In Faith & Doubt: A New Podcast Hosted By A.J. Swoboda and Nijay K. Gupta

In Faith & Doubt: A New Podcast Hosted By A.J. Swoboda and Nijay K. Gupta March 2, 2021

Friends, I am really excited to introduce you to our podcast. AJ Swoboda is a professor of theology at Bushnell University, I teach New Testament at Northern Seminary. AJ wrote a stellar book, After Doubt (which releases TODAY!). We dreamed up this podcast as a way for Christians to process their doubt and deconstruction. 

Our first series of episodes (airing March-April, 2021) will focus on faith, theology, deconstruction, and reconstruction as a journey to a deeper life with Jesus. All relationships face disappointment—where do you go from there? 

If you want to go to the podcast website and listen to episode 1:

Episodes will be released weekly on Tuesdays.

If you want to learn more about AJ’s book

If you want to dive in and listen to our first episode right now scroll down!

We really feel like this podcast (and book) can help a lot of people process their journey in faith and doubt, so we would be honored if you spread the word about this to your friends.

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