Moms, You Are Awesome!

Moms, You Are Awesome! May 13, 2017

Moms, you are awesome!

Give yourself a pat on the back for

1. Getting up this morning so that your kids know that they can get up and get going, too;

2. Showering, eating, and using the bathroom (taking care of your physical needs) so that you are healthy enough to care for your dependents, young ones or older family members;

3. Enjoying positive thoughts and feelings about yourself (taking care of your emotional needs) so that you can nurture those fragile little hearts;

4. Talking to your friends and family (taking care of your social needs) so that you can role model what it means to be a human being in relationship with others who inhabit this world;

5. Reading and learning (to keep mentally fit) to make sense of this confusing life;


6. Spending quiet time by yourself (so that you can be spiritually grounded) to lead the next generation of leaders.

Also, pat yourself on the back for

7. Making a list of all the ways you are awesome to show your kids how to have self esteem, security, or confidence;

8. Hugging your kids even though it’s you who need the hug more, since truly it benefits both parties;

9. Saying, “I love you” to them even though sometimes you just don’t feel it when they have behaved so unlovably (admit it, you know that this is true!);

10. Telling them, “I forgive you” even though they have not apologized, or ask for forgiveness, because they don’t know how to overcome their hurt and pride, and frankly, you need to hear these healing words, too;

11. Loving them over and over again, in all the little ways you do;


12. Reading this list and getting it, because after all, you ARE an awesome mom!

So get up, get out, and keep moving, because your kids are watching and they need your inner strength.

Pass this on to other fellow awesome moms so that no one goes unnoticed, unappreciated, or unacknowledged this Mother’s Day.



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