Exclusive: Two clips on the making of The Gospel of John

Exclusive: Two clips on the making of The Gospel of John September 15, 2015


The Gospel of John comes to DVD next month, and today Lionsgate released two new clips from the disc’s bonus features, showing how the filmmakers drew out the drama implicit in the text and also how they built first-century Jerusalem in a computer.

The first clip, from the featurette ‘Deconstructing a Scene’, looks at how Jesus and Nicodemus seem to be “casing each other out” when they meet at night, as per John 3; the clip includes comments from director David Batty, actor Selva Rasalingam, cinematographer Ben Hodgson and theological consultant Ray Bruce:

The second clip looks at how Jerusalem was reconstructed digitally for the film:

In the latter clip, Bruce mentions that there are something like three different temple sets in Ouarzazate, Morocco, which is where the film was shot. Presumably one of them is the set that I visited when Killing Jesus was being shot there last year.

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