I Was Hungry And You Gave Me Food – 5 Ways Your Church Can Feed The Hungry

I Was Hungry And You Gave Me Food – 5 Ways Your Church Can Feed The Hungry November 8, 2017

Jesus said, “For I was hungry and you gave me food,” so how can we feed the poor in our community? Here are five ways that your church can do that.

Potluck Saturday

We have a lot of great cooks in our church…I’m just not one of them, but we are all very blessed so I want to share with you some ideas on how you can feed the poor in your community. Post flyers in the local thrift shop, the local laundry mat, or any place that you believe most of the community will see them and invite them to come to a potluck dinner on a certain Saturday or even a Sunday afternoon. You could also find people on the street and hand deliver them or give them printed out invitations. Ask your church members to consider signing up for this and write down what they plan to bring. It’s a great way to share the gospel too because you can talk to them about how they can receive the Bread of Life and Living Water and never hunger or thirst again (John 4, 6:35).

Clothing Giveaway

Every once in a while we have a clothing giveaway but the thought had never occurred to me that we can offer them a meal too. Most of us have closets full of clothing that we will never wear or haven’t worn for a long time. I heard the rule of how to know what to give away and what to keep. Take a look in your closet and if you see anything that you haven’t worn in the last 12 months then you probably won’t wear it in the next year. Next, publicize this event and offer a hot meal to go alone with the offer of clothing. In many parts of the nation there is always the need for winter or fall clothing. Some of those who are hungry today and are homeless have to find shelter where they can, and they probably can’t remember the last time they had a hot meal, so the next time you have a clothing give away, offer them a free hot meal to go along with it. That will warm them, inside and out, plus it’s a great opportunity to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

DinnerandFellowship (2)

Bar-B-Q in the Park

Our church elder is one of the best cooks I know and he loves to Bar-B-Q, so what better way to bring in those who don’t have much to eat than to have a cook out in the city park. Our local city park has several outdoor Bar-B-Q’s already and so all we need to do is to buy the briquettes and starter fluid and buy some hamburgers or hotdogs and let the smell draw people in. Many of the poorest of the poor live outdoors, or if they do have a home they have a limited income, so put out some flyers or advertise in the local paper about a Bar-B-Q in the park that’s open to the public. You could even ask other churches to help participate and make it a broader, more comprehensive community event.

Dry Goods Donations

We have a lot of food in our church’s pantry and probably more than we will ever use so I thought we might try to give away some canned goods along with our clothing giveaway every year. A lot of people who are struggling financially usually come to our clothing giveaway, so maybe the next time we should offer them some canned goods to go along with their clothing. The Boy Scouts usually take collections during the fall for one of their campaigns to feed the poor so why can’t we do this too, and as we do, we can publicize this event by going door to door in the community. Tell them that these items are going to be given away to local citizens who have a need and tell them where and when it is in case they want to come and participate, so be sure to invite them.

Invite Someone

About every other month our church has a potluck meal after services. It allows us to have fellowship in the dining hall and to get to know one another better, so the next time your church has a potluck, challenge each member to invite at least one person. Even if they don’t make it to church services, invite them anyway to come and enjoy a hot meal. If they don’t have a ride, then offer to pick them up and bring them. If everyone in our church invited at least one person to a potluck meal, I believe we’d have more people coming to enjoy the fellowship. Even if they don’t accept, at least we’re giving them an opportunity. This shows them there is someone who cares enough to ask.


Have you ever considered these different ways that you can feed the poor in your community? Of course there are more five ways that your church can feed the hungry, but the important thing is, Jesus equated doing for others as doing it to Him when He said “For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me” (Matt 25:35), so the way Jesus sees it is, “whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me” (Matt 25:40). James brought attention to this area when he wrote “What good is it, my brothers, if someone says he has faith but does not have works? Can that faith save him? If a brother or sister is poorly clothed and lacking in daily food, and one of you says to them, “Go in peace, be warmed and filled,” without giving them the things needed for the body, what good is that? So also faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead” (James 2:14-17). Talk is cheap, but actions speak louder than words, so make your actions speak into the hearts of the poor about the love of God and the command for believers to “do unto the least” of these, particularly, those who are unable to help themselves. Maybe they’ll come and be filled, and by chance, take in the Bread of Life which satisfies forever. As Jesus said “I am the bread of life; whoever comes to me shall not hunger, and whoever believes in me shall never thirst” (John 6:35).

Article by Jack Wellman

Jack Wellman is Pastor of the Mulvane Brethren Church in Mulvane Kansas. Jack is a writer at Christian Quotes and also the Senior Writer at What Christians Want To Know whose mission is to equip, encourage, and energize Christians and to address questions about the believer’s daily walk with God and the Bible. You can follow Jack on Google Plus or check out his book Teaching Children the Gospel available on Amazon.

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  • pud

    NO. Your “jesus” never said a thing. Nothing. Nada. Your story book “said” that he “said” this or that. Your invisible make up daddy left nothing, said nothing, wrote nothing and has been MIA for over 2000 years…hello?

    And of course you poison this like you poison everything by not just giving food to the hungry…Noooooo! You have to charge for it by listening to your cult indoctrination rubbish and making the most downtrodden suffer your nonsense for a scrap of food. Kind of like baiting a trap. You’re despicable

    • Miranda

      Really…really…a man writes a blog encouraging people to share food, donate clothes and dry goods, invite neighbours and other local people you might no otherwise meet to a meal and your response is to attack this mans beliefs. Do you really think Christians do charity work just to lure people in to, abduct them then strap them to a chair an force them to listen to hymns till they break or something. If you got out of your atheist bubble you might see some actual good works inspired by *gasp* religion, not just Christian but others as well, there is a great Buddhist compassionate society and Mosque in my area I have collaborated with a number of times, we don’t try and ‘charge for it’ by ‘indoctrinating’ them, we work together to help the poor, no matter their race, religion, gender identity, whatever…If you think this is all an elaborate trap you are truly paranoid.

      • pud

        Read his last sentence in the “conclusion”….stupid. There’s his hook. Another hook from a guy who makes his living lying to children. Why doesn’t he take some poor people into his home to live?

        • Miranda

          This last sentence – “Maybe they’ll come and be filled, and by chance, take in the Bread of Life which satisfies forever. As Jesus said “I am the bread of life; whoever comes to me shall not hunger, and whoever believes in me shall never thirst” (John 6:35).”

          How is it a hook that maybe just maybe they will be filled with the love of God? The conclusion is very clear, it is about believers acting out their love, for someone who trolls a Christian blog you haven’t taken much in.

          The Pastor echoes the Gospel well “Talk is cheap, but actions speak louder than words, so make your actions speak into the hearts of the poor about the love of God and the command for believers to “do unto the least” of these, particularly, those who are unable to help themselves.”

          By helping he poor we are living witnesses, we show our beliefs through our actions, it is our actions that ‘speak’ to the poor, there is no expectation they become Christian, a man/woman in need is a man/woman in need, we know they don’t need or want a sermon or bible, they need sustenance, maybe they’ll ask why we are helping them, maybe they won’t, either way it has nothing to do with luring people in to church and everything to do with helping people out of their poverty.

          I hope you too get fed soon, your spirit is starved for true sustenance, your rage toward the good Pastor is like a desperate animal, don’t need to find food in the bible if you don’t want to, maybe you can just act out some of the Pastors recommendations above and feed you spirit by filling others in need (if you don’t already). Who knows you might feel something positive.

          • pud

            Lots of people help the poor without any strings attached. Wishing that they will fill themselves up with your cults bullshit after a meal is feeding them poison for desert.

            Your “beliefs” are irrational illogical nonsensical disturbed delusional dysfunctional and you can’t keep it to yourself. That’s why you’re dangerous and why I resist you.

            Define “spirit”….try…I need a good laugh

          • NathansFather

            Miranda, please don’t waste your time. PUD is inhabited by demons. He/She is controlled by an IT.
            Not to worry PUD’s days of wanting to murder all Christians will soon be to an end.
            He/she/it can and should be reported to the authorities.
            This entity of darkness is following the steps of the TX shooter.
            He did similar spewing of hatred to ALL Christians on many online venues.
            PUD has already been banned from one of the other author’s forum here on the evangelical channel.
            The authorities tell us to report any unhinged individuals so that we can prevent another mass murder of Christians.
            May GOD have mercy on he/she’s soul.
            This is the only way he/she can change.
            It will take a confrontation of the Almighty GOD to cure he/she of what is inhabiting He/she.

          • pud

            OH NO!!!! Hide under your blanket! DEMONS!!!

          • Are you Acts 17-11 or Research Berean? Your style of writing is very similar. I suspect that you are all three. If so, you are deceptive. Of course, being deceptive for Jesus is OK, if you are washed in the blood, isn’t it?

          • pud

            He’s the trinity of lunacy

          • Lunacy is the operative word! She’s possessed with an obsession for the existence of “demons”.

          • Truth first

            All THREE? I count only two…
            What do you mean by “Style of writing is similar”? Similar to what? A Bible book? Just in case you did not know, Bereans are Christians who test everything with the Bible. If they write, they write in thousands of different styles, individually, to reprove people like you.

          • Truth first

            Absolutely, N! He is a troll of note and guided by the spirit of the anti-Christ. It’s a spiritual warfare with his demonic spirit clashing with our Holy Spirit. One always hopes that there will be a Damascus road experience that will get him on the straight and narrow. If not, God will do with him what he has told us he would do with unbelievers and will unleash his wrath against his unrepented for blasphemies. The militancy of people like PUD is disturbing, but their lovelessness not surprising.

          • pud

            You use the word “truth” in your name? For shame.

            Demonstrate the existence of “spirit” “demons” and “spiritual warfare”

            You clearly are a lunatic who is need of mental health services

      • Jack Wellman

        Good points Miranda. How sad that someone is furiious about a God he or she doesn’t believe in and then slams efforts in helping the poor and hungry. I know most atheists are not like Pud….she gives atheists a bad name, but the vast majority or not like her.

        • pud

          Can’t be “furious” at the non existent dummy. Furious at you for lying to children, propagating your cult and using food as a lure to indoctrinate the helpless. You’re despicable

      • Truth first

        Christianity is the only faith/religion that does not believe we can earn ourselves a place in heaven or secure a comfy afterlife/rebirth. Our good works flow from our gratitude of God’s grace and love for God and our neighbour. Which is why we do the things described in the blog. Altruistically, NOT to benefit from it like other religions imply or claim.

        With atheists you never win, Miranda. They will always find fault because they recognise the source of our love, which is Jesus Christ. Our Holy Spirit clashes with their spirit of God’s adversary, Satan. Our battle is with principalities in the heavenly realms, not with people as such. It’s nothing personal but it is totally understandable that you get irritated by the accusations. It’s not for nothing that Satan is also called the Accuser (Greek: Diabolos, from which Devil is derived). We will be accused constantly, but will be spotless in the eyes of God if we are reborn.

        • Atheists do not recognise that the source of your “love” is Jesus Christ”. They don’t believe that Jesus rose bodily from the grave and, if this is true, then there is no Jesus guiding people. Atheists do not find any evidence for any Holy Spirit nor for any Satan.

          Your assertions come solely from the bible, a book written by ancient, barbaric savages.

          • Truth first

            Your first paragraph is entirely true.
            Atheists overlook the Gospel as a source of wisdom as they believe the Bible is the work of mere man.
            But why “barbaric savages”? Even if the NT was fully made up by man, what is there despicable about a wise man telling his followers to love their enemy? How much harm can that do to a society?

          • Love your enemies is one of the good things Jesus said. Love your neighbour is another. But humanists can love their enemies , too. Not all atheists overlook the wisdom in some of Jesus’ teachings e.g. Richard Dawkins said that Jesus was way ahead of his times (see The God Delusion), It’s some of the other teachings in the bible that were written by barbaric savages. .e.g. God’s supposed command to slaughter the Canaanites and the Amalekites. This included the murder of little children and babies.

          • Truth first

            I understand your struggle to accept some of the OT writings. God’s punishment of the nations around the Israelites was harsh in our 21st century eyes. However, these nations were at least as cruel if not more cruel. They actually SACRIFICED’ their own children to the gods and led otherwise rather debauched lives. Also judicially there was no equal measure for justice, and the killing of rape of a person could be seen as a just countermeasure for a much smaller crime. God’s “An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth” principle was actually more humane and fairer in that respect!

            More importantly, Jesus formed a new covenant between man and God, and it is this covenant that should govern our lives, NOT the cultural ones meant for the Jews.

    • Truth first

      And there it is: the stock atheist anger when really confronted with the powerlessness of his God-less conviction and life. Charity? Love? Self-control? Peace? Patience? Kindness? Humbleness? You wouldn’t even notice them even if they stood right in front of you and kicked you in the…groin area. Which they wouldn’t, them being totally non-violent, but you know what I mean…;)

      It seems the truth hit a raw nerve there with you, P. Good! Now take it all in and work with it from here.

      Atheism is a non-starter. What have you got to lose? If we find out after we breath our last there is no God after all we lose nothing. We have lived righteous lives with loving kindness for others and have been assets of the communities we joined.

      Atheists, on the other hand, will have A LOT OF EXPLAINING TO DO if those Christian nutcases were right after all…

      • pud

        Google “Pascals Wager” then write an essay telling me why the tripe you just wrote is not only stupid but impossible, illogical, irrational and disingenuous.

        What are you going to tell Allah if you’re wrong skippy?

        • Truth first

          Every time when I use the inherent logic of my faith explaining to an atheist the sense of NOT being against God, they come up with Pascal’s Wager. Let me tell you one thing, P. Most Christians will have considered the logic of believing all by themselves, without ever having heard about Pascal’s Wager. We do not need to be taught by an (otherwise brilliant and Christian!) mathematician that logically and rationally unbelief does not make sense.

          YOU explain to me why “PW” is irrational, illogical and disingenuous.
          Once again, since there are more than one faiths believing in one God, it makes it all the more despicable to God that you have not even taken the bother to choose one of them.

          • pud

            There is no “logic” in “faith” “Faith” is “belief” without evidence. “Believing” without knowing, without evidence is illogical, irrational, infantile and stupid. “Beliefs” are all equal…all “faiths” are equal….If you can “believe” in your invisible sky daddy then I can “believe” in Bigfoot and neither of us would be required to offer any evidence. Our irrational, illogical “beliefs” would be identically grounded.

            Why is PW stupid? Are you serious?

            1. No one can make themselves “believe” anything

            2. Do you think you’re fooling your deity if you “believe” as an insurance policy?

            3. To be effective you would have to “believe” in every god ever created to be on the safe side…do you?

            LOL!! Choose a god? hahahhahahaa! I’ll take god #3 happy now?…no, no ….the one behind curtain #1….

  • NathansFather

    Wonderful as usual Pastor Jack. I will be sure to pass this along to our elders and our Pastor.

    • pud

      Sing it from the belfry lunatic.

      • Truth first

        You just love your trolling, don’t you?

        • pud

          I love demonstrating your lunacy….it’s my mission to drive you into the dustbin of history with all the other made up religious idiocy

    • Jack Wellman

      Pass this onto your deacon too! 🙂

      • Not to worry sweet Jack I will.
        Hope your week is going well.
        Email me:)

  • The Twisted Atheist Agenda
    Part 1


    Why these atheists fanatics don’t give up posting to a clearly followers of the Way, Truth, and Life forum is beyond me.
    Yet they say we are obsessed?
    Gimme a break!
    Hounding peaceful people is loving?
    Gimme a break!
    They shout constantly prove there is a God.
    We post multiple sources.
    Do they read them?
    No they keep up their irrational and tormented ritualism.
    Show me proof they beat their drum. This is the religion of atheism of very sick individuals. Ritual hatred.
    They ask about demons show us the proof.
    We supply it.
    Do they read it?
    No they keep up their irrational and tormented ritualism and insult the person who supplies the proof.
    They resort to cursing and using multiple filthy words.
    This is loving?
    Gimme a break!

    In Touch Ministries
    Loved but Lost

    • pud

      LOL!!! posting other lunatics delusions doesn’t constitute “proof”

      • Seems like she has become an unholy quadrangle. Now she’s Granted-in. It’s just like the mess she has with theology; the ‘holy’ quadrangle. (The Father, the Son, the Holy Ghost and the holy bible— It’s an awful unholy mess!)

    • You don’t supply any proofs. You only regurgitate fundamentalist arguments which are not proofs. There is no way to prove the existence of the god revealed in Jesus of Nazareth. It requires faith in his existence. The most important thing for Christians is to argue for the bodily resurrection of Jesus in time and space. If this didn’t happen then, as Paul explains, you are dead in your sins and have no hope. So why aren’t you arguing for the resurrection of Jesus instead of bible bashing us all?

      • Hi Research Berean,

        Why do you keep changing your moniker? Research Berean, Acts 17-11, Granted-In, NathansFather. Why don’t you use your real name? Maybe you don’t want your fellow church goers to know who you really are. Are you too embarrassed by what you write, to attach your real name to your posts?

  • Dispelling The Twisted Atheist Agenda – Part 2

    In Touch Ministries
    Loved but Lost

    John 3:16-19
    Through faith in Jesus, we move from our lost condition to adoption into God’s family. Unless we trust in Christ, we face permanent alienation from the heavenly Father. On judgment day, each person’s eternal destiny will be determined, based on that individual’s spiritual state. Members of God’s family will live in heaven with Him. But those who remain blind to divine truth, which is found only in Jesus, will be sent away to live in eternal torment (Revelation 20:12-15)

    • Truth first

      Love your Avatar, GI!
      Running the race and finishing strong is what we all aim to do as reborn Christians!

      • There you go! I love these Chapters of the Bible the very, very best:
        Romans 8 and John 17.
        Both keep in FAITH and great HOPE!

        • Truth first

          Jesus praying for us: what more do we want or need?!
          Like your moniker as well: thanks to God’s grace we’re indeed “Granted In” into his Kingdom as believers! As long as we believe His/The Truth First!…;)

          • Amen! With you!

          • pud

            lunatic cult.

          • I like this praise equation
            Jesus + nothing = everything

          • Truth first

            Doesn’t make sense in arithmatics, but it is all we need to know to pass Salvation Maths!…;)

  • Dispelling the Twist Atheist Agenda – Part 3

    Many people struggle to reconcile this teaching with the concept of a loving God. They reason that love would not condemn anyone to torment. The truth is, the Father desires reconciliation with man—not separation. His love for us motivated Him to provide all we need to receive forgiveness and thereby be reconciled to Him. It is man’s choice to refuse or accept God’s provision of Jesus as the remedy to the sin problem. An unsaved person can’t blame God for his eternal state; his suffering will be due to his own rebellion against the Lord.

    A second common objection says, “Love would accept people on the basis of their moral lives and good deeds.” This argument assumes that God ignores sin and bases His decision about heaven on behavior. But since He is holy and just, He won’t allow sin to go unpunished. Because of His great love, however, He provided a way for our sin debt to be paid—through Jesus’ atoning death.

    God shows no favoritism. He extends love toward the whole lost world and invites everyone to come to Him through faith in His Son Jesus Christ.


    • pud

      The bloody human sacrifice reconciliation …LOL! Explain the physics behind that.

    • Have you thought from one Christian perspective, that God is love and the atonement is an act of love, not the act of a violent god against sinners? God’s holiness is not an other worldly holiness that has no contact with sin, but is a worldly holiness (Bonhoeffer) that stoops down and befriends sinners and seeks to lift others up.

      God’s holiness is a loving holiness and a this worldly holiness that meets people where they are at, not separating themselves from sinners. God was in Christ reconciling the world to himself, not reckoning their sins against them. God is a friend of sinners and outcasts, if Jesus represents the character of God in our humanity. There is a progress of revelation, centring in Jesus of Nazareth. This is one form of Christianity which you, with your violent atonement, would probably think is apostate.

      It is this kind of Christianity which emphasises the lowly Jesus of Nazareth with feeding the hungry and welcoming outcasts. If God exists, then this is what God is like.

  • Dispelling the Atheists, Agnostics, and Apostate False Prophets Agenda – Part 4 [Continued in Part 5]

    Standing Strong Through the Storm

    A daily devotional sent from the life giving Open Doors dedicated to helping the persecuted and the families of the martyred all
    over this world. They are indeed in this world but not of this world.

    Open Doors
    November 11

    Then the LORD said to Moses, “Write this on a scroll as something to be remembered and make sure that Joshua hears it, because I will
    completely blot out the name of Amalek from under heaven.”
    Exodus 17:14
    Joshua led the Israeli army in the fight against their long-time enemies, the Amalekites. Moses went up to the top of the nearby hill. As long as his hands were held up, the Israelis were winning. When he grew tired of holding up his hands, he sat on a rock and Aaron and Hur each held up one of Moses’ arms till sunset when Joshua finally overcame the enemy.

  • Dispelling the Atheists, Agnostics, and Apostate False Prophets Agenda – [Continued from Part 4] [Continue to the conclusion Part 6]

    The Lord instructs this event to be “remembered.” It was to be written down—the first time in Scripture—as a permanent reminder. God’s people are explicitly called to remember both God’s deliverance and His judgment of the wicked.
    The Bible records a number of events that people remembered. After Jacob’s dream at Bethel, he used the stone pillow on which he slept as a pillar of remembrance. After the Israelis finally crossed the Jordan River into the Promised Land, they took twelve stones from the middle of the Jordan and set them up as a memorial about which they were to tell their children. Memorials help us to remember what God has done and enable us to trust Him for the future.
    Esdras is a church leader in southern Mexico. He is also a lawyer and therefore is able to stand up for the rights of many indigenous people who are persecuted for their Christian faith.

    [Read Part 6]

  • Dispelling the Atheists, Agnostics, and Apostate False Prophets Agenda – [Continued from Part 5] [Conclusion Part 6]

    He will always remember a significant event when God’s protection was evident. He says, “I was visiting in Mitziton, an area where more than half of the community are Christians. The authorities wanted to turn two hundred Christians out of their homes and drive them out of the town. I intervened and was able to prevent them from having to leave. After this, I was publicly threatened with death. That day I was not able to return to my hometown and we spent the night in the home of a Christian. It was outside the town and there were no houses nearby.
    “At about eleven o’clock in the evening, a strange sensation came over me. Something seemed wrong, but I didn’t know what the matter was. At a quarter to twelve, two trucks turned up with twelve men. They were heavily armed with guns. I was completely alone with Marilene and our little baby. That day, we happened not to have any connection to the radio or mobile phone. I couldn’t phone anyone and there was no chance of calling for help. The attackers came closer and closer. They called out, ‘Now we’ve got him. He can’t get away now. Now we’re going to shoot him dead.’
    “Suddenly something unexpected happened. The gardener, an old man who lived in the grounds, turned on the lights around the house. I
    hadn’t asked him to do anything. When the attackers saw all those lighted lamps, they cried, ‘Where have all those guards come from?’
    “They slunk off and we were spared. Maybe they saw
    angels, who had come to guard us.” Esdras now travels the world and remembers publicly God’s great deliverance.
    Today I will commit to remember the acts of God in my life and record them for the future.
    Thank You, Lord, for remembrance days we have of Your
    blessings and Your deliverance.

    • Hi Acts 17-11,

      I’m not sure what your rants against atheists, agnostics and apostate false prophets have to do with the topic of feeding the hungry.

  • Why Are So Many Christians Silent: The Insider Movement in America

  • Stephen Braimah

    I am surprised that A SIMPLE devotional lesson on SHARING our material, financial, physical and Spiritual gifts, with our fellow Citizens, has DEGENERATED INTO a discussion that has NO VALUE and RELEVANCE to the lesson. Sisters and Brothers (BELIEVERS), please devote your time and contribution, on this topic, to INSPIRATIONAL and PROBLEM-SOLVING efforts. Remember, BY THEIR FRUITS YOU WILL KNOW THEM. I pray that the eyes ans ears of BELIEVERS are tuned in to GOD’S STILL SMALL VOICE, on ways and means of HELPING, than on UNPRODUCTIVE dialogue. Remain blessed, In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

    • With you brother Stephen. You have no idea what we have been put through at the hands of a few. We welcome them leaving and keeping this area as a sanctuary instead of their personal cow patty. 🙂 Help keep guard please so we may not go down this cow path again.

      • Jack Wellman

        Thanks friend.

      • Stephen Braimah

        Thank you. Remember Psalm 1:1-2, “Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful.
        But his delight is in the law of the Lord; and in his law doth he meditate day and night.” Let us remain focused on the lesson that God wants to teach us in this devotional posting.

        • Amen! Actually I have moved on from this… the triple As wearisome. Join us on a new topic. Pastor Jack is a personal dear friend of mine. His inspirational messages and grasp of sweet Scripture a real blessing to us. Have a blessed rest of the evening. Shalom 🙂

        • Jack Wellman

          Exactly so sir. Knowing you and Granted_in, I have leared from both of you…but we stick to the main point.

        • Stephen

          I found a fantastic teaching here. Note the whole Chapter of Mark 9 that explains what we have encountered here. I fear I wasted my “breath” alas 🙁 Pastor Jack says even a poor witness is better than none at all. I leave it to the capable experts.) Do you recall the occasion of this father’s plea and the cure for it?

          What Difference Does It Make If the Holy Spirit Is Impersonal?
          Read more at http://www.patheos.com/blogs/uncommongodcommongood/2017/11/difference-make-holy-spirit-not-personal/#QeW0wms3SJSbRCQ9.99

          Still dovetails nicely with Pastor Jack’s message here. Jesus gives living water and food – bread (His body).

          • Stephen Braimah

            I praise God for your candid analysis, of your AWARENESS, of BEING SACKED INTO a dialogue that was IRRELEVANT and COUNTERPRODUCTIVE. Your citation of the account of the healed child, in Mark 9, is great. We ALWAYS have to learn from Jesus’ example.

          • Here’s the deal on our demon PUD we have been suffering so long with ITs outrageous filth. At some point Patheos MUST deal with he/she/it because ITs stated agenda is the killing of all Christians. I have posted ITs threat manifesto several times and keep it on my computer should IT carry through with ITs threats.

            One Evangelical Author was able to remove all ITs offense posts. Apparently Jack doesn’t have this ability because of his area set up (Jack did not do). Jack has turned PUD and PUDJrs. in before to Patheos to no result of removal. Our imperative and our duty to turn in anyone posting anywhere on the Net should they threaten the life of Christians. Patheos despite its disclaimer of comments WILL be held responsible. The authorities want their IP and addresses to track them down before they commit murder unto martyrdom and persecution.

            Soooo Stephen there is much more to this than even this. The BEST thing to do is ignore IT (I am convinced he/she indeed has an IT that is controlling.) I was asked to substantiate this and I have by several links and verses what real entities these are.

            If you notice we are getting the cr@p once again there was never a Jesus. I have posted proof after proof links and articles and still we get the taunts. Same way on the validity of the Bible as truth proven by yes, history, science, mathematics, and archaeology I post periodically these also.

            I used to mark IT and report each remark but I got weary of reading the filth entirely. NOW IT and IT’s PUDJrs. I just block 🙂 So do what your conscience dictates. The more people who mark, report, and block the better.

            The only way the demonically possessed may be healed is stated in the Mark 9 chapter. ONLY God the Father may confront these entities. Not lost people but WICKED, EVILs demoniacs.

          • You know that Pud’s stated agenda is not to kill Christians, but to eliminate them through rational argumentation and through scientific evidence, yet you continue to lie about this. Apparently, in your mind, lying for Jesus is okay if you are washed in the blood.

          • Truth first

            His approach is one of insult, demeaning and arrogant confrontation, labeling believers lunatics. He is argumentative and his diatribes have nothing to do with a civilised discussion.

          • pud

            Can’t discuss anything with you…you are a cult…you’re not rational

    • Jack Wellman

      So true sir…sadly, there are alway a few trolls and I am with you, I pray the might focus on content rather than degenerating into something not useful. Thank you Mr. Braimah.

      • Stephen Braimah

        Thank you, Pastor Wellman. I think it is more than a case of “A FEW TROLLS.” The enemy uses every TACTIC and DIVERSIONARY TOOLS TO STEAL BLESSINGS sensu 1 Peter 5:8. “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:”

    • Jack Wellman

      Thank you kindly sir. I am just glad that the Word has the power (Isaiah 55:11; Rom 1:16; 1 Cor 1:18) because I surely don’t. It takes a person of God with the Spirit of God using the Word of God to make the children of God for the glory of God…it’s all about Him.

      • pud

        “him” who remains totally invisible and non existent….lol

        • Jmsrlc

          Pud, Pud, why do you persecute me?

          • pud

            Nothing personal….your cult, your absurd ideology, your indoctrination of children into your cult….those are my enemies. Your sick apocalyptic death cult is an enemy of reason and progress…you vote…it’s my duty to expose you and your absurdities

          • Jmsrlc

            Thank you for caring. Redbox offers movies for $.27 every week if you download their. App. I watched a couple good ones recently, A Case for Christ and Wind River.

          • 🙂 I’ve used this on more than one occasion of the Pudskites.

    • Truth first

      We could flag him as inappropriate, which is what I will be doing.