New Resource: Wesley One Volume Commentary on the Bible

New Resource: Wesley One Volume Commentary on the Bible April 21, 2020

Nothing more fun for me than getting a big package delivered to my doorstep, especially if it is a 900+ page book!

Wesley One Volume Commentary, edited by Kenneth J. Collins and Robert W. Wall (Abingdon, 2020)

You are probably familiar with the genre of the single volume commentary, covering the whole Bible in one book, with individual biblical books treated by different scholars. Here the niche is a solid historical, literary, and theological study of each book of the Bible, with an interest in Wesley and Wesleyan theology and tradition.

Here is a taste of some of the contributors (I immediately noticed the thoughtful diversity):

Bill Arnold (UMC)—Genesis

Presian Burroughs (UMC)—Romans

David Bauer (Free Methodist)—1-2 Thessalonians

David deSilva (UMC)—Galatians

Dean Flemming (Naz)—Revelation

Nijay K. Gupta (Free Methodist-ish)—2 Timothy

Andy Johnson (Naz)—1 Corinthians

Abson Joseph (TWC)—1 Peter

B.J. Oropeza (Free Methodist)—2 Corinthians

Ruth Anne Reese (ACNA)—Hebrews

Ken Schenck (TWC)—1 Timothy, Titus

Mitzi Smith (AME)—Philemon

Brent Strawn (UMC)—Leviticus, Song of Songs

Karen Winslow (Free Methodist)—Esther

For more information, see the Abingdon webpage


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