Free Webinar on Bible Translation (McKnight and Gupta)

Free Webinar on Bible Translation (McKnight and Gupta) October 15, 2023

Join Scot McKnight and I for a **free** webinar on Bible translation, Oct 25, 1pm CT. Scot has helped with lots of English Bible translations over the last several decades, and now has published his own translation of the New Testament with IVP, it’s called The Second Testament. I have helped with a few things over the years as well (like the Lexham English translation of the Septuagint). And now I serve as a senior translator for one of my favorite English Bibles, the New Living Translation. So, sit in and ask questions as Scot and I chat about why there are so many translations, what makes things like the NLT and The Second Testament distinctive, and why both of us are dedicated to the important of faithful translation for the benefit of all Christians.


Thank you to SeminaryNow for sponsoring this event!


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