Message for today: Stop whining

Message for today: Stop whining March 19, 2015


“The enemy has taken most of the Church and turned them from prophets into a bunch of complainers – myself included. We spend more time complaining about life than prophesying the love and grace of God over it. It’s an interesting thing when we silence all our prophets and turn them into complainers because it mutes the voice of God, in a way, in a world that really needs to hear it. So [St.]Therese, to me, was such a profound example for young people who feel tempted to complain and struggle of an insignificant life because she found great significance. To reach a point of surrender – to say the storms, the highs and lows, all of these things – they don’t always have to result in us being absent from God. In fact, a lot of those valleys that we walk through can become profound places of transformation where we’re actually brought closer to God and we reach a point of surrender, of saying, ‘Everything is grace.’ There is an opportunity in everything to receive grace for the journey and for life and to receive grace to love people no matter how difficult things may seem.”

—Grammy-winning musician Matt Maher, via Tony Rossi. 

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