Announcement: Christopher W. Skinner joining Crux Sola as Co-Blogger!

Announcement: Christopher W. Skinner joining Crux Sola as Co-Blogger! January 22, 2014

I am very excited to announce that Chris Skinner and I are now teaming up here at the blog Crux Sola. As of today (Jan 22, 2014), he will be posting from here and I am looking forward to working with him: Watch out Mike and Joel and Anthony and Chris– there is a new “Brangelina” in town (did I just say that?).

Here is what Chris posted on his own (former!) blog:

I am happy to announce that as of today, Wednesday, January 22, 2014, I will be joining forces with Njiay Gupta over at Crux Sola. We have decided to combine our blogging powers in an effort to conquer the blogosphere and pursue worldwide domination! Actually, Nijay’s invitation to join his blog was laced with greater humility than that, but I’m currently having delusions of grandeur. :)

Nijay has been blogging since 2007 and his focus has largely been on issues related to the interpretation of the Pauline literature. Most of my blogging has been related to the Gospels, the historical Jesus, and early Christianity. Between the two of us, we hope to blog about the entire NT, Judaism during the time of Jesus and Paul, and Christianity during the first four centuries C.E.

In the four plus years that I have blogging here at PEJE IESOUS, the most frequently visited pages have been my interviews with scholars working on the Gospel of Thomas. All of these interviews will be moved to Crux Sola. You will find these under the tab, Chris’s Pages. So, if you have me (or Nijay) in your blogroll or you have linked to this blog on your webpage, please make note of the change. Also, if you have subscribed to this blog (which I greatly appreciate), please subscribe over there and continue to follow what I’m doing. This will be my last post here at PEJE IESOUS. I appreciate those of you who have paid attention to what I’ve been doing here for the past four years!

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