#50-2-Follow: 50 NT Scholars to Read and Follow—David Briones

#50-2-Follow: 50 NT Scholars to Read and Follow—David Briones March 18, 2020

This blog series spotlights 50 NT scholars and their research. The goal of this series is to introduce readers to a wider circle of scholarship than they have encountered. The majority of people on this list are early or mid-career NT scholars who are doing great research and writing. 


Explain why you love teaching and/or writing, and why it brings you vocational satisfaction.

I love to teach and write for various reasons: (i) it brings me great joy knowing that I’m able to participate in the ecclesial task of equipping the saints for the work of ministry; (ii) I love to inform minds about and enflame hearts for the gospel of our crucified, risen, and ascended Lord, especially how it relates to our short lives on earth; and (iii) it’s fun to read, think, and wrestle with arguments and opposing ideas with the goal of furthering the discussion on any given topic.

What is one “big idea,” emphasis, or theme in your scholarship that you hope impacts the way students and scholars read and understand the NT?

Bridging the gap between union with Christ and union with one another; in short, I’m really interested in Paul’s theology of relationships in Christ or the intersection of Pauline theology and ethics.

Who is your academic hero and why?

I have many. My PhD advisor, John M.G. Barclay, has impacted my understanding of God’s grace deeply, and many within the Reformed tradition, such as Martin Luther, John Calvin, John Owen, Geerhardus Vos, Hermann Ridderbos, John Murray, Richard Gaffin, etc., have greatly informed my understanding of the gospel and how it relates to the life I live.

Name a few academic books that were formative for you as a student.

Geerhardus Vos, Pauline Eschatology

Herman Ridderbos, Paul: An Outline of Paul’s Theology

Wayne Meeks, The First Urban Christians: The Social World of the Apostle Paul

 Read Briones’ Work

Paul and the Giant of Philosophy (co-edited with Joseph R. Dodson)

Paul’s Financial Policy: A Socio-Theological Approach

Paul and Seneca in Dialogue (co-edited with Joseph R. Dodson)


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Faculty Webpage

“Generosity in the Early Church” (VIDEO LECTURE)

If you ran into me at SBL, and you didn’t want to talk about New Testament studies, what would you want to talk about?

Skateboarding and/or craft beer

What is a research/writing project you are working on right now that you are excited about?

I’m currently working on a Philemon commentary for the International Theological Commentary Series with T&T Clark (ed. Michael Allen and Scott R. Swain). It should be completed by 2023.

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