The Gem

The Gem January 23, 2023

I dreamt that you gave me

a gem hidden in your heart.

When I woke, I felt your love

move through me the way

sun parts a cloud.


I have looked for the gem

in the folds of the world,

and thought I saw it in the

young woman helping the

old man off the bus, and

in the jogger rushing to lift

the girl who fell off her bike.


I’m certain I felt it in the

morning light in a corner of

one of Monet’s paintings of

the Rouen Cathedral, and

in the slow chords of Keith

Jarrett’s music.


Now, I try to place the gem

in the dream of those I love

and those I don’t yet know.


I try to remember that

we are part of a net

that is barely seen

but felt everywhere.

A Question to Walk With: If everything is connected in some way, how would you describe this connection and what it feels like to be a part of it? If yo? don’t feel such a connection, what does it feel like to be unconnected to the life around you?


This is from my book of poems, The River of Already.


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