Reading Revelation in Context: Quick Look (Gupta)

Reading Revelation in Context: Quick Look (Gupta) September 13, 2019

My friends Ben Blackwell, John Goodrich, and Jason Maston have been editing a great series in the last few years: Reading Romans in Context, Reading Mark in Context, and now—Reading Revelation in Context. I was honored to contribute to the first two volumes (Romans, Mark), and so I have first hand knowledge of how helpful these books are.

But I will say—now that I have been able to peruse the Revelation volume—that this seems to me to be the most important of the three. Why? Because Mark and Romans make a lot of sense on their own, by just reading the text and following the story or argument. Yes, of course “reading in context” is helpful, highly insightful, and makes for an overall more accurate and satisfying reading. When it comes to Revelation—to be honest, most of us (including myself) just flip through the pages looking for something that makes sense.

As I have been reading through Reading Revelation in Context, I am struck by how vital it is to have some reading help from “contextualizing” resources from the OT and early Judaism in order to decode some of the unusual language and imagery. Here are some features of this book that make it even better as a resource:

  • Many Revelation experts as contributors: Jonathan Moo, Ian Boxall, David deSilva, etc.
  • Diverse voices and perspectives included
  • Short and accessible chapters w/study helps
  • Clear, consistent, and attractive formatting and design
  • affordable pricing

For more information, click here.

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