Difference, Disharmony, and Drama Are the Essence of Marriage

Difference, Disharmony, and Drama Are the Essence of Marriage June 29, 2015

Taken together, these essential ingredients are a recipe for continual drama:

There is a certain error committed by believers that is based upon saying to themselves that “everything will somehow be alright,” because “I have faith.” In matters pertaining to the defense of the family those whom I call “Catholicks” think that they should secure prosperity for their children, above all, in order for them to achieve fulfillment in this life, and so on. But the family is something that never works properly, there are always failures. Life does not depend upon going through it without losses. It is not a question of prosperity, but a question of the good. And the good emerges out of drama. Christ himself said that the family will be divided and it will not bring peace, only the sword.

These passages are taken from an interview with Hadjadj I translated for Ethika Politika. In this interview he sets himself philosophical boundaries for his thinking, because he thinks John Paul II had already said all the radical things that could be said about the theology of marriage (and the body).

If we violate these boundaries somewhat–this is especially justified when there is so much crappy biblical proof-texting by both sides of the debates–then we should also recall how sacramental marriage is an image of the disharmonious drama of difference that is the relationship of Yahweh and his spouse Israel.

Marriage should beat you up because it encourages irreconcilable differences.

Don’t get down on yourself or quit when you experience marital conflict. It only means that you’re doing it right.

Now I know you’re curious about what’s going on in French Catholic thought these days so look here.

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