Why There Is No White Supremacy

Why There Is No White Supremacy October 20, 2017

Racial hatred and bigotry are nothing new, however, there is actually a color more superior than white.

White Supremacists

Expect more trouble because of the white supremacists, and specifically, Richard Spencer, and even though this is nothing new to this nation, the message they bring is about as anti-American as it can be. White supremacists have been around for as long as the nation has existed, but today they’re becoming more vocal and visible, and this can lead to violence. Former president George W. Bush said that bigotry and white supremacists have no place in America. In a recent speech at the Bush Institute in New York City, he said “our identity as a nation…is not determined geography or ethnicity or soil or blood,” and “that people from every race, religion [and] ethnicity can be full and equally American.” Why then do we see a more prolific rise in groups like white supremacists around the nation and around the world that we’ve seen before? Or is it, as some say, only because we have better news coverage today? Regardless, I believe Spencer’s ideas are extremely dangerous, like the ideal being an all-white nation.  If you are white, I don’t believe you can know what that must feel like.  Richard Spencer seeks to restore a “dispossessed white race,” calling for a “peaceful ethnic cleansing” to stop the “deconstruction” of European culture. [1] Is there such a thing as a “peaceful ethnic cleansing?” Peaceful for whom? It’s certainly not peaceful for those being “cleansed.” In fact, I believe this philosophy incites people to racial prejudice, bigotry, hatred, and violence, and those are the last things we need these days.


No Partiality

Richard Spencer’s event at the university in Gainesville actually prompted the governor of the state to declare a state of emergency so that they could prepare for possible violence. Even though some thought it was over-blown a bit, Spencer’s event follows other recent rallies by neo-Nazis and white supremacists in Charlottesville, Virginia, so Florida Governor Rick Scott does not want to see another deadly clash with counter-protesters like happened in Charlottesville. If this man is teaching anything, he is teaching that inequality exists among people based upon how they look, and that we should base a person’s worth, not on the merit of their character, but upon the color of their skin. This keeps alive the false idea that some men are not created equally before God, however we know that God never looks at the color of a person’s skin…He looks at the heart (1st Sam 16:7). Almost every time we judge by sight, we’re wrong, or we’re off some, so it’s better not to judge others at all, most of all by sight. I’m busy enough judging the one I see in the mirror. I don’t care what color of skin he has…it’s what’s inside that I’m concerned about, but I do have concerns about those who spout racial superiority or supremacy based upon color. God made of every one of us out of one man, Adam…and we all have the same color at heart…red! There is no excuse for a Christ-follower to show partiality since God never does (Acts 10:34; Rom 2:11). In fact, He doesn’t save based upon who we are, but upon whose we are. Even in Paul’s day, there were neither Jew nor Gentile, free or slave, male or female (Gal 3:28; Col 3:11), and I would add, rich or poor, strong or weak, black or white.

No Supremacy

The University of Florida was so concerned about Richard Spence’s speech that they spent half a million dollars on security. That’s how seriously they took it, and with Charlottesville still fresh in their minds, can we blame them? I wonder what these white supremacists teach their children about people of different color. Do they teach their children that they’re superior just because they have different skin pigmentation? What does color have to do with character? How can one person boast over another of a different color? How can anyone boast at all (1st Cor 4:7)? Even in the Old Testament, the nation of Israel was commanded: “You shall not be partial in judgment. You shall hear the small and the great alike. You shall not be intimidated by anyone, for the judgment is God’s. And the case that is too hard for you, you shall bring to me, and I will hear it” (Deut 1:17). It is not about race but grace. The only color that matters for us is the color red, and that represents the shed blood of Jesus Christ, Who came to give His life as a ransom for many (Mark 10:45). Jesus didn’t die for people of only a certain color, but people of all nations, people of all languages, and people of all colors. It is God “who shows no partiality to princes, nor regards the rich more than the poor, for they are all the work of his hands” (Job 34:19), so as God’s children, neither should we show partiality.


The crusade of Richard Spencer is of great concern to me, and I believe it should be to all of us. If we can protest, let us protest in a peaceful way, but we cannot be silent about men of such character, whose intentions (he says) are good, but whose philosophies are anything but good. These can divide the country, polarize sides, and can possibly create another violent event like the one in Charlottesville. If Charlottesville has taught us anything, let it be that we cannot underestimate these powers of darkness, which teach that the white race is superior to all. Since we know this is not of God, there is only one other source that this could be from (2nd Cor 4:3-4). Mr. Spencer, did you realize that “if you show partiality, you are committing sin and are convicted by the law as transgressors” (James 2:9)? If only you would believe God’s Word, and could honestly say, “I understand that God shows no partiality” (Acts 10:34), so it’s not about race, but about grace.

Article by Jack Wellman

Jack Wellman is Pastor of the Mulvane Brethren Church in Mulvane Kansas. Jack is a writer at Christian Quotes and also the Senior Writer at What Christians Want To Know whose mission is to equip, encourage, and energize Christians and to address questions about the believer’s daily walk with God and the Bible. You can follow Jack on Google Plus or check out his book Teaching Children the Gospel available on Amazon.

1. Lombroso, Daniel; Appelbaum, Yoni (November 21, 2016). “’Hail Trump!’: White Nationalists Salute the President-Elect.”  The Atlantic. Retrieved Oct. 19th, 2017.

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  • pud

    “God made of every one of us out of one man, Adam”

    Infantile absurd nonsense fable for the credulous and gullible…the ignorant, fearful and stupid.

    Demonstrate that ANY “god” existed or exists.

    Demonstrate the biology and physics of calling forth a homo sapien from dirt. Oh, MAGICAL INCANTATION! Forgot about magic!

    Explain the genetics of a pair of individuals giving rise to all of humanity including all the various races and ethnic groups via incest and MAGIC!

    Children don’t buy into this stupidity.

  • pud

    Oh look! In the midst of despair and suffering gentle jesus meek and mild goes missing in action once again!

    A month after Hurricane Maria battered this mountainous stretch of central Puerto Rico, recovery remained elusive along Highway 152, where 82-year-old Carmen Diaz Lopez lives alone in a home that’s one landslide away from plummeting into the muddy creek below.

    Without electricity, and without family members to care for her, she’s become dependent on the companionship of a few neighbors who stop by periodically. But a collapsed bridge has made it challenging to even communicate with her friend across the creek, so she’s lived for the most part in solitude, passing the electricity-less days singing “Ave Maria” and classic Los Panchos songs to herself, lighting candles each night so she can find the bathroom.

    “I just ask the Lord to take care of me, because he’s the only one I have,” Diaz Lopez said Wednesday.

    Must be part of his “plan” eh?

  • pud

    What color skin and eyes do you IMAGINE gentle jesus had/has? I’ll wager you $1000 that if he appeared in your imaginary pictures as a black as night heavy featured short male or an Aborigine …membership in your deluded cult would fall by 90% in a week.

    Same applies for your make believe adam and eve….what if they were ugly little pigmies? bhwa! You’re so stupid jack

  • pud

    Go to Netflix…Watch “One of Us” A great documentary about the poison that is religion. It takes place in Brooklyn N Y and profiles the lunatic jews, their fur hats, pasty skinned women baby machines who they abuse and the rest of the pure insanity religion drives people into. No different than you lunatics who care nothing for reality, truth, progress, learning….complete dictatorial system run by religious lunatics…They treat women like shit and the kids even worse!

  • NathansFather

    Very good article Jack! As we discussed in email together there is no excuse for this abusive hatred of extremists.

    This earlier article of yours brought out both kinds of individuals.
    Was Jesus Black? What race was Jesus Christ?

    Extremism comes not only in the form of White Supremacy but also in Black Supremacy (Liberation Theology).
    Both twisting abusers of others and do not reflect God’s Love for all peoples.

    Simple theology is this as was expressed by Jesus Iesous Y’shua in His two great Commandments that summarize all Ten.
    Love God
    Love Others
    Self last.

    • Well there are various forms of Liberation Theology. One form is black liberation theology (e.g. James Cone) and this is not about black supremacy, though some forms of black liberation theology might be. But it is not of the essence of black Liberation Theology to support black supremacy. James Cone supported social justice for blacks and equal rights for them. Please read Cone’s book “Black Liberation Theology”.

      • NathansFather

        I’ll look up Cone. Mostly I don’t read books on theology especially IF they lack many, many Scriptures as support. I consider anything devoid of a strong Scriptural foundation to be whole-cloth fiction. Liberation Theology is communism disguised as “christianity.” Do some black churches exist who are not Liberation Theology twisters? Absolutely yes. I ‘ll hunt up some examples when I have time. Not making excuses I really do have a life and my time is limited 🙂

        • Read Cone’s book, not some Fundamentalist critique .Many Fundamentalists are prone to misrepresent non evangelical authors.

      • NathansFather

        AH ha! I did post it here 🙂 Did you not check into these links yet John?

        *** What is “Liberation Theology?” ***

        *** Understanding Liberation Theology ***

        • I read plenty of Liberation Theology at Seminary e.g. Latin American Liberation theologians such Gustavo Guttierez, Jon Sobrino, Jose Bonino, and many others: feminist liberation theologians such as Elizabeth Fiorenza, black Liberation theologians such James Cone.

          • NathansFather

            OH I see then your prospective. Flawed alas but I see it. You are going down the wrong path… OH I had many bum turns too…

            Now I have learned to discern rather well. Not completely but am on my sanctification walk with fear and trembling all the while my comforts of Roman 8 and John 17. I was saved from above and imbued by the Holy Spirit. I do not fear man. For what can he do? Kill me physically? Fine. But my eternal life may never be taken away. 🙂

          • If you think you know my theological perspective, what is it? It isn’t Liberation Theology, in case you think it is. I read plenty of Liberation Theology for research papers, I had to do. This doesn’t mean I agree with all they said.

          • NathansFather

            OK explain your theology… I have asked over and over again. How has it evolved since seminary? You are the former seminarian or was that another?

          • I am an atheist, but if I had a theology it would be Creative Love Theism. Go read Robert Brow and Clark Pinnock’s Unbounded Love.

          • NathansFather

            Theology of love? You are trying to doom others to a place of misery in the after life of physical being.
            I think not.
            HATRED for all of humanity as you perceive yourself as god.
            No sense our dialoging further.
            You are so self-deceived it is to be pitied greatly.
            I will pray for you bully as I dust my sandals.
            No more dialogue.
            You are attempting to waste my time.
            Won’t work.
            Get behind me!

          • What nonsense you write! You don’t know what Creative Love Theists teach, do you! Most of these are compassionate evangelicals, yet YOU assign them to hell. It is you who thinks she is God. Perhaps you are doing the work of the mythical Satan.

          • You didn’t read Pinnock and Brow, did you? Their book is on the net and downloadable free of charge. Just google it!

          • You pretended to know my theology, then asked me what it was. How deceitful are you. Is this the kind of act that a follower of Jesus of Nazareth would engage in. Isn’t it from your father (‘Satan’)?

      • NathansFather

        Here we go John. This guy is awesome!
        Jesse Lee Peterson

        How funny what UTube came up first… I must substitute the word dross however! Saint Paul used it.


        We have other black pastors in our country who are not leftist, apostate liberationists also but he always comes to mind first. To say he is not shy in the least is an understatement indeed.

        Completely against apostasy and communism in all forms.
        But like us all does have feet of clay. 🙂
        I am the first to admit I fall far short of the Supreme GLORY of GOD.
        I am confident someday when I am called Home I will for the first time see Him in His full Shekinah GLORY! Make it soon dear Lord please!

        Again I respect no man in particular and neither does GOD.
        I DO trust GOD completely!

  • NathansFather

    What is “Dominion Theology”?

    Our simple calling only is this and nothing more:


    “I have been given complete authority in heaven and on earth. Therefore, go and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Teach these new disciples to obey all the commands I have given you. And be sure of this: I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” (Matthew 28:18-20)

    The White Supremacy movement is also called “dominion theology.”
    Find out what it is and why it is important to negate their flawed twisting of God’s Truth.

    • but not all dominion theology is part of the white supremacy movement.

      Dominion theology is often connected with theonomy (but not always). Those theonomists see God’s Law (in the Pentateuch) being applied to all nations today. The task of the church (in their eyes) is to take dominion over the nations by applying God’s Law. Although they often want this done voluntarily by persuading people to vote for politicians who want God’s Law to be applied politically, it will make way for the execution not only of murderers, but also adulterers, homosexuals, incorrigible children, Sabbath breakers etc

      So you are right to call it apostate. It would restore tyranny, and deny us the freedoms we have.

      • NathansFather

        Part 1

        Gee that’s one… 🙂

        I vote and vote conservatively and see no problem being a follower of The Way, Truth, and Life in doing so, Now do I put faith in any President, legislative body, and judiciary to be Just? Do I support one man as some sort of savior of the country and for that matter the world?

        NO on both counts.

        I trust in GOD alone. I have over and over posted to a very active forum of the dangers of putting anyone on a pedestal. Humans are flawed even at their best. This is something that you John need to realize. You are NOT good, kind, or loving in and of yourself. I am far, far away from agape love and even philo love IF I stray from the example that leads me via the Holy Spirit. You should know this by heart (since you said you went to a seminary) There is NO ONE who is GOOD, only GOD is GOOD. And any acts we do are but dross (feces) compared to the Almighty’s acts of agape love and perfection.

        I am AGAINST the “leaders” of the TV evangelical sort who are wolves in sheep’s clothing clearly are “prosperity” gospelites of their own selfish making.

        • Well, I am also opposed to the “prosperity” gospel peddlers who are ripping off gullible Christians e.g. Benny Hinn, Kenneth and Gloria Copeland, Kenneth Hagin , Crefflo Dollar, Marilyn Hickey, Gerry Savelle, Joel Osteen etc. Jesus didn’t wear designer clothes. He was poor and came to bring good news to the poor. The son of man had nowhere to lay his head. He didn’t live in a 3 story mansion with his own private golf course, obtained by deceiving people. He didn’t live in opulence, obtained by encouraging people to “sow a financial seed” into his ministry like prosperity gospeller’s do.

          • NathansFather

            Amen! Geee we are on a roll here John. That’s 4 now. False prophets make me want to wretch!

      • NathansFather

        Part 2

        *** BTW I haven’t read all your remarks yet. Did you ever cough up why you turned against GOD you say you once believed in? Just what monumental event (or person influencing you) in your life made you hate GOD so? What seminary did you attend? What was its denomination (if you were protestant, if any)?*** For you to know so much Scripture (but unfortunately you twist to your own advantage to proposed your opinions of atheism on everyone else) something drastic must have happened to you! ***

        I ran into to a great article on this and posted here? or another article or sent it to my private distro of Pastors, my blood kin, and adopted family members. Have to hunt that up again (I claim partial short term memory loss I am in my early 60s 🙂 … it’s about God’s love vs. human flawed love.

        Back to dominionism… (which is the dominion of the evil one)…. I’ll post some more links on their 5 major twisted points “mountains” of control of the masses. This is pushed by NAR one of whose vocal proponents is Ted Cruz’s father.

        • I don’t hate the God of compassion, healing-mercy and loving kindness. I am opposed to the violent god of the OT. I don’t hate him, because he is a non-existent being. But I do love the presence of compassion, healing- mercy and loving kindness. Such a presence is uplifting, inspiring and encouraging. It ennobles the human spirit within and helps in relating to others in a positive way.

          • NathansFather

            John you can’t cherry pick. The Bible is meant to be taken in its entirety both the Old and the New Testaments both are Jesus Iesous Y’shua’s story. GOD the Father, SON, and Holy Spirit’s Story. One cannot separate out the Trinity. All Three Elements of the GREAT GOD ALMIGHTY Maker of Heaven and Earth are present beginning in Genesis using “Our..”

            As a human with limited intelligence (yes limited we all are… that is why we rely on His judgment and get all wisdom from Him alone – otherwise we make ourselves “little gods” ) I am not keen on certain events in the Bible but unlike you I accept them as GOD is Supreme in my life. He is GOD, I AM, me not. His will and not mine. His Plan to rescue humanity from itself of self-destruction. Some theologians call this the GOD in the upper story (Heaven) and humans in the lower story.

            ” Jesus in Every Book of the Bible ”
            ” Jesus in the Old Testament ”

            Good Charting and Scripture of Jesus in the Old Testament

          • It is impossible to take the whole bible. The bible does not speak with one voice on most topics but is multivocal. You might like to read Derek Flood’s book “Disarming Scripture”. http://therebelgod.com.

            Perhaps you should read the bible from the perspective of the humanity of Jesus who did not support violence. He never quotes from the texts of violence in the OT. Paul often quotes from the bible but leaves out the violent parts of passages he is quoting from . Flood details these things in his book. So if Jesus and Paul “picked and chose” passages from the OT and omitted others, so should we. You need to read the OT the way Jesus did and get rid of your violent view of God.

          • NathansFather

            >> He never quotes from the texts of violence in the OT. << WHAT?! You can't be serious, John. Isaiah hello! Not only that everything written in the Old Testament points to Him. In your belief system you have created.. the good, bad, and ugly. I say He is all good. Good in the Old Testament also. Pure Love. Agape.

          • Jesus didn’t write anything in the bible. The 4 gospels purport to contain something of his life and ministry. The historical Jesus didn’t write any of the OT.

          • You have a very strange concept of love. For you, it seems that a god of violence is worthy of worship and a god who commands the murder of babies and little children is “Pure Love”.

          • NathansFather

            There you go again. The Women and Children argument. You are NOT GOD and you don’t hold the moral high ground. You perceive yourself as a little god. Only John knows best. Only John is the moral leader of the world. So deceived by your moral superiority to GOD.
            We have no reason to keep dialoguing.
            Sorry John.
            Time to turn you off again.

          • So in your view, the butchering of little children and babies is okay?

          • NathansFather

            GOD had and has His Plan and is totally JUST in all He does.
            You cannot claim the same.
            John time to block again.
            Anything to post will be met with silence.
            You are repetitious and well rehearsed in your atheistic ritualizaed religion.

          • I never claimed that I had a plan or that I was always just. If God exists, then he is just. But to command the murder of little children and babies is not just. Your problem is the inerrancy of the bible. Its a human book but you think that God wrote it all. This is why your conscience is cauterised when you read that god commanded the murder of little ones. Don’t you have any children?

          • You assume that the textual god of violence is the real god.

          • NathansFather

            Yes and He is love.
            You are hatred as an atheist.

          • So in your view, love commands the murder of little children and babies. How is this love? Your concept of love is very warped.

          • Most atheists don’t hate other people. You are just making up all this nonsense.

          • You didn’t read Flood, did you, or you can’t answer him.. His blog contains all the articles that make up the book. He also writes in the Sojourners magazine and for the Red Letter Christians blog where he has detailed these arguments. You didn’t read the quotes from Paul that he details or you can’t answer him

          • NathansFather

            Paul is a Saint. He ran his race. So shall I.

          • “Everything written in the Old Testament point to him.”

            Well, not everything unless you think that god’s commands to commit genocide; to rape virgin women in war; to execute adulterers, homosexuals, incorrigible children, and Sabbath breakers; to allow Israelites to make slaves of foreigners; to support Israel’s aggressive wars etc. How do these things point to Jesus of Nazareth?

          • NathansFather

            And John dear you still haven’t said why you turned away from the seminary and what denomination (if any) the university taught? You are waxing into the “cheap grace” making Jesus into your own image routine. You are NOT GOD. NOR am I.

            The Bible is the authority. I accept it. Do I think the manuscripts have been manipulated into some invalid translations? Yes, yes I do think that.

            That is why I go at each verse with a zeal of a Berean to dig to the marrow. Darby and Scofield’s “bibles” are disgusting prosperity heresy. They were the TV evangelist types in the 1800s. They made a fortune off of gullible people. They are responsible for the “left behinders” today.

            I look forward to the Dead Sea Scrolls to be finally finished into English translation. It is still a work in progress. We have discovered some very ancient manuscripts in the last 2 centuries which is exciting!

          • Darby and Scofield wrote nonsense. They weren’t prosperity gospellers. They taught that earthly blessings were for the Jews and heavenly blessings for the Church. Dispensationalists, following Darby and Scofield, taught that Christians who believed that earthly blessings were promised to the Church were robbing the Jews of their blessings.

            Their is no secret pre-tribulation rapture taught in the bible as Darby and Scofield taught and yes, I agree with you that they are responsible for the “left behinders”. Seminaries teaching Dispensationalism are Dallas, Talbot etc., though there are now different forms of it .e.g.Classical Dispensationlism (Darby Scofield, Ironside, Lewis Sperry Chafer, John Walvoord, Dwight Pentecost etc), neo-dispensationalism (Charles Ryrie), Progressive Dispensationalism (e.g. Craig Blaising and Darrel Block).

          • NathansFather

            Agreed on all dispensationists.

            This (secret rapture) and ultra-dispensationalism did not come into vogue until 2 monks started this mess and Darby and Scofield took it up. Oh yes, they indeed were the prosperity false prophets of their time. Look at the following they got through their sales and crusades. I have little to no doubt they heard, “Depart from me I never knew you. “Their cursings multiplied.

            Covenants the only way to go. Period. Jesus Iesous Y’shua the Everlasting Covenant for all ages.

      • NathansFather

        Part 3 continued… dominionism

        BUT it is NOT our jobs in the Great Commission to demand governments be Christian. Big mistake. Look at what happened in your country of Great Britain when King Charles, Queen Elizabeth, and King Henry the 8th established a State Religion.

        Whose brand (flavor of the month) do you pick to suit your “christianity?” This is making GOD into your own image and not the other way around, I look forward with great anticipation when The Alpha and Omega returns to establish once and for all time His Just and Holy Government all over The New Earth.

        Kings generally have twisted “religion” (their rites) one of the first examples was * Constantine * who manipulated The Way, Truth, and Life doctrines to his own end to establish his state-run Roman Catholic Church in the 400s AD. The Council of Nicea he obviously dominated. The true followers of The Way must have been crest-fallen. 🙁

        The Way went off the beam of purity of Light (in the main) (as it were) from the First and Second Century when secular governments of Kings mold “christianity” for their own selfish purposes. In a word * CONTROL * Their (kings, queens, pri-ministers, presidents, dictators, Marxists, Stalinists, Hitlerites, Alinskyites, and other despots ,…) — * ruler’s control * and not Holy God’s Control.

      • NathansFather

        Dominionism Exposed – NAR False Prophets
        compiled by Sandy Simpson, 2/2/06

        • NAR False prophets.


          • NathansFather

            Grin gee that’s 3 agreements! Waaa Whooo 🙂

      • NathansFather

        >> but not all dominion theology is part of the white supremacy movement. << This is true but the white supremacy movement of which I have given multiple links are NOT Christian at all. They are berift of brotherly (human fellowship with The Way fellowers) and Apape Love (of the Father GOD and the full Trinity) few humans unless they are willing to die for the brethren or in defense of the Trinity ever make it to the higher Agape love.

      • NathansFather

        7 Mountains, Dominionism – The Bride, Beast and Babylon
        Satan’s Deceptive Theology in the Church – Dominionism and the NAR
        See multiple articles about ” heresy dominionism five mountains ”

  • NathansFather

    Equally dangerous and apostate is this extreme:
    What is “Liberation Theology?”
    Understanding Liberation Theology
    Religion and Socialism / Leftism
    The Religious Left and Environmentalism
    The Religious Left and Anti-Americanism
    The Religious Left and Anti-Israel / Anti-Semitic Perspectives
    The Religious Left and Immigration
    The Religious Left and Pacifism
    The Religious Left and Organized Labor

    • What’s wrong with the Religious Left and Pacifism? Not all of the religious left support Soviet style socialism, though some may support social democracy (which is democratic and sees some role for the state in correcting the defects of market based capitalism, while supporting Capitalism as a whole).

      The Anabaptists are generally pacifists and many of them are Evangelical Christians. Are you suggesting that evangelical Anabaptist pacifists are apostates?

      Are you suggesting that that subset of evangelicals who support left wing economics and politics (to defend the rights of the poor and the powerless through social democracy and within the framework of capitalism with a human face) are apostates?

  • NathansFather

    Neither extremist types may realize they are busily setting up the dominion of the evil one on earth. Or perhaps they do!

    The only way to build up discernment is to stay in The Word. Pray, read the Holy Writ, dissect any verses supplied for the day by the Holy Spirit, and carefully select at least one viable source of commentary. Iron must sharpen iron. I have been lead by the grace of God to Pastor Jack Wellman and Berit Kjos. Both are “rock solid” and rooted in Biblical truth. I have grown so much as a result of their teaching and accountability.

    I encourage all people to find themselves at least one person who knows and LOVEs Scripture which is the very Word of GOD. The Word written by Jesus Iesous Y’shua who is The Way, The Truth, and the Life.

    Learn to test the spirits. Are they from GOD or those who twist and call good evil and evil good?
    Are you seeing and hearing Holy Spiritual leading?
    Be a Berean in study methodology.

    Seek Jesus’ face in all you say and do.
    Post to His Glory or do not post at all.
    Remain humble!

    • pud

      Psychotic lunatic. You’re the kind of person who joins a suicidal cult. Your obsession with nonsense and superstition is disturbing

    • pud

      Mythical invisible “jesus” never wrote a word. Left nothing, did nothing because he never existed at all.

    • “… The Word of God written by Jesus…”

      I don’t understand what you are saying here. Jesus of Nazareth never wrote one word of the bible. Do you mean that the spirit that was in Jesus inspired the various human authors of the bible? Perhaps you should rethink your position here. Some of the OT is barbaric with god allegedly supporting genocidal wars and wars of aggression that were not genocidal. Defensive wars are justified, if conducted properly. The NT does not support aggressive wars whether or not they are genocidal . Jesus is allegedly the Prince of Peace, though some verses in the Gospels could be interpreted differently (e.g. “I did not come to bring peace but a sword” but what kind of sword is Jesus supposed to be referring to here (Matt. ch. 10:34-39) . A contextual understanding of the passage shows that it is about the cost of discipleship, not military warfare and that the ‘sword’ is the cutting of old family ties). The book of Revelation is often interpreted violently (Literal understanding) but many scholars view Revelation as a non violent polemic against the Roman Empire. A Jihadi Jesus of the “literalists” is violent and is not the Prince of Peace and is certainly not the Jesus of the Sermon on the Mount nor of the Sermon on the Plain.

      • NathansFather

        >> “… The Word of God written by Jesus…”I don’t understand what you are saying here. Jesus of Nazareth never wrote one word of the bible. << Parsing words eh? Actually you are incorrect. The Holy Spirit preserved His Word through the Apostles who were direct witnesses to The Way, Truth, and Life and faithfully recorded His Red Letter Word for all of posterity,

        You have a gigantic beef against "The Lord of my Lord" (David says) in the Old Testament. GOD the Son as part of the Holy Trinity made several appearances and can been seen with Spiritual eyes in every book of the Bible both Old and New Testaments.

        • Well the Gospels were not written by eyewitnesses. Conservative NT scholar NT Wright says that nobody knows who wrote the Gospels. Mark was probably written in the 60’s ,Matthew and Luke in the 80’s and John in the 90’s. The phrases in our bibles such as the Gospel according to Mark etc. were probably not in the now missing original manuscripts and were likely added much later.

          • NathansFather

            Part 1

            I won’t disagree with you on this except I doubt NT Wright said what you conclude as far as eye witnesses. I happen to like NT Wright BTW but I favor other scholars more. NT can get off the beam (of light) sometimes. My preferred are our resident Pastor Jack Wellman, Berit and Andy Kjos, My Pastor Steve Graham, Sproul and the host of commentators of the Bible such as Spurgeon and Gill.

            This supposition of yours is not correct. Do more research into the First and Second Century The Way Church. Do a very detailed study of Saint Polycarp, Bishop of Smyrna the last named saint to Saint in the Bible. No other saints after this are acceptable because they were chosen by man. Polycarp was the DIRECT disciple (student) of Saint John the Divine and was chosen by the Alpha and Omega to be Smyrna’s Bishop. LOVE his story!!!

          • NathansFather

            Part 2

            I am responsible for every, every thought and interpretation
            myself via the Holy Spirit. I respect NO Man (or Woman) as we all have
            feet of clay. A great Pastor will always tell you to consult the
            Scriptures for yourself and prove them out. They admit they may be wrong
            and if you approach them one-on-one with reasonable civil speech they
            will engage you. I recognize those on the Path ahead of me in the walk
            of sanctification. Pastor Jack and Berit have been invaluable teachers
            to me. Love both to pieces! I was so blessed by GOD He sent them to me.
            Rarely, rarely do I disagree with my mentors but occasionally I actually
            had some better interpretations and postulations. OCCASIONALLY vverrry
            occasionally. My Pastor Steve is knockdown drag out fabulous and yes, we
            have our private pow-wows too. We seek common ground and learn from one
            another. I still always give him the edge!

        • I don’t have a beef against God. The textual god of much of the OT is a moral monster and is nowhere consistent with the God that Jesus revealed. He is compassionate and a God of peace, not the fictional warrior god of the OT.

          • NathansFather

            NOPE I disagree and I don’t think the GOD of the Old Testament is a monster. GOD in the Old Testament is ALL Three at Once. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

          • Go read the OT again! Genocide, aggressive wars, rape, slavery, and other atrocities are either commanded or approved by the god of the OT.

    • What Holy Spirit leading do you have? None!

  • NathansFather

    What is The Third Way? – “Liberation Theology”
    Third Way: “christian” Socialism
    See also A Third Way to a Good Society (Communitarianism)
    Treason in the Church: Trading Truth for a “Social Gospel”

    • Third Way Christian socialism is not necessarily the same thing as Liberation theology. for example, Christian socialists in the Labour party of Great Britain are not socialists in the Marxist sense but social democrats who are Christian. Liberation Theologians are influenced by Marxism (though they may not all be Communists).Latin American Liberation Theologians use Marxism instrumentally to examine the social structure and sociological dynamics of the Capitalist system in Latin America. They claim to be Christian and not Communist. Some of them are democratic socialists, but some may be Communists operating under the guise of Liberation Theology.

      • NathansFather

        No such thing as just socialists or social demonRats disguising themselves thinly as those who believe in freedom, (or your labor party socialist) They are communists pure and simple.

        As of The Third Way this is the peculiar mixture in our country of the Clintons and Obamas and other leftists who indeed worship satan. Those that put them on a pedestal are following self-appointed little gods. I hope you read the Alinsky by now. Marxist straight up and down. No doubts.

        Now am I a republican? NOPE. I am an independent. I am thoroughly and completely disgusted with the establishment, globalist communitarians. People like Ryan, McConnell, McCain, Graham etc. Again these are the luciferians busily setting up the evil one’s dominion on earth. We have at least 3 major forces or flavors of luciferians.

        Now am I down-troden knowing these things? Absolutely not. I follow The Way, Truth, and the Life. I KNOW they have already been defeated. They may seem to get away with crimes against humanity but I assure you GOD will indeed come and destroy them. When this will be is entirely up to GOD. This generation? Perhaps, perhaps not. It’s all up to GOD when His patience is at an end and the last soul comes to earth to complete His Plan.

        • You are plainly ignorant of political science. Second International socialist parties of Western Europe are NOT Communist. Social democrats are not demonRats. Go read some political science before commenting so ignorantly. Do you only read extreme versions of right wing sources? You need to read right across the political spectrum to inform yourself of their views and not to misinterpret them. Don’t just read biased sources.

          • NathansFather

            Actually I am a student OF political science and human history and Biblical history.
            You accept the propaganda of luciferians.
            You perceive yourself as an expert on everything and only you are right. You are NOT GOD and your “intelligence” is as an ant in comparison to the ALL KNOWING and WISE GOD. You as your own little god are headed to a very bad end. You seem determined to self-destruct.
            No sense dialoging further with a little god.
            You have bought the argument satan used in the garden.
            So sad.
            Such pride!
            GOD rewards the humble and resists the proud.

          • You don’t give any evidence of being a student of political science. You don’t develop arguments from top line professors at top universities, do you. And on theology, you are mad. You just don’t know how to develop a theological argument. You just quote reams of scripture, without analysing the form, structure and setting of the text in its context. You pontificate, claiming that you have the so-called exegesis of the Holy Spirit. What nonsense! You fail to recognise that you have theological presuppositions that you read into the bible.

            You are also intolerant of views that oppose your views of the bible. You just close off discussion and assign the person who disagrees with you to hell. You are playing the role of God (if there is a God or a hell).

        • You know absolutely nothing about the distinctions between the labour Party and Communism. What ignorance you show!

          You are hopelessly a very extreme right wing apologist!

      • NathansFather

        Part 1


        Go see Berit Kjos, Kjos Ministries Site – Crossroad To.
        She is indeed the greatest of all watchman on the wall I have yet to encounter. Pastor Jack and I admire her perseverance. She has been a born from above follower of The Way since 1971. Her glimpses beyond the veil are lead by The Holy Spirit. Her complete grip on events this side of the veil unparalleled I have found personally. Her writing both personal but also knockdown drag out scholarly also. WOW! Those you have read thus far pale in comparison I assure you. She gives ALL Glory to GOD alone as we all should.

        Berit is an apologist of great note yet the most humble of sweet, sweet temperament yet this granny packs a strong punch! 🙂 In her weakness she is made strong because she follows this simple theology as do I: 1. Love God 2. Love Others 3 self last.

        BRAVE person! She has had and continues to have great physical and spiritual warfare waged against her yet she walks on.
        Check out the forces arrayed against all of humankind.


        • She’s another Fundamentalist on steroids.

    • Communitarians have a social relations model of the human person . Humans are persons in social relationships and these social relationships influence their personal behaviour.They are not Communists, though Communists also have a social relations model of the human person, but Communist relational models are based on Marxist-Leninist philosophical sociology whereas Communitarians are not usually Marxist, though some may be.

      • NathansFather

        You really, really, really need to read Berit Kjos and about The United Nations Agenda 2030. You are splitting hairs again John and parsing words. One is either FOR Jesus Y’shua or AGAINST Him (which includes His full participation as GOD in the Old Testament. I hope you explore the links Jesus in every book of the Bible. HE IS THERE!

        • Are you so ignorant of politics, economics and sociology? You need to make distinctions where they exist instead of lumping groups together and attributing evil to them.

        • This Berit Kjos isn’t an expert in political science, sociology or economics, is she? What are her academic qualifications in these social sciences?

  • NathansFather

    Just ran into this article on Richard Spencer from Canadian Free Press. Yikes!
    Apparently this man in no way is a Christian in fact is an avowed atheist.
    Go to the link for more. Our PUDinskyites of course will cry foul. To be expected.
    They do not believe lucifer is ultimately behind the chaos of today’s upside down world.
    Lucifer’s greatest deception is convincing people he does not exist.
    Atheists, agnostics, and apostates buy this deception hook, line, and sinker.

    Richard Spencer Confirmed as Deep State Plant
    Richard Spencer is an admitted atheist and socialist, who hates America, hates Christians and the Constitution, and thinks that Trump supporters are “c*cks” .[I detest this word]
    … Richard Spencer is not a conservative. He has praised Bolshevism, and has called himself the “ Karl Marx of the alt-right ”. His mentor is a confused, retired academic, named Paul Gottfried. Gottfried says that the United States is no longer a republic, and is Nietzschean social Darwinist, who is a disciple of Marcuse and has been described as a “right-wing proponent of the Frankfurt school.” …
    … Alt-right leader and Richard Spencer confidant Jason Kessler was an organizer for George Soros’ Occupy Wall Street movement, and a self admitted leftist provocateur , who dumped his Jewish girlfriend because she was not “liberal enough”. He then magically transformed himself into an leader in Spencer’s Alt-Right movement, and attached himself to the Donald Trump campaign in November of 2016…”

    • Jack Wellman

      He is about as much of a Christian as Pud is.

      • pud

        God bless him then! He may be a lot of things but he’s clearly RATIONAL…what you are not!

      • NathansFather

        Got that straight 🙂

        • pud

          Admitting that you’re a religious lunatic who believes in ancient books and invisible entities is not much to brag about

  • Tree Kangaroo

    Human beings all have the inclination to look down on others. The reason progressives like to focus so much on “racism” and “white supremacy” is that it distracts attention from their own habit of looking down on anyone who doesn’t share their values. They are the ultimate in supremacists and elitists. They talk a lot about “equality,” but it is all a smoke screen.

    • “They talk a lot about “equality”, but it is all a smoke screen”. What is your evidence for this opinion?

  • NathansFather

    Here’s some more links on the Marxist Richard Spencer as referenced from the Canadian Free Press recent article.
    We are talking disguised Marxists (shadow government deep states – who are in every country in the world to one extent or other in numbers) here who are by definition luciferians who follow their father of liars, thieves, and murderers.
    YES indeed there is a lucifer… I will repost two well-known figures who indeed are luciferians (once again). How people continue to deny his existence is beyond me. Just what planet are these deniers on anyway? So selfishly blinded and deafened. I pity them truly!
    One is either FOR Jesus Iesous Y’shua or AGAINST Him. This is the absolute TRUTH.

    Something stinks about Charlottesville

    Nazi Leader Jason Kessler Looked On as Car Attacks Were Discussed in His Chat Room

    BUSTED: Another White Nationalist Leader Was Once Active in Occupy Movement (VIDEO PROOF)

    GOP Rep Says Charlottesville Protest Was a ‘Setup’ By Left-Wing Agitators

    REPORT: White Supremacist Leader in Charlottesville Jason Kessler Was Obama Supporter – Occupy Protester

    More about Jason Kessler

  • NathansFather

    Part 1

    On false prophets…

    I never got a comment from one person from Australia concerning the Alinskyites and who they worship on another article when asked to identify followers of the evil one. Here are two and their network extends internationally.

    socialists=communists=marxist=hitlerites=luciferians=satanists. Poster child most of us recognize his name is George Soros a large in and in And example … the luciferian overriding even the two luciferians below, yet he reports to even higher forms of luciferians. He is yet but “middle management” in organizations of which he has member such as The Bilderbergs, Communists (liberation theologist), Communtarians (dominionists), and The Third Way United Nations Agenda 2030 PEACE PLAN (one world “religion”) that of lucifer the most dangerous of all the apostates wolves in sheep’s clothing.

    Why do I post about these snakes???
    Wake up those of you who are not yet covered by the precious blood of Jesus Iesous Y’shua. You are in physical-mortal danger and are being spiritually infested when in denial which leads to soul death.

    • ” socialists=communists=hitlerites=luciferians=Satanists.”

      You are seriously in error here. Socialists only equal communists if you mean by socialist the same thing as communist.Socialst parties of Western Europe are social democratic parties and belong to the Second International, not the Third International. Communists are Marxist-Leninists who hold that the dominant means of production are in the hands of the State and the central planning is the dominant mechanism for resource allocation. Social Democrats believe that the dominant means of production are in private hands and the dominant mechanism for resource allocation is the price mechanism, but these see a greater role for the state in humanising capitalism than free marketeers.

      Communists do not equal hitlerites except that both are totalitarian groups. Hitler did not believe in the socialisation of the dominant means of production in the hands of the state whereas communists do.

      Luciferians and Satanists (followers of Lucifer=Satan) are followers of an imaginary being. Most communists are atheists and follow the philosophy of dialectical and historical materialism. They don’t believe in the existence of any Lucifer or Satan.

      • NathansFather

        Naw… listen just because you don’t believe there is an evil one does NOT mean he does not exist. I am amazed at the number of people who do not see the evil chaos is orchestrated. By default ANYONE who does not follow I AM are by default worshipping the evil one even if they think he does not exist. A person is either following The Way, Truth, and Life or they are not. They are voluntarily choosing soul death. No human is of excuse as Jesus Iesous Y’shua and the Apostles clearly teach.

  • NathansFather

    Part 2 On False Prophets

    I pity those who do not listen to Watchmen on the Wall such as Kjos Ministries. I greatly fear for at least one of our souls here that defends these worst of all apostates who actually in the past have claimed to be “christians.” Sorry but claiming you have no religion at all or recognize there is indeed A Transcendental Overarching Great GOD Almighty Creator of Heaven and Earth. You do indeed have a religion by default, you are a luciferian caught up in the glorification of the evil one who is full of hatred whether you recognize this entity exists.

    Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky

    “… Opening page – Dedication
    “Lest we forget at least an over-the-shoulder acknowledgment to the very first radical: from all our legends, mythology, and history… the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom — Lucifer.”…”

    • Lucifer is mythology, a symbol for evil. Left wing social democrats are not radicals. What about right wing radicals? Perhaps some of them are evil? But none of them follow Lucifer, a non existent being.

      • NathansFather

        Ooooo you are so wrong.
        He has fooled you.
        You are not as wise as you think as your own invented little god.
        He is real and you have bought into his tricks on “humanity” since the Garden.
        No sense dialoging with you further.
        You are convinced of your great wisdom which is folly directly from the evil one’s deception.
        So sad.

        • A non existent being can’t fool anyone!

  • NathansFather

    Well John it’s been very interesting once again dialoging with you. I don’t see much reason at the moment to continue.
    I am pleased we have reached at least 2 points of agreement.
    That is large in today’s complicated world 🙂 especially trying to discuss on a public forum with the dryness of the typed/printed word so easily misinterpreted for the poster’s intent for love for another.

    My theology is SIMPLE, because I am a simple, humbled person to my very knees in surrender to GOD.
    1. Love GOD
    2. Love others
    3. self last

    I am not avoiding you mind you but I simply do not understand why you turned against GOD.

    You being from GB may well have gone to a King’s Church seminary such as the Anglican / Episcopal tradition.
    I can understand to a degree if this is so why you have become so jaded.

    Get back to the First and Second Century True Bride Church of The Way as closely as you are able.
    This is my overriding emphasis in my life that is still being granted to me.

    My next breath may be my last (I have heart / artery disorders and other health concerns).
    I am well satisfied with Romans 8 I am standing on The Rock of Salvation.
    My Berean study is absolutely most joyous endeavor in all of my 60+ years of my life.

    I pray you will have this sort of peace.
    Best regards,

    • I have peace. Humanism is my philosophy and it is a humanism based on compassion, healing-mercy and loving kindness. A subset of progressive Christians are Christian humanists and I am sympathetic to their point of view. A further subset of Christian humanists may also be atheists and some agnostics.

      • NathansFather

        Humans are flawed. Period.

        Stop with the remaking of GOD and respect for atheists, agnostics, and apostates. You are being lead astray and willingly at that. A person is either ALL IN FOR Jesus Iesous Y’shua or AGAINST Him. You are siding with those who follow lucifer whether they know it or not. I worry for your soul. Get off the twisted beam of man and get with the only chance of eternal life through Jesus Iesous Y’shua alone. Only He is the Narrow Gate. All others paths lead to soul death and destruction. I send you peace!

        You have none now as you have no eternal security. Oh you may think you are happy but you are not. This is a human feeling that cannot be trusted. Temporary, transient, and lets you down. The seesaw of the human existence apart from God gives no grounding nor stability. You waver in the chaos of the evil one and don’t seem to know it. GOD is ORDER. The evil chaos, hatred, and discontent. Seeking to appear to be good but is complete EVIL.

        Only through Jesus do we have eternal comfort, peace, mercy, grace, hope and JOY. You are missing out on JOY. I pity you in this regard.

        • You seem to be ignorant of all sorts of persons who have peace within. There are many Buddhists who have peace within but your conservative bible reading prevents you from seeing this. Many Christians claim that they have peace within, but actually have none.

          • NathansFather

            Peace you have no peace. You have the same agenda of PUD to overwhelm the followers of The Way.
            Get off your high horse.
            Get off your self-appointed ritualized “pat” answers of a prideful thinker of your own superiority.
            Thinking people knowing they are not the be all and end all of all of human humanity surely reject your pride.
            So sad.
            No sense dialoging further with someone who foolishly holds himself as the saver of all humanity just because you think you agenda is the be all and end of what you call humanitarians.
            Time to block again.
            What you say is of ill-effect to followers of The Way, Truth, and Life.
            Which is not you John a little god.

          • You’re not a true follower of Jesus Christ.

          • I am not a little god nor do I think that I am, as you claim. You just can’t answer me, can you? You attribute to me whatever hateful message that comes into your mind, then attribute what you say to the “exegesis of the Holy Spirit”. You attribute pride to me because I question what is in the bullybull, but it is you that has pride.

            You need to seriously rethink your position. Your god is a god of violence and retribution. There is nothing about your god that is compassion, healing mercy or loving kindness. You think that anyone who believes what Jesus said about God being compassionate is an apostate. Well you’re welcome to your violent god.

            Your attitude towards others creates atheism and turns people off the Christian faith. You are doing a wonderful job as an ambassador for atheism.

    • I’m sorry to hear that you have heart/artery disorders and other health concerns.I hope that the doctors are able to help you.

    • Bruce Robertson

      Why do you love god if not that you have been told he will take you to heaven? The only reason for the love is so that you can get the benefits, if not for the promised benefits there would be no love of a god. So actually your selfish considerations should be at the top of the list, just like all religious people (and atheists too – we are all selfish beings, but atheists are at least honest). You fear death and buy into a delusional story to relieve you of that fear.

  • NathansFather
  • NathansFather

    CAAP – Coalition of Afro-American Pastors

    Conservative Black Pastors Meet in D.C.

  • Unfortunately John you indict yourself.
    Your god does not exist except in your own mind and fantasies.
    See what Paul says about people who make up their own savior.
    An apostate view and not the atheism you purport.
    Please do not make up your own brand of cheap grace and spread it to others, especially children.
    It is a deception that can cause others soul death.
    I pray you come back to the real Jesus.

    • “The real Jesus”.

      You mean the OT Jesus who supports killing little children because their parents were wicked, supporting rape, executing people for Sabbath breaking, and the one who commanded a guy to barbeque his son as a burnt offering, do you?

    • You’ve made up your own Saviour. He’s not Jesus of Nazareth, is he? Jesus told you to love your enemies. Jesus also said that God is kind towards the ungrateful and the wicked. Be compassionate as your Father in heaven is compassionate. How was the so-called OT Jesus (the warrior Jesus) that you trust in compassionate when he commanded the slaughter of women and little babies because their parents were so wicked? If God is kind to the wicked, why was he not kind to them, then? If God told us to love our enemies, then why back then did he command Israel to destroy them? He wasn’t compassionate to his enemies then was he?.

    • What makes you think that I am spreading so-called “cheap grace” to children? You know nothing about me, except that which I have revealed on the net. Stop making things up! I suppose you don’t believe the OT Jesus (that you believe in) when he said “You shall not bear false witness”. You are the one who is deceptive, aren’t you Research Berean, who changes her moniker to Acts-17-11?

  • 2 Timothy 2:10 And we urge you, brothers, admonish the idle, encourage the fainthearted, help the weak, be patient with them all.

    2 Timothy 2:10
    2 Timothy 2
    A Good Soldier of Christ Jesus
    A Worker Approved by God