Yet It Is So

Yet It Is So June 12, 2023

In what you suffer and miss  

and hope for, you are alone.  

No one can feel your pain  

or fear but you.  


Yet on the edge of your  

canyon, I am here, eager for  

the view, waiting to lift you  

and hold you. 


We could have been born  

on different continents or in   

different centuries but here we  

are, loving each other through  

the silver weeds of being here. 


It is a tangled knot in the  

fabric of the Mystery that  

we are so alone and so  


This is from my book of poems in progress, Elsewhere. 



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July 9, 16 & 23: You Don’t Have to Do It Along: The Net of Friendship. A 3-session virtual webinar guided by Mark Nepo 1-2:30pm ET/10-11:30am PT. Details at 

Aug 4-6: Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY, Surviving Storms: Finding the Strength to Meet Aversity, Weekend Retreat. (web link) 

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