The Young Messiah soundtrack now available for pre-order

The Young Messiah soundtrack now available for pre-order February 22, 2016


More than one Jesus film over the last dozen years has made a point of drawing on the talent that went into Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ.

The Final Inquiry brought back actor Hristo Shopov as Pontius Pilate. The makers of Risen released a video noting that their film was edited by a guy who worked on Gibson’s movie. And now John Debney — who was nominated for an Oscar for his work on Gibson’s film — has written the music for The Young Messiah.

The soundtrack album comes out on Friday, and is already available for pre-order.

Here is the track listing (note: some titles might seem a bit spoiler-ish):

1. The Young Messiah Theme (feat. Bethany Woods)
2. Alexandria Egypt
3. Salome Reminds Jesus
4. Jesus Heals Eleazer
5. Herod Is Dead
6. Mary and Joseph / Don’t You See Him?
7. The Carved Camel
8. Jesus Encounters Romans
9. Severus Lets Jesus’ Family Go
10. Herod Reprimands Severus
11. Jesus Heals Cleopas
12. Rape Victim
13. Sister, Come to Nazareth
14. Not Just a Child / Crucifixes
15. Reveal of Nazareth
16. The Messiah Will Save Us!
17. A Son Named Jesus
18. Jerusalem for Passover
19. Travel to Jerusalem
20. Mary Presents Baby Jesus
21. Jesus Leaves Alone
22. He Wants Answers
23. He’s in the Temple
24. Herod’s Rage
25. The Blind Rabbi
26. Mary Reveals the Truth to Jesus / Jesus Talks to God

The album as a whole will be 70 minutes and 39 seconds. also has what looks like a press release, with the following quotes from Debney and director Cyrus Nowrasteh:

“This film was simply not complete until John had finished the score,” said director Cyrus Nowrasteh. “For this filmmaker he is answer to many prayers. He is so much more than a composer and artist–though that would be enough–but he’s also a faith-driven man who takes this story on with all the heart, soul and belief such a score requires.” . . .

“For me the key moment in the film is at the end when Mary speaks to her son about his true nature,” said Debney. “It is a wonderfully acted scene anchored by the amazing Sara Lazzaro as Mary. It is such a crucial scene that I scored it a number of ways. The music had to be emotional yet transparent. It had to be perfect. Cyrus guided me there.”

You can see part of the scene that Debney refers to here:

You can also listen to ‘The Young Messiah Theme (feat. Lisbeth Scott)’ at — and you can listen to previews/samples of all the other tracks at AllMusic. Enjoy!

March 10 update: Just discovered this soundtrack preview video:

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