Book Giveaway Contest—Beginner’s Guide to New Testament Studies

Book Giveaway Contest—Beginner’s Guide to New Testament Studies March 18, 2020

Baker Academic has kindly offered a copy to giveaway of Beginner’s Guide to New Testament StudiesSee below for details!

Book Giveaway Contest Rules

(1) Send a Twitter Message to me sharing a personal story of kindness given or received in this difficult season. I will share some of these publicly so don’t reveal confidential information unless you want to. Keep your story to 50-75 words. It has to involve you or someone in your family or household (not something you heard 2nd or 3rd hand).

(2) I will take messages/stories until the end of March 23, 2020. A winner will be selected randomly March 24, 2020.


-Mailing address must be in the contiguous United States (the book is coming from Baker Academic warehouse, so I need to follow their restrictions)

-One entry per person




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