Help Dr. Chris Spinks Fight Cancer

Help Dr. Chris Spinks Fight Cancer February 8, 2023

If you are in the biblical studies/theology academic world, you might know Dr. Chris Spinks, editor at Cascade/Wipf&Stock here in Oregon. Long story short, Chris was recently diagnosed with brain cancer and underwent brain surgery. He is recovering and looking ahead to a treatment plan. A GoFundMe Donation page has been organized. My (Nijay) daughter had cancer when she was very young, so I know the high costs of surgeries, treatments, medications, and medical appointments. I am asking you to pray for Chris and his amazing family, and to seriously consider donating to help meet his financial needs. I gave recently – I can’t give thousands, maybe you can’t give thousands, but if a lot of people give a little, it adds up. It’s a practical demonstration of love (even if he is a stranger to you), and it is meaningful to the recipients personally (again, I know that from experience). Please consider giving what you can.


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