Andy Johnson on Phil-Phm Commentaries (Gupta)

Andy Johnson on Phil-Phm Commentaries (Gupta) March 11, 2016

Andy JohnsonMy buddy Andy Johnson (Nazarene Theol Sem) – wonderful guy, great scholar – has written a handy essay on “Building a New Testament Library: Philippians – Philemon.” Below I give quick notes on his choices, and any of my own additions will be noted by “NKG.” Please do read his full comments, of course.




Bockmuehl (BNTC)


Fowl (THNT)

Migliore (Belief)


Flemming (NBBC) – Wesleyan

Hooker (NIB)

*NKG: I echo all these. Everyone needs to read Joe Hellerman (EGGNT) who nails the Roman-cultural dynamics. Also, I think Witherington deserves mention, his new commentary (2011) is one I use often.



Dunn (NIGTC)

Moo (PNTC)


Lincoln (NIB)

Gupta (SHBC) – Thanks, Andy!


Thompson (THNT)

*NKG: Again, all good choices (esp that Gupta guy, he sounds smart). I would add NT Wright’s little Tyndale volume on Colossians – older (1989), but theological rich. I would also vote for Garland’s NIVAC on the popular-ish level.Also, I might have had Barth instead of Moo, though Moo is definitely more up-to-date on scholarship (Barth was 1995).


Fitzmyer (AYB)

NT Wright – early part of Paul and the Faithfulness of God. NKG: I concur, good stuff here.

*NKG: I am no expert, but I would recommend John Barclay’s little book on Colossians and Philemon. The section on Philemon is outstanding.

1-2 Thessalonians


Weima (BEC) – *NKG: yes, this is the best work available

Malherbe (AYB)



Johnson (THNT, 2016) – NKG – this will be good! Can’t wait!

*NKG: While it is rather short and does not get into exegetical details much, the fine work of Beverly Gaventa (Interp) ought not to be ignored. Pastors should own her commentary for sure. Also, though it is quite old now (1983), Howard Marshall’s work on 1-2 Thessalonians is impeccable. This is one of Marshall’s finest commentaries.

Pastoral Epistles


Johnson (AYB)

Towner (NICNT)


Wall and Steele (THNT)

Spencer (NCCS)

*NKG: Definitely Johnson. I would just add Jimmy Dunn’s fine work in the NIB. Johnson tends to be my “go-to” on technical matters (along with Howard Marshall ICC), but Dunn on more theological questions.






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