ANNOUNCEMENT: The Bible in God’s World Commentary Series—First Volume, Goldingay on Ecclesiastes (Cascade Books)

ANNOUNCEMENT: The Bible in God’s World Commentary Series—First Volume, Goldingay on Ecclesiastes (Cascade Books) October 19, 2021

I am excited to announce the launching of a brand new commentary series: 

The Bible in God’s World (Cascade Books)

Publishing editor: Michael Thomson (Cascade Books/Wipf & Stock)

Old Testament editors: M. Daniel Carroll R. (Wheaton College) and Lissa M. Wray Beal (Providence Theological Seminary)

New Testament editors: Scot McKnight (Northern Seminary) and Nijay K. Gupta (Northern Seminary)

Series Description: The Bible in God’s World Commentary series is designed to provide clear interpretation of biblical texts for students, scholars, preachers, and pastors. The series offers careful analysis that facilitates an appreciation for backgrounds and linguistic, grammatical, and theological issues in the text, thus equipping readers to wisely interpret the Bible for today. The series editors are committed to the best in biblical scholarship and have commissioned both established and newer scholars representing a rich array of cultural and national contexts.

The particular vision and mission of this commentary series is to be attentive to how each biblical book presents the good news of God’s kingdom and its vision for the justice and compassion to be embodied by the people of God.

Here are what OT editors Carroll and Wray Beal have to say about the series:

Wray Beal: How do we live in a complex global community as God’s people of justice? The diverse team of scholars in this series are tasked to exegete scripture attentive to where it naturally connects with questions of justice. Through their thoughtful engagement with the text, my prayer is that this series will assist pastors, scholars, and lay people to be God’s people who live justly, and love mercy. 
Carroll: New commentary series continue to appear. Why another one? Why the Bible in God’s World? Our hope and prayer is that readers will recognize the heartbeat of the series: to see the compassion and justice of God in the pages of Scripture in fresh ways and to be encouraged to think through anew how that might be lived out as the community of faith.

Ecclesiastes (John Goldingay)

As noted above, the launch volume is by respected OT scholar, Dr. John Goldingay. Here is the description for his book:

“Considering John Goldingay was the person under whose study I first translated Ecclesiastes, it is with great confidence that I endorse this volume. His quirky yet incisive observations always enliven the text afresh, especially one such as this, which has plagued and perplexed saints and scholars of old. How fitting are the words of Qoheleth: ‘Not only was the teacher wise, but he also imparted knowledge to the people. . . . and what he wrote was upright and true’ (12:9–10).”

—Brittany Melton, Assistant Professor of Biblical & Theological Studies, Palm Beach Atlantic University

“Like the ‘Congregationalist’ about whom he writes, Goldingay seeks to teach and communicate fresh insights for his audience, but also reveals himself as a profound thinker and seeker of truth(s) as he carefully translates and expounds this ancient text. He has written an exciting new commentary for the modern age, brimming with enthusiasm and appreciation for this most elusive of biblical books.”

—Katharine Dell, Faculty of Divinity, University of Cambridge

“Ecclesiastes is a book that addresses the meaning, purpose, and significance of life and thus has great import for people today. How wonderful it is that Goldingay, one of the most gifted biblical interpreters of our age, has provided such an insightful commentary on this fascinating yet difficult book. My own understanding of Ecclesiastes has grown by reading his work, and I enthusiastically recommend that all who want to grapple with the theology and significance of Ecclesiastes get and read this immensely helpful commentary.”

—Tremper Longman III, Distinguished Scholar and Professor emeritus of Biblical Studies, Westmont College



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