God Loves Us Too Much To Let Us Live With a Void

God Loves Us Too Much To Let Us Live With a Void August 29, 2012

Oprah did a good job the other night interviewing Olympic gold medalist Gabrielle Douglas about her gymnastics career and struggles along the way. While most of the media is focusing on the statement that Douglas felt like she was the victim of some race-tainted bullying at her original gymnastics training center in Virginia Beach, my favorite part of the program was the sitdown with Missy and Travis Parton, the white family that took Douglas into their home for two years – adding her to their already-large family of four daughters. The faith, love and openness to God’s will that they express during the interview sets an example for all of us. It’s worth taking a look at the four-minute clip below to hear their motivation for welcoming Douglas into their home, the way Travis became a much-need father figure for the young gymnast, and how they all became a family.

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