October 14, 2014

  A conversation has been developing across the Patheos Evangelical Channel regarding soteriology (that is, the study of salvation). Frank Viola re-posted some history on the Sinner’s Prayer and talk of Christ as one’s “personal Lord and Savior,” tracing its origins back to the revivalist D. L. Moody. Viola urged that, before Moody, Christians didn’t use the language of asking Jesus into one’s heart or uttering a particular formula of prayer in order to receive salvation. Preston Sprinkle analyzed a… Read more

September 30, 2014

Welcome to the Evangelical Pulpit, group blog for the Patheos Evangelical Channel. As the channel has continued to grow and morph over the past few years, it’s become obvious that we needed a common space to bring in the occasional guest voice as well as keep track of various discussions happening across the evangelical blogosphere. Enter the Evangelical Pulpit. Here, you’ll be able to read from voices across the evangelical Christian spectrum on any number of issues. You’ll also get to… Read more

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