The Cambridge Companion to the New Testament—Coming April 2021 (check out the TOC)

The Cambridge Companion to the New Testament—Coming April 2021 (check out the TOC) February 9, 2021

My friend Patrick Gray (Rhodes College) is editor of an exciting new project, The Cambridge Companion to the New Testament—24 chapters, 400 pages. It is a bit surprising to me that Cambridge had not already published a CCNT (after all, the volumes on Paul and the Gospels are now in second editions). But this looks to be a really impressive volume covering a range of the key issues and texts in New Testament studies.

Patrick was kind enough to share with me the full Table of Contents. I deeply appreciate that Cambridge has made this volume affordable in paperback ($35).


Part I. Historical Context:
1. The social and political milieu/Helen K. Bond
2. The religious and philosophical milieu/ John T. Fitzgerald
3. The historical Jesus/ Sarah E. Rollens and Anthony C. Le Donne
4. The life and letters of Paul/Margaret M. Mitchell
Part II. The New Testament Writings:
5. The gospel of Mark /Michael F. Bird
6. The gospel of Matthew /Paul Foster
7. The Third gospel and the acts of the Apostles /Mikeal C. Parsons
8. The gospel of John /George Parsenios
9. 1-2 Thessalonians /Nijay K. Gupta
10. 1-2 Corinthians /Alexandra Brown
11. Romans and Galatians /Matthew V. Novenson
12. The Prison Epistles /Jerry Sumney
13. Letters to Paul’s associates (1-2 Timothy, Titus) /Benjamin White
14. The Letter to the Hebrews /David M. Moffitt
15. The general epistles /Patrick J. Hartin
16. Revelation /Leslie Baynes
Part III. Methods and Modes of Interpretation:
17. The canon of the new testament /Julia Snyder
18. Historical-critical methods /James W. Barker
19. Literary approaches /Elizabeth E. Shively
20. Social sciences, social history, and ideology /James Crossley
24. The new testament and theology /Kevin J. Vanhoozer

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