Andrew Lincoln Honored with Festschrift at BNTS 2015 (Gupta)

Andrew Lincoln Honored with Festschrift at BNTS 2015 (Gupta) September 6, 2015

ATLWhen I lived in England, it was always a highlight of my year to go to the British New Testament Society conference. This year, 2015, it is in Edinburgh and I saw today through Facebook that Prof. Andrew Lincoln was honored with a Festschrift  – and well-deserved!

Here are the details:

Conception, Reception, and the Spirit: Essays in Honor of Andrew T. Lincoln (ed. J. Gordon McConville and Lloyd K. Peterson; Cascade Books. Eugene, OR, 2015).

Introduction | xiii
—J. Gordon McConville and Lloyd K. Pietersen
Part I: Exegesis
1 Figures in Isaiah 7:14 | 3
—J. G. McConville
2 Rival Group Identities in the Matthean Gospel: Evidence
from Matthew 1–2 and 23 | 19
—Philip F. Esler
3 Let John be John (2) | 36
—James D. G. Dunn
4 Worlds of Judgment: John 9 | 48
—L. Ann Jervis
5 Another Look at “Lifting Up” in the Gospel of John | 58
—Catrin H. Williams
6 John, Jesus, and “The Ruler of This World”: Demonic
Politics in the Fourth Gospel? | 71
—N. T. Wright, with J. P. Davies
7 Land, Idolatry, and Justice in Romans | 90
—Sylvia C. Keesmaat

8 A New Translation of Philippians 2:5 and Its Significance for
Paul’s Theology and Spirituality | 104
—Michael J. Gorman
9 Wine, Debauchery, and the Spirit
(Ephesians 5:18–19) | 123
—Lloyd K. Pietersen
10 The Metaphor of the Face in Paul | 136
—Stephen C. Barton
Part II: Theological Interpretation
11 Born of a Virgin? The Conversation Continues | 157
—David R. Catchpole
12 Historical Criticism, Theological Interpretation, and the
Ends of the Christian Life | 173
—Stephen Fowl
13 What Makes New Testament Theology “Theology”? | 187
—Robert Morgan
14 Who and What is Theological Interpretation For? | 210
—Angus Paddison
15 The Use of the Old Testament in the Work and Preaching
of F. W. Robertson of Brighton | 224
—John W. Rogerson
16 ὑπὸ πνεύματος ἁγίου φερόμενοι ἐλάλησαν πὸ θεοῦ
ἄνθρωποι: On the Inspiration of Holy Scripture | 236
—John Webster
Part III: Theology and Embodiment
17 Good Sex, Bad Sex: Reflections on Sexuality
and the Bible | 253
—Loveday Alexander
18 Spirituality, Ethics, and Memory | 274
—John Goldingay
19 Pacing the Cage: Biblical Resonance
and Embodied Testimony | 289
—Brian J. Walsh

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