Mary Beard’s British Museum Lecture (2017): “Women in Power”

Mary Beard’s British Museum Lecture (2017): “Women in Power” July 8, 2020

I just finished watching Prof. Mary Beard’s trenchant public lecture called “WOMEN IN POWER.” It offers not only lessons in ancient history, but also food for thought for women in government, higher ed, and the public eye today. She ends with a bit of her own story of navigating the academic world, which is well worth hearing. Oh to have a small bit of her vast knowledge of the ancient world! But for now it is enough to watch free lectures. Easily one of the best lectures I have heard in recent years.

Official description:

From Medusa to Merkel, Mary Beard considers the extent to which the exclusion of women from power is culturally embedded, and how idioms from ancient Greece are still used to normalise gendered violence.


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