Meeting Laurah

Meeting Laurah June 22, 2019

LaurahMeeting Laurah

My wife and I went into Lowes to buy a faucet and it was there that we met Laurah. We went in early on a Saturday morning, hoping to avoid the crowds. Whenever you need help, it’s hard to find a red vest person on most weekends. It was nice going in there and seeing that the place was near empty of customers. Our cart didn’t have much in it because we kept striking out on the things we had put on our shopping list. When we got to the faucet isle, we started looking for something that fit that was also inexpensive. We had decided to sell our home and were trying to get it ready without breaking the bank.

Laurah‘s Smile

That’s when Laurah came around the corner with her lovely smile. Everything about her was disarming. She asked us what we needed and pointed out a few alternatives, taking great care to make sure that we knew what brand names were the best. As she spoke and I listened to her, I heard a great grace in her voice. I believe you can hear love and Laurah oozed it from every pore of her body as well as her voice. When I recognize love like that, if there is an opening, I like to say something.

Laurah‘s Voice

I couldn’t contain myself at this point. The love of God that flowed out of this woman was beautiful and I wanted her to know that in our brief encounter, she had touched my heart. In the past, I have always allowed grace to be rewarded with grace, so I spoke, “I hope you don’t think this strange, but I wanted to tell you that your voice has a great grace on it. Have you ever worked in broadcasting or something where you use your voice, because I believe it would be profitable for you.” I paused because she was smiling.

Laurah‘s Persuasion

Laurah went on to tell us that she worked in sales and telemarketing. Once, she was given California as a territory. At first, it was discouraging because the area was oversold and there was a lot of competition. Laurah’s sales went above and beyond, and she became number one in a short period. Then, Laurah said something that surprised me, “I found that if I matched the intonation and the level of someone’s voice I could reach them”. That was the first time anyone ever said anything like that to me.

Laurah‘s Passion

She’s in her seventies and still full of a quiet energy. Laurah said that all her life she has been intuitive. During some of our conversation, she became teary as she recounted stories from her life. They were precious things and I felt honored that Laurah would share all these lovely memories with us. Listening to her eloquence, I knew that this woman was intelligent, articulate, and she knew about life.

Laurah’s DrawLaurah

While we were talking, a man came down the isle, drawn by our conversation. He lingered in the isle, pretending to look at things but his interest did not progress beyond listening to our conversation. Even when Laurah stopped to help him, the man never picked out anything but just asked for advice. It has happened so often in the past, where people are pulled in by the love of God being expressed. They can’t help it, even if it’s subconscious, some just hang around within ear shot and never interact, others interject and still others feign interest in something nearby, like this man did.

Laurah‘s Request

Laurah talked to me about how she sees humanity and embraces everyone with love. This woman was love personified; like having Jesus in the room with you in body. She segwayed into talking about her grandchildren. One in particular is gay. Laurah told me that her granddaughter had been bullied in school and struggled greatly. She was also careful to tell me about all the positives about her granddaughter like her athletic ability and stubborn willpower.

Laurah‘s Legacy

My heart went out to this lover of humanity, this graceful seventy some year old woman with all the love and vibrance inside of her. She told me how broken her grand daughter had become after so many disappointments. Then, Laurah asked me if I would be willing to talk with her granddaughter. I gladly gave her my phone number. Laurah, at this point was introduced to both of us and knew that my wife and I had a twenty-year relationship that has always been fruitful. She felt I could perhaps help and I probably can, if she calls.

Laurah’s message

I could feel it in my heart that Laurah was about to say something powerful to me. She didn’t mind, I’m sure, as I lifted my cell phone to record the words she was about to speak. Wisdom poured out of her with such grace that I wanted to share her with those who wanted to hear. This video is just a small part of what she poured out upon us that day. It was a lovely encounter and one that I won’t soon forget, even if her grand daughter does not contact me. I am better for Laurah’s message. Her video can be found on my Facebook, click here.

Where’s Your Laurah?

My question to you is, “Where’s your Laurah”? Are you listening to the spirit within you so that when that person talks, you hear the love pouring out of them? When she speaks, can you feel the drawing of something deeper within? It’s good to respond, to reach out, to say something when you have opportunity. I’m not saying that I’m perfect, and there are times that I miss the Laurah’s in my life. She said to me that God places people in her path. I believe that does happen, if we are listening, and sensitive enough to watch for it and respond.

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