Every Aspiring Writer Should Read the Book WRITE BETTER by Andrew Le Peau

Every Aspiring Writer Should Read the Book WRITE BETTER by Andrew Le Peau April 21, 2020

Every Writer Should Read the Book WRITE BETTER (by Andrew Le Peau)

I have a weekly book I read while I wait in line trying to get into the grocery story. A couple of weeks ago, that book was Andrew Le Peau’s Write Better (IVP, 2019). It is a guidebook for compelling writing (advice both for fiction and non-fiction) from a seasoned publishing editor. I think Le Peau has a lot to offer, especially to academic writers. We academics were taught how to collect research and how to write it up in an academic (=boring) manner. Basically, we were trained how to write dull, reference-like works. But we weren’t trained how to write for broader audiences; and we certainly were not taught how to pitch a book idea to a publisher!

There are lots of great insights on the craft of writing here, and numerous examples (good and bad). But I think where this book is really helpful for academics is in the appendixes on working with publishers and learning how to develop a voice and platform.

wish I read this book ten years ago. Much of what Le Peau offers I have already learned in the “School of Hard Knocks.” But it was nice to have reminders all in one place. And I did gain insight from seeing the book publishing process from the publisher’s end.

This is $15 well spent! 


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