March 2, 2016

 2016 will not be the first time the people of God made political decisions born of fear instead of faith. Evangelicals who know their biblical history will recall the time of the judges after the Israelites had left Egypt and entered the Promised Land of Canaan. It was a chaotic and lawless time during which foreigners routinely invaded. The people of God grew tired of it all. They demanded a savior, a ruler who would fix all their problems and… Read more

March 1, 2016

It’s time for a lot of us to start casting votes in political primaries here in America. I have definite political opinions, but I won’t be sharing them in this episode. Instead I want to share the process I use to select candidates—separate from any political parties or individuals—in the hope that it helps. Take listen here at FaithWalkers. Don’t expect to hear any endorsements for particular candidates in this episode. That isn’t my point here. I unpack the following basic statement… Read more

February 29, 2016

Tomorrow is the first time in my adult life that my primary vote will actually mean something. Having lived in Ohio for nearly four decades prior to moving to Georgia, the primary season was always all but over by the time the vote got to Ohio (which only moved up in the primary schedule this year). This year I will cast a vote to help decide the nominee for the Republican party. And I choose Marco Rubio. The truth is… Read more

February 27, 2016

If you give the Left a chicken sandwich…. The University of Nebraska Kearney has gained media attention after reversing a vote of the student body and banning Chik-fil-A from campus. The controversy originated last January when students were polled to decide a new dining option for the student union. The students could choose from a list of fast food providers. The majority, 722 of 1,222 respondents, chose Chick-fil-A as their top restaurant choice over A&W, Johnny Rockets, Panda Express, Sbarro… Read more

February 26, 2016

In what was one of the most disturbing moments of last night’s GOP debate in Houston, John Kasich declared war on religious liberty. He ridiculed those who refuse to endorse behavior they believe to be sinful. The same guy who said he would lock private business owners (Apple) in a room with the FBI until they agreed to give access to their phones, said Christians should just accept the travesty of Obergefell and accept the abolition of marriage. I presume he… Read more

February 19, 2016

Donald Trump is a WWF candidate. He is the Hulk Hogan of presidential politics. I Kid. You. Not. As recently as 2007 he was in the ring. Literally. He’s been behind the scenes of pseudo-wrestling shows for over 25 years. But that should come as no surprise. Think about what he has done in the campaign thus far and see if it doesn’t more resemble a WWF event than a bid to the highest office in the land–an office defined… Read more

February 14, 2016

Today I feel what I felt the day after Andrew Breitbart died—as if we had lost a cultural warrior who stood in the gap and dared the Leftist hordes to try to pass. United States Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia could always be counted on to stare down the calumnies of the Left, to stand when others sidled into the shadows, and to do it with intelligence and deep appreciation for the foundational role of faith in public policy. Scalia… Read more

February 10, 2016

It would be sinful for me to send my children to a public school in America. I’m not saying it would be sinful for you to do so, but I could not do it with a clean conscience. And therefore, to do so would be sinful for me. My parents took great pains to ensure I received a distinctly Christian education and I am doing the same for my children. Over my dozen years in Christian education, I interviewed a… Read more

February 9, 2016

Was it just me or did the Super Bowl 50 halftime show get commandeered to make us care? When did it become an opportunity to advance a political agenda? Wardrobe malfunctions are one thing but whatever happened to just enjoying a game of football and a few funny commercials? Not anymore. Instead, watching the Super Bowl has become an exercise in dodging subtle—and not so subtle—messages from the secular Left, particularly the LGBT community. With Super Bowl 50 being played in… Read more

February 1, 2016

Students at Brigham Young University’s J. Reuben Clark School of Law are facing the possibility of their school losing accreditation by the American Bar Association (ABA) thanks to a current battle between the school and a group of dissident students identified as These students have alleged that BYU has violated the ABA’s nondiscrimination policies by expelling students who choose to leave the Mormon religion (which subsidizes the university) or live in same-sex relationships. They are claiming that by dismissing… Read more

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