Seeing God in the Performance of Michael Jordan

Seeing God in the Performance of Michael Jordan July 6, 2020

Brian Fraga of On the Catholic Beat writes today:

“We see God’s truth, goodness and beauty not only in natural wonders, but in human beings who fulfill their potential, who become the people God made them to be. By answering the Lord’s call in their lives and cooperating with His grace, every Christian can inspire others and set the world around them on fire, to borrow a favorite phrase of St. Catherine of Sienna’s.

Of course, God’s greatness is not only reflected in the lives of the saints, in the grandest cathedral or the most spellbinding rendition of Handel’s Messiah. Hints of the Divine Majesty are all around us; in an infant’s smile, in a firefighter who risks his life to save someone from a burning building and in a meal so delicious it feels like it was ‘cooked with love.'”

He makes a beautiful reflection on the career and talent of Michael Jordan and how that can inspire us to live greater lives of faith. Do read the rest here.


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