I Believe…In An X-Files Reboot!!!

I Believe…In An X-Files Reboot!!! February 4, 2015

(Jonathan Ryan posting on behalf of new Rogue writer, Jen Schlameuss-Perry.)


About a year ago our parish had a visiting priest saying Mass who had one of the most astonishing homilies I’ve ever heard. It was all about The X-Files. Yes—I said about a year ago. My first thought was, “Wow! I LOVE The X-Files! How cool is this!” My second thought was, “Wait…that was on like 20 years ago. Did this guy just pull out a 20 year old homily and lay it on us like it was nothing?!” I’m going to go with a third thought that I had a few days ago—that dude was prophetic. Because, hooray for all of us—they are trying to bring The X-Files back to TV! Rejoice and be glad! I hope there will be more homilies about it (although that is very unlikely) when the show comes back on!


There are reports, rumors and speculation (how X-File-like!) of talks happening on various levels and the original stars, David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, are up for it, even if only for a limited run. FOX thinks it could pay off—probably because of the fact that all us kids who were watching it (and some of us living it) have now gotten old and have children that we’ll want to share new episodes with. Ah…the nostalgia that I’m already feeling for those times that might happen! [I had hoped that The Librarians could be one of those shows that we all watch together, but we couldn’t keep interested in it, hard as we tried. The fight scenes were so lame…]


The X-Files captivated, scared, grossed-out and further formed my paranormal imagination. So many episodes were more than just idle entertainment—they made you think. The first few minutes of the episode, “Home” was so disturbing…but after getting past the first few horrible minutes, it became one of my favorite episodes. One of the things this episode made me think about was the appropriateness making an infant the subject of such graphic imagery—I think that was the first time I had seen anything like that on TV. Still not sure about that one…but the whole episode was food for thought—and the rest of it was fun. My sisters and I still quote, “The pride and the love…” in the creepy voice of the inbred mother, Mrs. Peacock, at times.  Here’s a little taste of that episode:

I have always taught my children to “believe,” and also to “trust no one.” To believe In things that go beyond our personal experience, and challenge what our assumptions about what “is” and what “isn’t”, and to trust no one–not in a full-on MUFON sort of way–but in a healthy, skeptical kind of way that doesn’t accept people and the ideas they offer you blindly. Because I am theologically minded (and by nature and trade, a catechist), my poor children can’t watch anything without some sort of a conversation happening (some of our best have been with “Avatar: The Last Airbender” and all those fun monster/ghost hunting and ancient alien shows). A reboot of The X-Files would most certainly bring much fun and lively discussion to the homes of grown-up nerds who are growing up their own little nerds. Come on, FOX (Mulder and Network)—please make it happen! I believe!


Jen Schlameuss-Perry is a writer of blogs and short stories and currently works for the Catholic Church.  Check out more of her work at: www.catholicinklings.com or on Facebook.

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