David Crowder Mistaken For Bigfoot Again

David Crowder Mistaken For Bigfoot Again November 9, 2016

Photo By: JD Hancock; CC 2.0
Photo By: JD Hancock; CC 2.0

VIVIAN, LA – The Youth Pastor of Bible Believer’s Church, Christopher Oden, is in stable condition after a he had a big scare over the weekend.

Mr. Oden and his youth group were camping out for a youth retreat close to Caddo Lake, when they encountered what they thought to be The Bigfoot. They later found out it was only Christian Musician, David Crowder.

“I am ashamed to say that I froze in fear when I saw this large hairy thing slowly walking towards me in the dark,” said Mr. Oden. “All I could do was think, how I was going to protect these kids? It wasn’t until he asked me for matches that I began to question that this thing might not be The Sasquatch.”

After providing The Bigfoot suspect with the requested matches, Mr. Oden said they struck up a conversation about guitars, worship music, and Jesus. There was a guitar near the campfire as the group was preparing to sing some worship songs.

“It was when Bigfoot started playing and singing the song “How He Loves” that I knew this was a classic case of mistaken identity. It was David Crowder, not The Bigfoot! The kids were delighted to meet him and it was one of the best worship experiences I think I have ever had. Kudos to Mr. Crowder, he is truly blessed.”

Sources stated that this is the 3rd reported Bigfoot sighting that turned out to be David Crowder this year.

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