List of OT Contributors—The Bible in God’s World

List of OT Contributors—The Bible in God’s World October 20, 2021

Yesterday, I made the exciting announcement of the launching of a new commentary series—The Bible in God’s World (Cascade Books).

Today, I am able to share the list of OT volumes and the contracted contributors. We are excited about the diversity and expertise represented in this list!


Genesis/Matthew Schlimm (Dubuque Theological Seminary)

Exodus/T. Desmond Alexander (Union Theological College) and Justin Young (Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, Jacksonville).

Leviticus/G. Geoffrey Harper (Sydney Missionary & Bible College)

Numbers/Helen Paynter (Bristol Bible College)


Joshua/Michelle Knight (Trinity Evangelical Divinity School)

Judges-Ruth/Divid Firth (Trinity College Bristol) on Judges, Lissa Wray Beal (Providence Theological Seminary) on Ruth

1-2 Samuel/Denise Flanders (Taylor University)

1-2 Kings/David Schreiner (Wesley Biblical Seminary)

1-2 Chronicles/Nathan Lovell (George Whitefield College)

Ezra-Nehemiah/Aubrey Buster (Wheaton College)

Megilloth: Esther/Brittany Melton (Palm Beach Atlantic University)


Psalms/Andrew C. Witt (Tyndale University College)

Proverbs/Lindsay Wilson (Ridley College)

Ecclesiastes/John Goldingay (Fuller Seminary)

Isaiah/Matthew J. Lynch (Regent College)

Jeremiah/Jill Firth (Ridley College)



Lamentations-Song of Songs/Chloe Sun (Logos Evangelical Seminary)

Minor Prophets:

Hosea/Beth Stovell (Ambrose Seminary & University) and Mason Lancaster (Point Loma Nazarene University)

Amos/Brent Strawn (Duke Divinity School)

Micah/Esteban Voth (United Bible Societies)

Nah, Hab, Zeph/Dominick Hernández (Biola University)

Joel, Obad/Jerry Hwang (Singapore Bible College)

Jonah/M. Daniel Carroll R. (Wheaton College)

Hag, Zech/Joel Barker (Heritage College & Seminary)

Malachi/Chip Hardy (Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary)


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