Seeking Witch Life Off the Beaten Wheel (i.e., Podcasts!)

Seeking Witch Life Off the Beaten Wheel (i.e., Podcasts!) August 30, 2021

“What’s the worst thing that could happen? Okay, you summoned the Goddess Nyx, and there’s hell to pay. But, like, other than that, it could be kind of smooth sailing.”

In retrospect, probably not the best advice to give to novice Witches. But hey, I survived my own advice, so they will, too. Probably.

As you’ve almost assuredly figured out by now, I was on some podcasts!

Spreading Chaos across the airwaves, as Eris intended. (Image via Pixabay.)

Most recently, I appeared on an episode of Seeking Witchcraft, where I managed to stay mostly on topic and talked a whole lot about Chaos Magic. But Ashley and I also discussed our mutual love of Teen Titans and YA Wicca/vampire crossover novels, our favorite Witch-themed movies, and a whole gaggle of book recommendations.

I also brought up deconditioning every three minutes like a damn egg timer, and a delightful time was definitely had by all. Give it a listen here.

Prior to that, I was on an episode of Witchcraft Off the Beaten Path, where I basically spread the Gospel of Discordianism. The host, Molly, is a gem — it really was nice to meet a fellow Texan who understood my sense of humor and encouraged me to say inappropriate things.

Molly also has, like, the most soothing voice on the Internet. I kind of want her to narrate my life.

Check it out here!

So those were the two podcasts I was on of my own free will. But my post on Stormy Daniels got mentioned favorably on That Witch Life about a month ago, which was awesome, and a little surreal, to be honest — I don’t know that I’ll ever get fully used to listening to people talk about me in third-person.

I’m glad that they liked the post, though. It would be disconcerting to listen to people complain about me without me having given them a really good reason to do so. [Ed. Note: Really good reasons to complain about me available upon request.]

Anyway, you can listen to Hilary, Kanani, and Courtney not complain about me here.

And finally, the Two Kentish Witches of The Wheel had a good conversation about my post on ostracism within the Pagan community. I wasn’t really sure how that post was going to go over when I published it, so it was more than a little relief to know that people got something out of it. The fact that it was cool Witches in England who got something out of it was gravy.

Plus they said I have a fabulous name. (Which? Yeah. I totally do.) You can find that episode for your listening pleasure here.

Being an unrepentant Gen Xer, I am a bit curmudgeonly when it comes to podcasts, but having been thrown into the medium, I’m currently looking for recommendations. What podcasts do my readers swear by? Leave your favorites in the comments, and I’ll start diving into them.

Oh, and if you’ve got your own podcast and aren’t horrified by my goofy voice and want to have me on your show, just shoot me an email at splitfoot at misfitmarjorie dot com.

I will be honored, and I promise you probably won’t regret it.

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Thumper Marjorie Splitfoot Forge is a Gardnerian High Priest, an initiate of the Minoan Brotherhood, an Episkopos of the Dorothy Clutterbuck Memorial Cabal of Laverna Discordia, a recovering alcoholic, and a notary public from Houston, TX. You can read more about the author here.

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