Several New Commentaries of Note in 2015 (Gupta)

Several New Commentaries of Note in 2015 (Gupta) September 10, 2015

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Joseph Hellerman, Philippians (Exegetical Guide to the Greek New Testament, B&H) – This is more than just a grammar/syntax commentary; Hellerman is widely respected for his socio-historical knowledge of Roman Philippi. I can see seminary/grad-level exegesis courses putting this commentary to good use!

A1 LukeJames Edwards, The Gospel according to Luke (Pillar, Eerdmans) – Edwards has already written the Mark volume in the Pillar series. This is a well-researched and well-written commentary. Edwards has an interest in the early reception of Luke which comes out in this work.
A1_GalatiansMarion Soards and Darrell Pursiful, Galatians (Smyth & HelwysBC, Helwys) – This new commentary on Galatians offers a solid exposition of the text. Soards, apparently, wrote the main Comments, and Purisful wrote the Connections (i.e., contemporary theological reflections on the text). Soards does not engage the NPP or the Apocalyptic Paul views directly at length, but he favors the subjective reading of pistis Christou and hails the work of Martyn, which seems to clue one in on his leanings. As per the series, there are excellent visuals and sidebars.

–UPDATE– I forgot to mention the abridged version of Beale’s Revelation commentary, this one at ~500 pages and edited with the help of David H. Campbell. Beale, as some of you know, is especially attuned to the use of OT in Revelation.

A1_ThessEugene Boring, 1 and 2 Thessalonians (NTL, WJK) – Gene’s commentary should be in bookstores by the end of the month. He was kind enough to share his work with me at the beginning of the summer as I prepare my own commentary on these letters. His work is impressive and, while we disagree on several interpretive matters, this is an excellent theological commentary.
A1_JohnMarianne Meye Thompson, John (NTL, WJK) – I will have more to say about this when it comes out later this fall, but Thompson has written a first-rate commentary that all serious Johanninists will want to read and consult. I have already read this one too and it is definitely going to make my list of best books of 2015!

A1_RomansRichard N. Longenecker, The Epistle to the Romans (NIGTC, Eerdmans) – This massive work is bound to draw the interest of Pauline scholars. Romans is one of those books where there is an over-saturation of commentaries, but of course a commentary by Longenecker is a special treat. I read his Introducing Romans a few years back and it was very helpful – if that is a sign of things to come, the big commentary will be well worth the wait (Dec 2015) and the length (1000+pp)!

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