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Dave Willis bio February 27, 2015

Dave Willis author blogger pastor

Maybe you regularly read this blog and wonder who I am and what I’m all about. Granted, I know most folks won’t care that much (except for my Mom). I’m really not all that interesting, but  I thought it might be helpful for you to know a bit about me so when you read these posts, you’ll have a bit more perspective on where I’m coming from.

Since pictures are usually more interesting than words, I’ll use as many pictures as I can…

I was born October 26, 1978 in Evansville, Indiana. I lived briefly in Oklahoma and Kansas City before our family moved to Kentucky when I was in third grade. I grew up in Georgetown, KY which is a small town just outside Lexington. Here’s my third grade picture. I think my bucked teeth were the inspiration for the creators of “Spongebob”.

Dave Willis childhood school photo pic

I met the love of my life, Ashley when we were both students at Georgetown College which is a small Christian school in my hometown of Georgetown, KY. Ashley and I married one week after I graduated on May 19, 2001.

Dave and Ashley Willis wedding photo marriage Dave Willis

Dave Willis and Ashley Willis

Ashley and I love helping encouraging married couples and families. You can watch one of our short videos by clicking here.

Ashley and I founded and the “Marriage” app as a way to encourage couples to build stronger marriage.

marriage app logo dave willis Facebook

I’m also a pastor and enjoy teaching the Bible, marrying couples and helping people discover the beautiful life Jesus makes possible. I serve at Stevens Creek Church in Augusta, GA and we love our church family. If you’re ever in town (like maybe for the Masters Golf Tournament), come by our church and say, “hello”!

Dave Willis speaking on focus preaching

Dave Willis wedding marrying couple pastor

Dave Willis speaking preaching

You can watch one of my most popular teaching videos on “How to have a Stronger Marriage” by clicking here.

I don’t take myself too seriously and there are plenty of ridiculous pictures and videos online to keep me from every being able to run for public office!

Dave Willis silly elf pic


Dave Willis pistols and n tulips parody

I have been blessed with loving parents and a great family. I have two brothers and they’re much taller than me (which they remind me of every time we get together)!

Willis family picDave Willis and brothers Ben and Drew

Ashley and I have four precious sons and they’re such a gift.

Dave Willis family pic

Dave and Ashley Willis family pic new baby

I love traveling and seeing what God is doing all around the world. Here’s a pic from Casa Shalom Orphanage in Guatemala. I’m with a team from Stevens Creek Church in Augusta, GA.

Dave Willis at Casa Shalom orphanage in Guatemala

Ashley and I try to enjoy life and encourage others to do the same.

Dave and Ashley Willis dancing

I have a lot of encouraging quotes floating around the internet. You can read some of my most popular quotes by clicking here.

Be an encourager. The world has plenty of critics already. Dave Willis quote

I also write some books. Mostly about marriage, faith and family. You can check out my books here.

iVow front cover

Thank you again for reading my blog and being part of our online community. To stay connected to marriage and family-building tools, you can also connect with me on twitter and subscribe to my email list. You should also check out my amazing wife Ashley’s blog by clicking here.

You can contact me directly, anytime, at

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