% remained undecided – yet this is certainly an indication of their extreme disdain for the Law of God and has been adjusted in this survey for overall accuracy.

What the Research Means

Conclusively, though respective theological views are wide-ranging and some may claim to love the Law even though they are not Theonomists, the Barna Group has demonstrated this to be a brazen lie from the pit of hell.

When asked, George Barna offered a brief commentary, “In a case like this, there is no wiggle-room for disagreement on how the Law is to be applied today; you’ll either be a Law-hating Antinomian or Theonomist – there is no middle ground. If you’re not a Theonomist, repent while there’s still time.” He further retorted, “What’s more oppressive: God’s Law or man’s law?”

Image Credit: Pen and Chart by Charles Rondeau; CC0 1.0



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