Crokin: There’s Video of Hillary Cutting Off a Child’s Face

Crokin: There’s Video of Hillary Cutting Off a Child’s Face April 16, 2018

Deranged conspiracy nut Liz Crokin is pulling out all the stops, turning the gruesomeness of her fully evidence-free allegations up to 11 by claiming that she’s 100% certain that a video exists of Hillary Clinton sexually abusing a child, then cutting off that child’s face on camera. Yes, I’m serious.

“I know with absolute certainty that there is a tape that exists that involves Hillary Clinton sexually abusing a child,” Crokin said. “I have gotten this confirmed from very respectable and high-level sources.”…

“All I know is that, one hundred percent, a video of Hillary Clinton sexually abusing a child exists,” she said. “I know there’s many videos incriminating her, I just don’t know which one they are going to release. But there are people, there are claims that this sexual abuse video is on the dark web and I know that some people have seen it, some in law enforcement, the NYPD law enforcement, some NYPD officers have seen it and it made them sick, it made them cry, it made them vomit, some of them had to seek psychological counseling after this.”

“I’m not going to go into too much detail because it’s so disgusting, but in this video, they cut off a child’s face as the child is alive,” Crokin claimed. “I’m just going to leave it at that.”

Ah yes, “high-level sources” — the voices in her head that scream the loudest. You know, many people have said that she has high-level sources. Trump gets calls all the time from people telling him that Liz Crokin has high-level sources. That much he can tell you. They’re the most beautiful voices you’ve ever heard. And they have the best words. A record number of best words. So many best words it will make your head spin.

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