Announcing…Living the King Jesus Gospel (A Tribute to Dr. Scot McKnight)

Announcing…Living the King Jesus Gospel (A Tribute to Dr. Scot McKnight) September 20, 2021

Living the King Jesus Gospel

After years of work, collaboration with over a dozen scholars and practitioners, careful planning with our editors and publisher (Cascade Books), and trying to keep a secret from someone who seems to know everything going on…we surprised Dr. Scot McKnight with a Festschrift, ahem, I mean a “tribute” (the tribute book is written primarily for students, pastors, and laypeople, and anyone and everyone who loves to read Jesus Creed blog and Scot’s many excellent books). 

We are pleased to announce to the world: Living the King Jesus Gospel, edited by Tara Beth Leach, Matt Bates, Drew Strait, and myself, four people profoundly shaped by Scot whom we are very grateful to call “friend.”

This book gathers students, colleagues, and friends of Scot. It was difficult to narrow the book down to one topic, since Scot has published so widely on the New Testament and the Christian life, but in fact we all perked up when the suggestion was made: Living the King Jesus Gospel. If Scot’s writing and teaching ministry has a center, it is the gospel of Jesus the King. And we could think of no homage more appropriate than reflections and soundings on that topic.

I plan to do a blog series highlighting some of the contributions—I think this is a pretty remarkable book, if I do say so, because of the many excellent academic and pastoral essays from leading thinkers in Bible and theology and leaders in ministry.

Availability: Cascade Books will have the book available in a day or 2, Amazon has a landing page with the ability to preorder.

Contributors include: Mike Bird, Drew Strait, Matt Bates, Lynn Cohick, Dennis Edwards, Dana Harris, Hauna Ondrey, Brad Nassif, Winfield Bevins, Todd Hunter, David Fitch, Nancy Ortberg, Dave Ferguson+Tammy Melchien, Derwin Gray, Becky Miller.

See below for the Table of Contents (endorsements further below). I am so proud of this book, because I know all of these writers and this is a very enriching set of conversations and reflections, all collected around one key topic (the gospel) and inspired by one important friend and scholar, “Scot.”



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