Book Giveaway – EP Sanders’ “Paul” Book (Gupta)

Book Giveaway – EP Sanders’ “Paul” Book (Gupta) March 9, 2016

Sanders BookI mentioned previously the exciting news that the Institute for Biblical Research Pauline Theology group (co-chaired by John Goodrich and myself) will host a book review session for E.P. Sanders’ new book Paul: The Apostle’s Life, Letters, and Thought (Fortress). Participants include Craig Keener, Susan Eastman, and John Barclay (and Sanders himself, of course). The event will be November 18, 2016, 4-6PM, San Antonio, Texas (venue TBA). 

Fortress has kindly offered a free book for promotional purposes. Here is how to enter for a chance to win the book.

If you are planning on going to the event (I’m trusting your honesty!), please RSVP for free on Facebook (if you are not on Facebook you can use the Eventbrite link, but I prefer FB users to sign up through FB to build a clear attendee list). Then leave a comment on this blog post.

I will allow about 10 days for folks to sign up. Then a “winner” will be selected at random. I will limit the giveaway list to those who comment here, but please do RSVP on FB or Eventbrite because that is the purpose of this giveaway!


Facebook Event Page (preferred)

Eventbrite Event Page (only for those not on FB)

Living in the US: I will mail the book to the winner of the giveaway.

Outside the US: I will bring the book to the session, and you can get it signed by Sanders!


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  • camposmateus

    Hi Nijay. Just confirming that I’ll come to the event. Cheers. Mateus de Campos

  • See you in San Antonio!

  • Just RSVP’ed via FB

  • Frederik Mulder

    Barclay and Sanders together would be priceless…..

  • Are you coming!?

  • Reblogged this on Talmidimblogging.

  • Wow! Keener + Barclay + Sanders!!! That will be great!!

  • Looking forward to this! Just added my name to FB.

  • I added my name to the list of those “going” on Fb. I wouldn’t miss this.

  • Wouldn’t miss it! Added my name to the list on Fb

  • No heckling

  • Ryan Harker

    I’ll be there for sure!

  • Frederik Mulder

    in spirit only

  • Looking forward to seeing everyone there! I’ll be there!

  • I’m in.

  • Rob Garza

    I’ll be there.

  • Sounds like fun. I’m going to go ahead and assume the “no heckling” comment above was directed only at Anthony Le Donne.

  • As Sanders was one of my teachers at Duke–and who gave me grief in seminars and my oral comps–I’d love a chance at a free copy of his book. Thanks.

  • This looks like a great event. Thank you for putting it together!