Igniting a second Reformation

Igniting a second Reformation July 7, 2014

Check out this new website, which, in turn is a forum for a new ministry and resource group whose goal is nothing less than “igniting a second Reformation.”  It’s all about Lutheran apologetics–defending Christianity and specifically defending the teachings of the Lutheran Confessions.  Not just defending, but promoting and evangelizing.  Lutherans often just talk with each other, but the idea here is getting the Word out into the world.

The initiative is called 1517 The Legacy Project.  After the jump, Dr. Rod Rosenbladt tells all about it.

After months and months of work, I’m excited and proud to announce that the new 1517 The Legacy Project website was just launched. Its goal is nothing short of igniting a second Reformation.

I, along with more than a half-dozen guys who trained in apologetics under me during their undergrad years, are looking to partner with those who want to work toward that same goal: a second Reformation. Each one of these fellows went on to doctoral degrees from respected institutions, and all of them are now faculty at Concordia Irvine. We want to provide a “new technology” platform for them to talk and write––not just to “other Lutherans,” but to a much, much wider sphere.

We have already, in addition to getting our website up and running, been chosen as the outlet for all of the apologetic books and lectures and debates of Dr. John Warwick Montgomery. And for the first time, all of his audio lectures and debates are now available as MP3s via 1517′s online store, New Reformation Press!

Many of you know that what has been called “evangelicalism” is already imploding. One of the reasons I gladly serve around the table at the White Horse Inn is to help encourage dissatisfied evangelicals to never imagine that their problems would be solved were they to “find a more historic church.” That usually means Roman Catholic or Eastern Orthodox, and surrendering everything they’ve ever been taught about the doctrine of justification! That’s too high a price to pay, and it’s not necessary anyway. Instead we want to provide materials for such people that point them to “a historic church” they’ve probably never heard of––one where justification is defining, central!

I invite you to go and take a look, see what you think: http://www.1517legacy.com

We are looking for support––not only from those who are interested in helping financially fuel a second Reformation, but also from volunteers who would like to offer their time and talent. We’re receiving interest from like-minded pastors, from congregations, from laity––people who are not looking to “switch” support from their congregations or their synod, but who want to support efforts such as ours in addition to what they are already doing.

Through years as a pastor, I’ve met laity like this: ones whose “crank is turned” by lean, entrepreneurial, focused efforts for the Gospel. And who “know in their bones” that no church body––even an orthodox one!––can do what a small “Band of Brothers” can. Churches and synods have a thousand things on their plates (and they have to), but our group has one, single focus only: the conversation about the Gospel as clearest in Luther and his 16th and 17th century followers. And to invite people to use their new technology to consider that Gospel as true––all kinds of people!

1517 The Legacy Project is independent, not an extension of any church body. But all of us sign to the same Book of Concord, and hold the “old Lutheran” faith as the best thing going. And we want to put this content out using not just print, but also Kindles, iPhones, iPads (and all the PC equivalents) to do it.

Would you be willing to use the above URL to take a look at our new website, consider recommending it to others––particularly lay people whose interest is piqued by an organization that has this sort of laser-like purpose, and only this purpose?

Thanks in advance! And in case you’re ever inclined, please feel free write to us at 1517!

Under the completely sufficient imputed righteousness of Christ,

Dr. Rod Rosenbladt

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