You Ask About Aging

You Ask About Aging January 30, 2023

Everything in nature erodes gracefully.

The tree leans and cracks. The mountain

rounds for decades in the wind. The banks

of the river bow to where the river wants to

But we, so aware of being here, fear the

slightest change. My elbow is sore. Your

heart is slowing down. And just yesterday,

an old friend flew away like a bird with a

broken wing. Still, for all I have learned,

for all I am learning, I don’t want to go.

Though like the tree on the ridge that

has grown sideways toward the daily

twist of light, I see no greater destiny

or simplicity than to be stripped of all

pretense and want until all that’s left is

a branch of being waiting for its wind.

A Question to Walk With: Describe what aging feels like to you.

 This excerpt is from my book of poems, The Gods Visit.

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