9 things God wants you to know today

9 things God wants you to know today September 27, 2016

Through all these seasons of seasons of life, God wants us to keep the right perspective. He wants us to remember that He is with us and He is working in our lives even when we don’t see it. In whatever season of life you might be in, and in whatever struggles might be facing you at the moment, please remember these timeless truths.

1.God’s plan for your life is different than your own plans; but His plans will prove to be perfect.

Dave Willis quote davewillis.org if your life isn't turn out how you'd planned it may be because God has a different and better plan for your life than what you had in mind

“For I know the plans I have for you declares the LORD; plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11

2. The world measures “success” in terms of fame and fortune, but God measures true riches in terms of love and relationships. Money is temporary, but love lasts forever (and God loves YOU).

Dave Willis friendship quote davewillis.org you might not be rich or famous but if you have one true friend you are incredibly blessed

3. You don’t need to wait on anyone’s permission to do what God has put on your heart to do. Not everyone will support you or understand you, but that’s okay. God is with you.

Dave Willis quote davewillis.org not everyone will understand or support your dream but you don't need anyone's permission to pursue what God has placed on your heart

4. Don’t be discouraged by not seeing the whole plan all at once. God usually just reveals one small step at a time. Trust Him and trust His timing.

Dave Willis quote inspirational faith God rarely reveals His plan all at once He shows one step at a time be patient and have faith davewillis.org

5. As you move forward, remember that God is with you every step of the way and He is bigger than anything you will face.

Dave Willis quote faith inspirational davewillis.org move forward with faith and courage God is with you and He is bigger than anything you will face today

6. Live in the moment. Don’t let yesterday’s regrets or tomorrow’s worries rob you from seeing all God has for you TODAY.

Dave Willis quote inspirational davewillis.org don't let regrets from yesterday or worries about tomorrow rob you from seeing blessings and opportunities today

7. Don’t be discouraged by you struggles. They are making you stronger and God will carry you through them all.

Dave Willis quote faith inspirational davewillis.org Jesus never promised us a life without troubles He promised we would never face those troubles alone He is with you every step

8. Take a look around in the difficult days. The people who are there are the ones who love you most. Give thanks for their presence and their love. They are a gift from God, so never take them for granted.

You will find out who really loves you in times of struggle or pain love rushes in when everyone else rushes out Dave Willis quote quotes davewillis.org

9. Always give thanks. Even in the difficult days, we have so much to be thankful for. An attitude of gratitude can make such a difference. It keeps our minds and hearts in the right place. 


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