The Young Messiah — a round-up of my top posts

The Young Messiah — a round-up of my top posts May 24, 2016


The Young Messiah is out on Digital HD today, so here is a round-up of my top stories on that film, which tells the story of Jesus and his family when he is seven years old.

I interviewed Cyrus Nowrasteh, who co-wrote and directed the film, in March.

I reviewed the film when it came out in March.

I reviewed A Child Called Jesus, a 1987 film that has a few things in common with The Young Messiah (e.g. both films take place when Jesus is seven), in March.

I wrote about this and two other films that depict Jesus bringing a bird to life.

I posted a scene guide with seven clips from the film (totaling about 12 minutes) and a thorough list of the Bible passages that each scene is based upon.

And I rounded up interviews with the following filmmakers:

The film comes out on Blu-Ray three weeks from now. I wrote about that, too, here.

I also covered the making of the film fairly extensively, going back to when it was first going to be produced by Good News Holdings back in June 2006. That project fell apart in 2007, for reasons that became public in November 2009, but then Columbus and Nowrasteh went public with their plans to make the film in December 2011. The film — originally titled Christ the Lord — got its new title in September 2015.

You can see all my coverage of the film, past present and future, via the The Young Messiah tag and the Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt tag (they sometimes overlap).

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