Psalm 103 And The Compassion of God

Psalm 103 And The Compassion of God May 13, 2019

Psalm 103 perfectly captures the essence of God’s fatherly nature.


King David must have been feeling blessed, because twice in two verses he says, “Bless the Lord, O my soul” (Psalm 103:1-2), and blessed he was, and so are those who have trusted in Christ. The psalmist reminds us to “forget not all his benefits, who forgives all your iniquity, who heals all your diseases” (Psalm 103:2c-3). Through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, David writes that it is God “who redeems your life from the pit, who crowns you with steadfast love and mercy” (Psalm 103:3). God withholds what we deserve (His wrath) because of Christ, so that’s mercy. Our iniquities are forgotten but not His benefits…that’s grace. The ultimate healing is spiritual, when we receive Jesus’ own righteousness imputed on our behalf (2 Cor 5:21).  If you are forgiven, then your soul is blessed!


The Apostle Paul tells us to “never avenge yourselves, but leave it to the wrath of God, for it is written, “Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord” (Rom 12:19). In that light, David reassures us that “The Lord works righteousness and justice for all who are oppressed” (Psalm 103:6), so it is God Who will make all things right, not us, but it will be in His own time and way. We’re simply told to “Repay no one evil for evil, but give thought to do what is honorable in the sight of all” (Rom 12:17), so we leave justice up to God. Remember that at one time, we ourselves were ungodly, wicked enemies of God (Rom 5:6-10), but “The Lord is merciful and gracious, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love” (Psalm 103:8), for all who have trusted in Christ.


The psalmist includes the fact that not only does God forgive and forget our sins, but “He does not deal with us according to our sins, nor repay us according to our iniquities” (Psalm 103:10). Of course, we’ll still receive the consequences of our actions, but the sin in doing them is absolved. It is because of God’s great mercy that David can say, that just “as high as the heavens are above the earth, so great is his steadfast love toward those who fear him” (Psalm 103:11). To use a physical analogy, David says that “as far as the east is from the west, so far does he remove our transgressions from us” (Psalm 103:12). Since east and west don’t meet as do north and south (at the equator), this means our sins are sent out to a point where they’re never seen again or heard about again. It is only when we try to resurrect our old, dead, and forgiven sins that they’re brought back up, but God does not dig up the past of what’s been buried. He is not like we are.


The psalmist describes God as having a fatherly nature when he writes about God’s tender compassion toward His children. For example, David writes, “As a father shows compassion to his children, so the Lord shows compassion to those who fear him” (Psalm 103:13). He is compassionate toward us because “he knows our frame; he remembers that we are dust” (Psalm 103:14), or remembers how we’re built. Mankind’s “days are like grass; he flourishes like a flower of the field” (Psalm 103:15), so our lives, when compared to the eternal God, are just like “the wind passes over it, and it is gone, and its place knows it no more” (Psalm 103:16), however there is hope beyond the grave since “the steadfast love of the Lord is from everlasting to everlasting on those who fear him, and his righteousness to children’s children” (Psalm 103:17). He is the God of the Living and not the dead (Mark 12:27; Luke 20:38).

Bless the Lord

The psalmist concludes the psalm in the same way that he started it. He writes, “Bless the Lord, O you his angels, you mighty ones who do his word, obeying the voice of his word” (Psalm 103:20), and again, “Bless the Lord, all his hosts, his ministers, who do his will” (Psalm 103:21). And for the third and fourth time, David writes, “Bless the Lord, all his works, in all places of his dominion. Bless the Lord, O my soul” (Psalm 103:22). You get the idea. Bless the name of the Lord for all His wonderful blessings, and there are many. This praise psalm is just what we need when things get hard.


The phrase, “Bless the Lord” is mentioned more than anything else in this psalm, and we can see why after reading psalm 103. God is good to His children. He does not give them what they deserve, and we call that mercy. Then He gives them what they don’t deserve, and that’s called grace (Eph 2:8-9). God as a Father is a fitting image for this since He remembers that our frame is fragile, being but dust…He knows our sins and is quick to forgive us when we confess them (1 John 1:9). To confess means to agree with God about our sins. Then God blesses us with everlasting life through Jesus Christ. The Lord testified, “I am the resurrection and the life. Whoever believes in me, though he die, yet shall he live, and everyone who lives and believes in me shall never die. Do you believe this” (John 10:25-26)? I hope you do believe this. Only those who God brings to repentance and faith in Christ will be saved, and there is no other way (Acts 4:12), so come to Christ today and be saved….and do it while it is still called “today” (2 Cor 6:2).

Article by Jack Wellman

Jack Wellman is a Pastor and Prison Minister in the State of Kansas. Jack is also a writer at Christian Quotes and Senior Writer at What Christians Want To Know whose mission is to equip, encourage, and energize Christians and to address questions about the believer’s daily walk with God and the Bible. You can follow Jack on Google Plus or check out his book Teaching Children the Gospel available on Amazon.

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  • Susan Jane Elohim

    God’s love never fails. Psalms 118 and 136.

    • Rational Human

      Then he will say to those on his left, ‘Depart from me, you who are cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels.

      Ah yes, everlasting love!

      • Susan Jane Elohim

        I am a universal reconciliationist. Try learning theology before making a case in the devil’s favor.

        Matthew 25:41 Young’s Literal Translation (YLT)

        41 Then shall he say also to those on the left hand, Go ye from me, the cursed, to the fire, the age-during, that hath been prepared for the Devil and his messengers;

        • pud

          You are a lunatic. A person with severe psychological issues that needs proper medical attention.

          • Susan Jane Elohim

            You’re disobedience in disbelieving God is going to boomeraang on your head.

            Indeed it already has as you continuously pour out invectitudes on people who have only wished you well and tried to help you.

            Pastor Wellman has never once returned an unkind word to your many unproven allegations that he is a lunatic proving that he has the fruit of the spirit of self control. While you are the lunatic utterly lacking in self control.

            You should repent now though it may be impossible if your whole mind is gone.

            Now! Do not argue. Do not let the devil prompt one more argument from you.

            From Exodus 15:26

            There the Lord[d] made for them a statute and a rule, and there he tested them, 26 saying, “If you will diligently listen to the voice of the Lord your God, and do that which is right in his eyes, and give ear to his commandments and keep all his statutes, I will put none of the diseases on you that I put on the Egyptians, for I am the Lord, your healer.”

            Obedience brings blessings.
            Disobedience brings curses.

            Your mouth and mind pud is one big curse word.

            Get that repentance done or take your issues elsewhere.

          • pud

            Demonstrate that ANY “god” “devil” “jesus” “sin” or any of the other psychotic irrational things you think are real actually exist.

            Note…I don’t give a shit who you quote, what verse you copy and paste….I care about what is actually true not what lunatics “BELIEVE”

          • Flint8ball

            I feel sorry for you Susan. Patheos puts a target on you by suggesting these feeds we may be interested in. That said, ideas should be challenged. THere are some distasteful personal attacks on here, but attacking your ideas is fair game and hopefully leads to better understanding of what people believe and, most importantly, why.

          • pud

            Janitor jack is a coward. He’s totally incapable of rational thought and debate. He’s a peddler of fiction and a liar to the stupid masses like you. He is a terrorist who uses make believe threats to indoctrinate children into your cult. He’s a despicable person.

          • Susan Jane Elohim

            He doesn’t debate. A lot of crazies who can’t psychoanalyze themselves hang out debating.

            You go see the doctor. The pastor is your friend and has been praying for your well being for years as well as requesting prayers from everyone else for you.

            That prayer of the pastor’s may be protecting you.

            So go see the doctor now.

            You can’t petition God as a reprobate. But the pastor can.

            He’s your friend and called for a blessing from God for you so go see the doctor and no false fronts. Tell him everything.

            God Bless! Very smart of you to maintain your privacy behind an avatar name while this issue besets you.

            Try to find the good Christian psychiatrist for added ethics to that medical confidentiality.

            Peace Be With You!

        • Rational Human

          So you just make it up as you go to suit your emotional need to have a loving god, changing the text that you call the holy word of god. Nice theology.

          “Age-during”??? Please.

          • Susan Jane Elohim

            The YLT is a literal translation of the Bible. There are several other translations like the Concordant Bible, etc. that do not translate that word as “everlasting”.

            It’s a key word translation error that came down from the Vulgate version of the Bible which Catholicism corruptly superimposed over all of Christianity. All Catholics aren’t bad but the Vulgate isn’t the best version of the Bible.

            Gary Amirault has a site called Tentmaker devoted to correcting the eternal torment doctrine. Amirault just passed away last fall a few months after losing his devoted wife.

            Google Aion-Aionios and read it. Or read these from the free ebook “God’s Plan For All”.

            The Pagan Doctrine of Hell

            Hebrew and Greek Words Mistranslated To Mean Hell

            Translations of Owlam, Aion, and Aionios

            Jesus Christ Did Not Teach Hell

            The Rich Man and Lazarus

            The Absurdities of the Doctrine of Hell

            The Pagan Origins of the Catholic Church

            Now you read all of the above and you will have a start on a Bible education.

            But don’t think you can dispense with faith or Jesus. Jesus is due honor for saving you from your sins and you cannot be born again without him.

            The above is only a part of what you need to know and it is hard to comprehend it without faith.

            Ask God for faith and believe that you receive it when you ask and it will be given to you because you just asked for something within God’s will and He wants everyone to believe in Him so that they can be born again and adopted into His family.

            So ask for faith before reading all that. It’s really a biblical doctrine correction that has been obscured for centuries by these translation errors and history.

            You’re extremely blessed to receive it so ask for faith and God will give it to you as a free gift and when the time is right He will give you the gift of repentance, too. Repentance can precede or follow conversion. Some people repent all the time until they make a complete surrender to God and lay it all down and die to self.

            Enjoy being enlightened and give God the glory for it. Amen.

          • Rational Human

            Oh I get it. 99% of all Christians for the last 2000 years got it wrong. There really is no hell. Surprise!

            Great job this god of yours did making sure he was clearly understood by humans he desperately wants to believe in him. Total failure as a communicator.

            And now all your fellow loving Christians will jump in and brand you a heretic in 3…2…1…

          • Susan Jane Elohim

            Revelation is progressive. You have both general and special revelation.

            The devil is going to attack doctrine isn’t he and the people that walk by sight in the church outnumber the people who walk by faith. It takes time to mature spiritually and God saves each in His order.

            You can correct a faulty self understanding of general revelation with a genuine special revelation if your discernment level from God is high enough.

            As a non-believer without faith you don’t even have standing in Jesus to argue the scriptures so why are you doing it when you should have applied yourself to the scriptures to knowing God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

            The unknowing can question but have no right to object to a legitimate authority do they?

            Who is a greater authority on God then God Himself but people question His right to declare the truth about Himself all the time as if they think they are gods to challenge Him.

            You’re not a god to challenge God. You’re not His equal. You’re just a lowly man like everyone else on this planet so why do you let your pride prompt you into disrespectfully challenging Him.

            He exists and too many people have been born again in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit for you to deny His existence.

            So stop trying to control what you don’t even understand accurately. That’s senseless.

            I am not arguing. You get your attitude right. Ask God to grant you some humility, love and respect or you may never get to know Him.

            There are people who went thru extensive training to know Him, some people have even died for Him without a complaint and you earned the right to disrespect Jesus and God?

            When and where?

            Nowheres it’s your ego which is sinful prompting it.

            I am not answering any more interrogations. You’re not an authority on God that I have to answer your criticisms and complaints.

            You have a hard heart. Better ask God for an attitude adjustment.

            Teachers don’t have to argue with ignorant people when they have command of a subject and the subject matter is God who you don’t know as well personally as I do or you would have your faith by now.

            Study the life of Jesus.

            How dare you argue without knowing the subject matter. What hubris.

            You should have said thank you for the reading. Not argued.

            An ignorant control freak argues and tries to control things he does not know out of fear of the unknown.

            So get the education. You’re not qualified to bring a complaint against God in the court of the world. Nobody is.

            That’s why they submit to the Leading of the Spirit.

            Go study.

          • Rational Human

            Hahahahaha, you crack me up. Revelation is progressive, uh huh. So why aren’t you a Mormon?

            The Bible was dreamed up, written, copied, edited, redacted, edited, redacted, added to, subtracted from, etc, ad nauseum, for centuries…by MEN. You have zero evidence that any god exists, much less had a hand or a voice in creating the hot steaming mess that is your idol, the Bible.

            Prove me wrong.

          • Susan Jane Elohim

            Forget I said anything. Satan will keep you bench warming because you didn’t have heart.

            Have a blessed day anyway.

            Matthew 7:6.

            Pastor Wellman is God’s evidence. He has heart.

          • Rational Human

            No problem. You write volumes of gibberish on each post, but it is mostly forgettable.

            “Pastor” Wellman is evidence only that there are lots of sheep that have been taught they need a shepherd to tell them how to live life. I am in no need of a pastor or shepherd, as I am not a sheep.

            And neither are you, if you could just open your eyes and think for yourself.

          • Susan Jane Elohim

            I am an independent thinker.

            I’m not the one who substituted the scientific method for my own mind.

            DNA proves the Biblical account.

            You refused to use your own mind and acknowledge God and identify with Jesus because it meant leaving your sin behind.

            Instead you stayed a slave to Satan in sin and now identify with apes which makes you act like a baboon. You have no social graces and don’t even know how to talk to a man of God with respect.

            The Bible says “as a man thinketh in his heart so he is.”. I think I am a child of God allowing Him to restore His image and graces in me. So I am evangelical in service to my Father. That is God’s reality in me and you do not control my reality nor should you though you try to do so like a control freak.

            You think you are descended from an ape and even Darwin knew that was a bad thought because you can’t prove the rationality of an ape’s mind. Darwin was not an atheist and said so in his letters.

            As a descendent of an ape you ape their manners right here on the Net.

            You no longer have Jesus Christ to teach you how to behave like a gentleman.

            You are trying to wrest a ladies’ faith from her like a thug on the Internet thinking you can talk like the KKK hooded and cloaked under anonymity.

            But you lose sonny. I am stronger and more mentally resilient than you any day of the week walking in the Spirit in my indestructible faith in Jesus.

            Jesus has redeemed me, restored me and given me unbreakable self esteem.

            If you want to continue to remain a cowardly stalking Internet atheist ape then run now sonny. Run to save that evil life that you should have willingly given up for Jesus.

            I never buy atheist lies.

            God controls origins but a person controls who he identifies with and what he worships.

            What you worship is fools gold because look what it has you doing. Bashing senior ladies on the Internet.

            Aren’t you ashamed for behaving like a thug coward and letting the devil turn you into one.

            Have a nice life trying to deconvert indestructible faith in people from a higher social order than yourself, Rational Apeman.

            God Bless!

          • Rational Human

            How do you know I’m male, and younger than you? Did you get that in a dream or vision?

            “DNA proves the Biblical account.”

            Citation, please.

            That statement alone tells me you know nothing about neither DNA nor the bible.

          • Susan Jane Elohim

            Francis Collins knows it better than you and calls it The Language of God. He ought to. He mapped it and cured a few diseases for God with his knowledge about it using his God given mind.


            Remember: God’s love never fails! Psalm 118 and 136.

            That’s the message of the Cross.

          • Rational Human

            Cured a few diseases for god? Then we should worship Francis collins, since he’s cured more diseases than God ever has.

          • Susan Jane Elohim

            Sorry taking off for a while.
            Reading atheistic unimaginative blasphemy gets tiring and boring after a while.
            You think a statement like you made about Collins has shock value?

            It does not.

            Sorry to disappoint you but it’s a bore.

            I am tired of reading atheistic ill willed chatter and chaos on the Internet.

            So goodbye and God Bless! I hope you repent and let God restore some order to your thought processes.

            Have a great day!

          • Rational Human

            Blasphemy is a victimless crime.

          • Susan Jane Elohim

            Sorry not keeping bad company any more. Too many strangers on the net settle for bad counsel keeping them enslaved to sin and Satan.

            Bad company:

          • Rational Human

            That’s the third time you have threatened to block me or drop the conversation, yet you haven’t. Am I getting through to you?

            I may the only person in your life speaking truth and challenging you to think and dig for yourself, and not simply believe everything the Bible, a preacher, or a Christian propaganda website tells you.

            I may be the best friend you have.

            I rather live my life with an uncomfortable truth than live it with a pleasant lie…

          • Susan Jane Elohim

            Lol…I unblocked you when I saw your manipulative claim pop up on the main page.

            I have spoken with over 400 atheists. Some of them were serious intellectuals, too. Probably more serious than anything I’ve encountered on Patheos.

            I dug up lots of evidence that refute unbelief. Plus I have enough of my own.

            But before doing any of that I relied on my own mind and natural perceptiveness to make the judgment call and I did it before puberty when sex cloud and starts to compromise the weak will and human mind.

            You’re not my best friend. I am about to leave for the outside world permanently. There’s really nothing left for me to do online that I wouldn’t rather do in the real world.

            Without the gift of faith you have sealed yourself off from God in this lifetime. The Bible says so.

            I am a blessed person. I am almost always able to locate the best experts in this world and rarely expose myself to unsound counsel like a lot of unbelievers do.

            A famous atheist scientist and friend of Stephen Hawking once pointed out Hawking was no authority to consult on religion. He hadn’t read anything on theology. Yet people listen to him. Just because he knows science doesn’t mean he knows the first thing about God and His existence.

            The smartest people simply take God at His Word like perceptive children do.
            People are born with intelligence and it improves very little with time or study.
            You gain experience not intelligence.

            I will take a truthful perceptive child’s assessment over a corrupt cynical adult’s any day of the week on something as important as the nature of God.

            Children know. They haven’t developed false confidence in their own intellects. That’s probably why God says to train them up His way.

            We don’t need more weak or sliding ethics in this world. Especially not with dirty social media and tv dumbing everyone down with corrupt ideas.

            You can hardly watch a movie these days without being exposed to soft porn images that you did not ask or expect to see.

            That’s unsolicited corruption and this money motivated corruption has no regard for children’s innocence.

            There is a higher mind that teaches people to put mind over matter and it comes from God in the scriptures.

            Read what atheist Ayn Rand did to her husband destroying him. Not pretty that. And Rand ran a cult and tried to control the sexual attitudes of it’s members.

            Jim Jones was an atheist Marxist too. Who started a Marxist comunity with his cult that he took to Guyana. He was never a legitimate man of God. That kool aid cult. Had nothing to do with Christianity in spite of his lying title.

            Yes, we have the evidence. Who would know better than Francis Collins or Paul Davies on evidence. They’re both highly trained scientists and great thinkers as well as Newton, Gaillileo, Einstein, Mendel, etc.

            Faith doesn’t darken the mind. It enlightens it.

            Anybody can think about natural things but not everyone can understand the spiritual things. Cf. 1 Cor. 2.

            I may be the best person you ever met. Because I don’t spare people’s feelings to get at the truth.

            Take it easy and look out for the counterfeits. Lots of people don’t really want to know or act on the truth in this world. They have all these imaginary grudges and fears and that goes for believers as well as unbelievers.

          • Rational Human

            Aww, that’s sweet of you.

            400 atheists? Sounds about as believable as Jesus appearing to “500” . I call shenanigans.

            So you searched refutations of unbelief? That is exactly the opposite of a rational approach to extraordinary claims like those in the bible. By accepting claims and then finding only supporting data, you set yourself up to believe nonsense through confirmation bias. And you did this as a child, before you started feeling tingly “down there”, but also before your prefrontal cortex, which is the base of decision making, is not fully developed. This is why we don’t let kids drive, or drink, or sign contracts. They don’t have fully developed reasoning faculties. Part of growing up is examining all the things you believed as a child. Santa Claus. Monsters under the bed. Jesus.

            By all means, come out and join the rest of us in the real world. Look both ways before crossing.

          • Susan Jane Elohim

            You have the perverse spirit. Stick with the rest of the people like that or repent.

            If you don’t repent then you will face God on Judgment Day.

            With a perverse spirit. You are incapable of comprehending God’s revelations.

            So you stick with the bad company that carries and promotes demons socially if you must. That was your choice to give into mental weakness and instability.

            That was my last appeal to you as per Matthew 7:6.

          • Rational Human

            Your threats of judgement and hell have no effect, unless and until you can demonstrate that your God and her hell actually exist.

          • Rational Human

            The message of the cross is that of a bloodthirsty pagan death cult.

          • Susan Jane Elohim

            What are you male or female and your age?

          • “I’m not one who substituted the scientific method for my own mind.”

            Your mind is totally irrational. It’s no wonder that you are a loon. You refuse to adopt scientific method but prefer irrationalism (your own mind). You babble on with nonsense on almost every post that you make comments. What an idiot, you are!

          • “I’m an independent thinker.”

            You haven’t got an independent thought in your brainless head. All your blabber is obtained by quoting other irrational nuts.

            You think you are an expert on God . There are 45,000 different Christian denominations and you think that you, and only those who agree with you, are the experts in theology. If there is NO God, there can be no theology that has any validity. You have been asked thousands of time for evidence for your god’s existence, but you dodge the issue every time. That’s because you have NO EVIDENCE but you are too foolish to admit that you HAVE NONE!

  • pud

    This is exactly why people like you, who have never grown up and gained independence of thought, require an eternal supervising parent figure. Doesn’t matter to you that this invisible undetectable figure is entirely make believe as you are little different than a small child who hosts tea parties for her invisible friends. It’s the hallmark of an undeveloped, uneducated, non critically thinking immature mind.

    Nice closing sales pitch….buy now or be priced out forever! Make yourself “believe” nonsense (impossible by the way) or else! More proof that you’re nothing but a cheap aluminum siding salesman

    • Susan Jane Elohim

      Have you seen a psychiatrist to be diagnosed for a personality disorder?

      What makes you think you are qualified to psychoanalyze over a billion Christians and call them insane?

      Isn’t that your own delusion that you are projecting onto them?

      Stop refusing to get psychoanalyzed by projecting your own fears and issues onto this message board.

      I read you for a narcissist xenophobe who’s fixation is on religion causing you to target an innocent pastor.

      Were you molested by someone pretending to be a Christian?

      Is it time to get even now?

      It’s time to go to the doctor pud and stop substituting the pastor as a target for your own issues.

      Go see him now and repent.

      It’s time to be done with this exaggerated internet masquerade you have been playing.

      • pud

        You won’t find me babbling to invisible undetectable ghosts and demons or taking the word of some barbaric ancient religious lunatics….so who’s delusional?

        • Susan Jane Elohim


          Everyone is your friend here. You have been way out of line with the pastor. Yet not one angry response back from him.

          That’s God demonstrating that God changed him to you.

          You don’t read God’s miracles as well as a Christian does.

          But the pastor is a totally repentant changed man. He’s godly now and has the self control not to curse you back.

          That’s a miracle. All miracles are not instantaneous. Some are performed by God over time like a fruit. It has to mature over time to manifest.

          This is God showing a miracle to you pud through the pastor.

          Take it and run with it. God intends to save you if you repent. No ifs, ands or buts about it.

          Have a great day!

          • pud

            No, you are not my online “friends” You are lunatics in desperate need of medication for your psychotic delusions. Janitor jack is a terrorist who lies and intimidates children in order to indoctrinate them into your sick death cult. You are my enemies.

          • Susan Jane Elohim

            The Pastor stood strong in the Lord for you. Donnie McClurkin stood strong in the Lord and the Lord cured him of leukemia.

            Not everyone has strong faith.

            Thank the pastor for having the patience of a great saint and bearing with you during all this.

            And thanks for providing the contrast for the whole blog between a great sinner and a great saint.

            A lot of great sinners have psychiatric problems but if God can cure leukemia then God can cure you. Repent, pray and go see a psychiatrist.

            All blessings to you, pud!


          • pud

            You’re not only a lunatic, delusional and confused…you’re incredibly stupid. Millions of hard praying “christians” croak every day of horrible diseases despite all their mindless praying. Get help…you’re way sicker than I thought….of course there’s no cure for stupid…

          • Susan Jane Elohim

            Don’t you let God’s divine intervention in your favor go by.

            I’m ordained and I am going to pray for your repentance. In the time and place that God deems most favorable for you.

            So you can get your heart right with God.

            I don’t care what anybody told you as a little child. You mean something to God.

            Not all Christians are disobedient. Some actually obey God and exhibit godliness for people like the Pastor did long and hard for you for years while all you did was try to slander him and tear him down.

            He stood like a saint.

            Thanks be to God and all glory to Him. You’re a free person pud once you repent. Be sure to ask for faith increases and all the spiritual gifts, friend and bless you again over and over ad infinitum.

          • Susan Jane Elohim

            Don’t you let God’s divine intervention in your favor go by.

            I’m ordained and I am going to pray for your repentance. In the time and place that God deems most favorable for you.

            So you can get your heart right with God.

            I don’t care what anybody told you as a little child. You mean something to God.

            Not all Christians are disobedient. Some actually obey God and exhibit godliness for people like the Pastor did long and hard for you for years while all you did was try to slander him and tear him down.

            He stood like a saint.

            Thanks be to God and all glory to Him. You’re a free person pud once you repent. Be sure to ask for faith increases and all the spiritual gifts, friend and bless you again over and over ad infinitum.

          • Susan Jane Elohim

            You are the delusional one. Under Satan’s delusion so Satan can use you like he did Simon Magus.

            You want to be able to control God. You want God’s power for nothing but you refuse to give up anything for God.

            A genuine Christian will give up his whole life for God in a heartbeat.

            You have to be willing to throw all your baggage down. Especially all material goods to pick up a Cross, help Jesus carry the Cross and follow Jesus.

            You would not even give up your dysfunctional sin which ruins people.

            There are homeless people today who have lost their minds because they could not give up the sin of alcoholism or drug addiction and are living under bridges or in crack houses getting raped they are so out of their minds. Spending time with evil people.

            And you in your mighty callousness of pride dare to think sin does not exist. Then you deliberately let Satan blind you to the obvious. The sin exists all around you. Why do you drive by people begging on street corners every day if sin doesn’t exist. Why do prisons exist? Why do homeless shelters exist? Why do psychiatrists exist? Why do drug rehabs exist?

            You are the scientist who only focused selfishly on what he wanted to.

            And nobody is suppose to point out how screwed up you are?

            We’re suppose to sit idly by while you verbally abuse and attempt to control others which could harm them without so much as correcting you?

            You are out of your cotton pickin’ mind.

            You are another evil control freak like Simon Magus was.

            God refused to grant power to Simon Magus and He’s not going to be your bellhop either you control freak bully-coward so start facing your own messed up nature for once in your sin filled existence.

            What? You want to be Satan’s spawn like Madalyn Murray O’Hair was? You act like her.

            Get your act together and admit YOU are no where near perfect.

            Ranting at people on a Christian blog. Letting Satan rant through you! What a nerve!

  • pud

    Janitor jack…Why did you forget this “psalm”? Why are you so selective in the propaganda you peddle? Nothing to say jack? Doesn’t this reflect the “fatherly nature” of this “god”?

    God wants you to be happy to dash babies against the rocks.

    I have always thought this was the worst verse in the bible, and my opinion remains unchanged.

    “O daughter Babylon, you devastator! Happy shall they be who pay you back what you have done to us! Happy shall they be who take your little ones and dash them against the rock!”(Psalm 137:8–9 NRSV)

    God was not merely saying that regrettable collateral damage might occur during wartime. He said believers should be happy — some translations say “blessed” — to kill innocent babies of those who are keeping you from worshipping your own god.

    • Susan Jane Elohim

      Dear pud, please stop trying to destroy Christian beliefs. Didn’t you know? Without faith you will not be able to interpret the Bible.

      So you are confirming a wrong understanding in people who understand it in the wrong way.

      Not really tearing down a true believer’s beliefs which are indestructible.

      Please come out of the bad inexpert opinions of the Bible that you are holding so Satan will stop misusing you.

      Also heed God’s Word and eschew bad company.

      You have a bad bias. All people are born evil but not all people seek out evil counsel like you did to confirm their evil bias.

      You’re in a terrible fix now casting aspersions on God when Satan exists also.

      So stop attempting to teach wrong ideas in your own head and bad counsel you learned to this blog.

      That’s why most Christians ignore you.

      Some info on bad company:

      Sanctification is a long process. If you talk to the wrong people or draw the wrong conclusions you can never get your heart right with God.

      So seek God to get your heart right with Him.

      With a heart in rebellion towards Him you cannot understand Him to even be able to soundly comment on a Holy God.

      You have allowed yourself to project unholiness on God so dig deep and think about why that is.

      Bad company and counsel in conjunction with a trauma or hidden motive maybe?

      Drag all your motives into the light. Can they be right if your heart is riddled with animosity towards anyone? Why express a spirit of anger and condemnation.

      Surrender all to Jesus and do not leave Satan a foothold. Get baptized and put on the full armor of God.

      Stop cursing people and let go and let God bless you.

      1) Ask God for faith. That’s the will of our blessed Holy God that you receive faith.

      2) When you ask for faith you receive it!

      3) So believe it.

      Be sure to pray and ask for faith. God will give it to you because that request is within His will for you and your life.

      Do not allow the darkness of doubt or questioning control you.

      Simply ask, receive and believe and YOU DO have faith then.

      After that you have to maintain it. Repentance can follow later. Repentance is the gift of God in His own timing.

      God does not want you walking alone in darkness and confusion any more. You are too precious to God.

      So Ask, Receive, Believe THEN learn how to maintain the gift of faith which God has given you. Remember it’s much, much smaller than a mustard seed. You will have to feed it the spiritual food of the word. Other worldly things and wrong ideas will come against it trying to choke that faith out of you.

      But always remember the great love God bears for you and reapply yourself to study and prayer until balance reasserts itself in your walk with God. You are right at the beginning right now. His soon to be littlest child. So focus….FOCUS HARD MENTALLY on doing the 3 steps above.

      If you do. God will supernaturally translate you into the kingdom of God.

      Remember you will need to be determined to keep that gift. Even more determined than you curently are fighting against it.

      You are very important to God but something….maybe something long buried….has upset you and caused you to deny you are important to God.

      Don’t argue. No levity.

      Follow the three steps above. Then read the whole Bible. At some point you will need to seek out help or tutoring because you could encounter a comprehension problem understanding God’s Word. That is not uncommon and why God supplies older saints to teach on His Word.

      You ask God for discernment to identify the best teacher for you. Find a live bible study if possible. Be meek and mild. You will be one of the newest children in God’s family and there is a lot to learn experientially.

      First lesson: NEVER EVER let Satan teach you to count yourself out. You’re priceless to God. Jesus paid the full price for all your sins past, present and future so that you would never have to be alone at the mercy of this ruthless world or the devil.

      Just start with the 3 steps above. You can repent later. You received bad counsel. The world is full of it.

      God bless you, sister.

      Be Blessed, Yolanda Adams

      • Susan Jane Elohim

        Remember these 2 too pud.

        Never Alone

        As your new life unfolds you can always say you are sorry in private to God.

        I am not debating what I have lived with you.

        I am spiritual lifecoaching you. That is what disciples do. Teach, Preach, Counsel and set the example.

        See if you can accept sound teaching and counsel and follow directions for a change.

        Remember you’re the baby in Jesus. Satan tries to come for the lambs especially.

        But you’re a keeper. God will make a real saint out of you.

        God Bless!

        Spiritual lifecoaching is discipleship training.

        You’re personal coach will be the Holy Spirit so hold Him in the highest regard and only love, listen to and obey Him. If you have to turn off all disobedient social media that sows bad ideas on you for as long as it takes.

        Have a great spiritual life with Jesus as his little child.

        • Susan Jane Elohim

          Pray this verse pud and start listening to praise music. You’re helping God build your spirit up now.

          From Psalm 19
          Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart
          be acceptable in your sight,
          O Lord, my rock and my redeemer.

          Read the whole Psalm if you want to. These are believers praying to God so don’t over attribute their thinking for His.

          Christians have a symbiotic relationship with Christ. It’s hard to tell what’s us and what is him sometimes.

          Remember. His praise shall continually be in my mouth. When you give God the glory he lifts you up, provides comfort and fights your battles for you.

          Right now you are fighting to understand but stop fighting so hard. Submit to the good Lord and the Leading of the Holy Spirit and he will show you. Plus he will show you how to fight all the spiritual battles in this life so Satan can not keep you.

          Don’t talk back to the Holy Spirit. Don’t argue, criticize or complain. He’s not just your tutor. He’s your lifecoach. He’ll make a real fine spiritual person out of you if you let him.

          The only Person who can make a silk purse out of a sow’s earth is God.

          So you stop getting everything mixed up and surrender to Him. No ifs, ands or buts about it.

      • pud

        If you read that diatribe of drivel to a psychologist they would probably recommend that you be committed for observation and treatment. It’s truly psychotic.

        • Susan Jane Elohim

          You’re dead wrong. Plenty of psychiatrists are believers. You have a problem where you like to over control things. Science is all about observation and attempting to control outcomes yet science cannot control all outcomes.
          In science you walk by sight.

          In Christianity we’re suppose to walk by faith but some people are better at it than others. Faith is belief in and dependence on God. We can’t see Him but we have enough info from the world to believe His account and enough experiences and worldly info to corroborate intuitively and logically that He exists.

          Science is a modern methodolgy. You don’t take a modern methodology and dismiss a a belief system that has served people for thousands of years and try to replace it. That is not required as exhibited by scientists who are also believers. They know that to do science you rely on onservation but not in the spiritual realm. The approach is different for a believer.

          Thinking like a hyper critical bully doesn’t give you a right to override someone else’s thinking and beliefs so stop getting smart with people all the time.

          You have extreme prejudice against believers for some reason and you need to get over it.

          Spiritual blindness is a human condition that has been around a long time. Even the ancient Buddhist believed in spiritual blindness.

          A Christian sees by faith and you don’t have the right to knock out someone’s spiritual understanding because you are even blinder and don’t understand yourself.

          Criticizing a believer for believing is futile. But even worst it sets you up for social rejection because you do not have a right to control another person’s mind especially not through negative peer pressure and false stereotypes.

          Just wanted to let you know. If you ask for your faith God will give it to you. Then you have to acquire a better understandinging by studying the scriptures and learning to walk by faith.

          That’s all it is. There’s nothing really to argue about.