The Most Important Line in Netanyahu’s Speech

The Most Important Line in Netanyahu’s Speech March 3, 2015

Benjamin Netanyahu said a lot in his speech before Congress today–much of which was reminiscent of his call for America to go to war against Iraq over a decade ago.

But this line stood out to me, not as much for what Netanyahu said but for how Republican Members of Congress responded:

At a time when many hope Iran will join the community of nations, Iran is busy gobbling up the nations.”  [Applause]

You read that right. Republicans in Congress clapped after that line. It’s worth watching the line and Republican response, so here is a link.

Netanyahu’s speech was political theater.  And it was rather insulting to have a foreign leader stand on the floor of our nation’s Capitol and tell an international audience that America’s top military, intelligence, and diplomatic leaders are naive and incapable of containing Iran’s nuclear program.

But Netanyahu was given that space by Republicans in Congress, and their applause at this point in the speech exposed their clear goal for this speech…if there was ever any doubt.

In what world do you clap after someone says that line?  Seriously…think about it.  How could that line or the litany of attacks and atrocities Netanyahu had just finished laying at the feet of Iran lead someone to think they should clap?

Here’s the answer:  The only reason American leaders would clap after that line is they were judging and responding to the speech based on whether it gave them soundbites they might use to try to undermine our Commander in Chief.

That is just sad…and like Bibi’s line, definitely nothing to clap about.

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