Megan Rapinoe and American Vitriol

Megan Rapinoe and American Vitriol July 17, 2019

Megan Rapinoe and American Vitriol

Less than two weeks ago, Megan Rapinoe, an out and proud gay woman, with a partner who adores her, scored one of the two goals that won the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team their second consecutive world cup. It was a triumphant victory and people celebrated her and the team. Yet, because she is outspoken about trying to bring people together, to end oppression and racism, and, oh yes, how much she dislikes President Trump, the internet is all abuzz.

If You Have A Voice, Use It

I have found nothing hate filled about the things Megan has said while encouraging us to move forward as a society. I understand that when she looks at the flag, she is reminded that marginalized people still exist in this country, and she is hoping that through protest, it gets the attention it needs. Yet, the comments on several sites that I went to, expose the fact that hate and prejudice exist in glaring fashion.


Megan is Good, and She Knows It

I would like to respond to these individuals, because I think it is important to have a conversation. These people do not know me, nor would they friend a gay woman on Facebook. I would love a conversation with them in person but that’s not going to happen so, here goes:

Jay, Megan hasn’t convinced me of any arrogance other than confidence in her craft and the strength to fight injustice. I don’t see narcissism in a woman that is the captain of a team that won, not because she played the whole field, but because they worked together. Since my background is in mental health, I’m not seeing any evidence to support your supposition.

Godless, Jay? You probably said that because you assume that we who are gay do not know God. Jay, you couldn’t be more wrong. We gay folk pray, have wholesome lives and we can be faithful to our partners. Oh, there are just as many goofed up people in the gay community as in the heterosexual so I will give you that. Megan never said she hates this country, actually, she loves it enough to speak up about the things that are wrong and the fact that she wants to fix it. You call her a hypocrite, but I call her a hero. She’s a hero to me and to the marginalized that she has been brave enough to speak for. “Huzzah, Megan!”

Megan Isn’t The First

When Billie Jean King, a woman who held the title of the world’s number one professional tennis player, was outed, she faced much more criticism than Megan. Back then, we all hid in closets! People were murdered for being gay back then. The distance we have grown as a society gives me hope, that we are growing and that the next generation is embracing a more open stance toward an all-inclusive humanity.

We still have some distance to traverse, because people like Deanna up above feel the need to call Megan a non American b*tch, a baseless accusation spewed from a heart filled with anger. Why are these people expressing hate toward someone they have never met? Do they think that is American somehow? I don’t see how it can be. The American ideal, from what I’ve seen in history, has been more loving, but these folks aren’t Norman Rockwell. They paint with a different brush.


Gina, why should Megan leave this country? She doesn’t want to leave, but chooses to stay in this country and hopes to raise her voice to change it for the better. Perhaps it would be easy for you if she did. I know that Hitler and the Nazi’s felt that way. They wanted a master race, unpolluted by minorities. Is that what you’d like to see Gina? The problem with that, I believe, is that a white world is void of color. Color can be quite beautiful.

One of our early hero’s in the gay community was Alan Turing. He was an English mathematician, computer scientist, logician, cryptanalyst, philosopher and theoretical biologist. The man was brilliant and played a pivotal role in cracking the Nazi’s coded messages. Ironically, a gay man helped to tear down the Nazi machine and assist in many crucial battles, including the Battle of the Atlantic.

Alan was outed as a homosexual in 1952 and took chemical castration as an alternative to prison. It crushed him, and he would not live to see his 42nd birthday. He committed suicide by cyanide poisoning. It would take 57 years for Alan to receive an apology by British Prime Minister Gordon Brown for the “appalling way he was treated”. He was also given a posthumous pardon in 2013 by Queen Elizabeth II. Alan was a hero.

White Is Bland Without Color

Gina, would you like to see a country filled with straight, white, Christian folk? It kinda sounds like you might want this. I’m not saying that’s what you think, I’m responding in conversation. One that I hope will continue. Without a conversation, we don’t see change. Confrontation brings communication. Communication can bring understanding and, if we are human enough, change for the better.

Minorities Deserve A Voice

Adrienne, the whole point of Megan and her voice is that she is in the minority. The whole point of you being in the majority is that you feel empowered to silence her. What if we were a country made up of predominantly homosexual people? Would you want to be dismissed as a straight white person? To be called names and misjudged for trying to make this country better? I don’t think so, Adrienne. I don’t think so.

Good Company

Why is it that you cannot see this Adrienne? I know, your comment was shared in a place where you felt comfortable that you were voicing a majority opinion. Were you in a meeting by yourself with a group of lesbians, perhaps you would not be so rancid with your comments? I believe that you might even be more respectful, even if your heart is darkened by prejudice. Maybe there is hope for you?

Indignant For A Reason

Then there’s Richard, who thinks Megan is “indignant”. Well Richard, feeling or showing anger or annoyance at what is perceived as unfair treatment is the definition of “indignant”. Why would she rethink being indignant when she has every reason to feel indignant? Megan has spoken out against the racism, bigotry and homophobia that doesn’t make America great.

Evolution, Not Evil-ution

We are a nation made up of minorities and those groups are growing to phase out the great white majority. I believe that this is a necessary evolution but some want to turn back the clock and kick everyone out that doesn’t look like them. The melting pot of nations that became its own has a history of embracing others.

Embrace Different

The white right has a poor history of persecuting anyone who is different, ask the American Indian. It’s no coincidence that most of the negative comments that I saw were from white Americans. People who come from a place of privilege have a hard time seeing the plight of minorities. They also have a track record of not listening to voices like Megans, preferring to criticize instead.


Not Red, White and Blue

Hello representatives of the “Red Dark and Blue” flag. It seems you have a lot of people agreeing with you, who hope that Megan’s voice is silenced. You probably were elated when a young black man who took a knee to bring attention to the plight of minorities was blackballed by the NFL. The fact that you called Megan a Nazi doesn’t reveal her issues as much as your own ignorance. It’s sad that you think she hates America, or perhaps the real truth is that you think she hates “your America”? The one from “yesteryear” that segregated blacks and allowed white folk to live in privilege.


Wanting Someone To Die & Laughing About It?

Blue and Purple want Megan to die by falling off a building. Stop and think about that for a moment. Ask yourself what kind of hatred is behind that kind of sentence. This isn’t far off from men in the 1950s who would joke about hanging people in tree’s. Yet, that’s the thing about a democracy, everyone deserves a voice, even if that voice is one filled with Vitriol. It’s the best identity the United States could ask for and I hope that we don’t lose it.

All Have A Voice

I don’t want Blue and Purple to be silent any more than I think they should silence Megan. The conversation must continue if we are going to have a healthy nation. Even these voices that are hard to hear are part of that discussion. They deserve to spout their feelings. It’s what makes us America, land of the free. By exposing the conversation, I hope that we can all grow closer together as a nation, and as human beings.


It’s Okay To Be Angry

If this photo incites you to anger, then fine. If it makes you spew homophobic hate speech, go right ahead. As long as we all have a voice, we can celebrate living in a free country. It’s when voices are silenced that we should start to worry. When these pissed off individuals actually have the power to put someone like Megan on a plane, boat, or other vehicle. If they have the power to take away her freedom, or her ability to represent a marginalized people. If the people that have threatened to kill me or my wife also lose their voice to speak freely, then all of us should be considering fleeing to another country.

We All Need To Be Safe

It would also be a travesty if we started putting people in jail for being homophobic. I know that not everyone will agree with me, but all should have a voice. If this country moves toward censorship, then it ceases to be America the beautiful. If it comes to that, then whatever group is marginalized should have the good sense to leave this nation for safer shores.

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