Nijay’s SBL 2023 Book Picks (Paul and His Letters)

Nijay’s SBL 2023 Book Picks (Paul and His Letters) November 15, 2023

This is a short series on Nijay’s book picks for SBL 2023: for the first post (Gospels and Acts) see HERE.

Paul and His Letters

If you haven’t read Sandra Glahn’s excellent new book on Artemis of Ephesus and 1 Timothy, you’re missing out. Great scholarship written in an accessible way.

Nobody’s Mother

Matt Thiessen has written a concise introduction to Paul with a special interest in recovering Paul’s Jewishness.

The Jewish Paul

Any new book from Tom Wright is worth checking out. I read this a few months ago, classic Wright, some fresh insight into Romans via chapter 8 (“the heart”).

Into the Heart of Romans

Confession: I haven’t read Jervis’ new book, Paul and Time, because it isn’t out yet. But I think Jervis is one of the sharpest and most insightful Pauline scholars, so this is top of my wish list. I plan to check it out in San Antonio. If you are going to be at SBL, there is a review session on this book on Monday morning (I’m going to try to catch part of it).

Paul and Time




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