Bucket List with a Difference: Dying Wife Leaves Behind Goals for Her Husband After She’s Gone

Bucket List with a Difference: Dying Wife Leaves Behind Goals for Her Husband After She’s Gone June 13, 2013

And it included a trip to Lourdes.


When Nicola Murray was told she had just two weeks to live, she made her husband George a list of things she wanted him to promise he would do.

Nicola, 34, who had a rare hereditary gene that caused her to develop cancer, wanted him to help others with the same gene.

She wanted him to go to Africa to do charity work.

She wanted him to go back to Lourdes, where they had first fallen in love.

She wanted him to return to America, to make his first trip to Rome, to play golf and to do something with his music.

Incredibly, three years after Nicola’s death to ovarian cancer, George has helped to set up the Nicola Murray Foundation, who have raised more than £200,000.

They are funding research at Edinburgh University into ovarian cancer and the genetic fault that led to her death.

He has spent six weeks helping orphans in Malawi. He has lit a candle in Nicola’s memory at Lourdes. He has bought the new golf clubs she wanted him to buy. He has been to New York and is planning a trip to Rome.

Music-wise, the talented singer-songwriter has set up a band who have just released their first album to raise funds for the Nicola Murray Foundation and another cancer charity who are close to their hearts.

George, 41, from Dunfermline, said: “Her illness was so aggressive, we had no time for Nicola to go anywhere she wanted to go or do things she wanted to do – instead she made a list for me.

“She would wake up at around 5am. I would be by her hospital bed and we would chat about everything.

“Those times were precious as it was just us, no one else was there. She told me I needed to live my life after she was gone.

“It wasn’t a physical, written list but instead it was little early morning pep talks about places I could go and things I could do.”

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