(Less) words Wednesdays: Favorite.

(Less) words Wednesdays: Favorite. January 5, 2011

My new thing?  “(Less) words Wednesdays”.  My promise to you?

Every Wednesday will be short & sweet.  Not quite “Wordless Wednesdays,” like many bloggers do, where Wednesday’s posts have NO words.  (How is that even possible)?  I’m too wordy, y’all.  Here’s my comprise, k? =)

On to the real post…

I’m at school this week.  It’s 7 days of 8:30am – 5pm bum-sitting.

Sunday – Saturday.

This is NOT what I’m used to y’all.

This week b*$#%-slap reminds me that -dang!- school is hard work.  Especially, friggin’ Ancient Hebrew.  Ugh.

Anyway, besides my freedom, and free-time and sleep do you know what I miss the most for this stretch of time?

My three favorite faces.

My three favorite voices.

My one favorite chocolaty smile.

My two favorite dimples.

*I’ll be back to discussing reflections on the previous year & looking towards 2011, for tomorrow’s post.  I had to take advantage of Wordless Wednesdays (Less) Words Wednesdays, of course* =)

If you haven’t yet…

**Please comment on my post in which I want every blog reader or random visitor or lurker/blurker to introduce yourself through a comment.  Once I reach 50 comments, I’ll randomly select a winner for a $25 Home Goods gift card! This is not a sponsored post.  It’s just little old me trying to FORCE encourage my community to interact and make my little spot on the web a fun community to be in.

***Rules: Leave only one comment.  No tweets, etc. earn extra entries.  I’ll select & announce a winner once we hit 50 comments (not including my lovely responses to you).

Later gators!


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